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Motorola mini-keyboard for text messaging

The lightweight, versatile keyboard attaches to the bottom of the phone and lies solidly over the phone’s keypad area, making it quick and easy for users to create and send text messages or e-mail,enter data, navigate Web sites, interact with Javaâ„¢ applications, and other tasks.

At just 1.3 ounces, the Mini-Keypad is roughly equivalent to the size of a small two-way pager. The Mini-Keyboard is compatible with a variety of Nextel handsets, including the Motorola i88s, i58sr,i60c, i90c and i95cl. This compact, fully functional keyboard allows users to:

• Type text for phonebook and datebook entries
• Create and answer e-mail and text messages
• Interact with games and Java applications
• Surf the Internet with service-enabled handsets
• Enter commands and access options using simple key commands
• Travel anywhere with a pocket-sized keyboard

“With the Motorola Mini-Keyboard, users can streamline the number of mobile devices they carry, such as mobile phones and two-way pagers,” said Rey More’, Senior Vice President and General Manager,Motorola’s iDEN Subscriber Group. “Particularly, the keyboard enables users to now conveniently incorporate the popular data-entry benefits of a two-way pager right into their mobile phone.”

The Mini-Keyboard is designed to assist with the easy adoption of text messaging.
Analyst firm IDC forecasts a 28 percent increase in U.S. text messaging subscribers over the next five years, increasing the total base of subscribers from an estimated 10.9 million at year-end 2001to nearly 75 million at year-end 2007.

The Motorola Mini-Keyboard is currently available through select Motorola accessories dealers and will be available through all Nextel distribution channels, including retail stores, beginningNovember 1. Suggested retail price is $39.99, which includes a blue neoprene carry pouch with an integrated belt clip.