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Mobile Phone Setup – Too Complex?

Mobile Phone Setup - Too Complex?

You buy a brand new mobile phone with all the bells and whistles. And then you find that setting the thing up – moving across contacts, pictures and more from your old handset – to be an experience in frustration. You’re not alone.

According to a new survey conducted among 4,000 people in the US and the UK by Mformation, 45% of people don’t upgrade because of these issues, while 60% find the experience as frustrating as opening a bank account. A staggering 95% of users claimed they’d be more likely to try new mobile services if the set-up wasn’t so complicated.

People definitely want to use mobile e-mail, instant messaging, social networking and more, but some 50% of respondents said these services didn’t work when tried for the first time. As a result, 61% of people said they stopped using these applications.

Matthew Bancroft, vice president of Mformation, said:

"Subscribers are clearly convinced of the value of mobile services, but 85% of the people we surveyed find it frustrating to have to go through a number of steps when they want to activate a service or application."

"It’s a bit like getting a new gadget, then finding that the batteries aren’t included. Providing mobile subscribers with a more seamless experience will remove these pains."

Respondents felt it should just take 15 minutes to set up a new phone, as opposed to the hour it usually takes these days.