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N910 And N820 Phones From NEC

NEC’s own cutting-edge technology enabled an ultra-compact, attractively packaged mobile phone boasting measurements of 85mm (width) X 54mm (height) X 8.6mm (depth), and a light weight of 70g. This mobile-Internet product supports GSM/GPRS, and is equipped with a 1.8 inch (120?160 dot) TFT color display and a digital camera (300,000 pixels). Loaded with 40-polyphonic ring tones and installed with camera functions
including a light and consecutive shooting ability, this phone is used together with an earphone and a mike.

“The world’s smallest and slimmest mobile phone, the N900, is a symbolic flagship product representing NEC’s leading position in mobile terminal technology”, said Yamasaki of NEC. “NEC will continue to offer new, innovative mobile terminal solutions, with compact shapes and employ the latest product technologies. We aim to offer users an opportunity to use a variety of mobile phones for different occasions”. Together with NEC in Japan, the Mobile
Terminals Business Division based in Beijing, China, has significantly contributed to product planning and enabled this competitive product to be brought to the market.

The pendant-shaped N910 is aimed at female users. The measurement of 52mm X 57 mm X 21.2mm and a light weight of 76g, the phone is equipped with 300,000 pixels digital camera, 64 polyphonic ring tones and supports motion JPEG video filming for 15 seconds. The very fashionable terminal’s external LCD can be utilized as a mirror.

The N 280 represents NEC’s traditional and stylish clam-shell shape and high functionalities. It is equipped with a QVGA LCD display (2.2 inch, 320 X 240 pixels) and a 300,000 pixel digital camera.

Pictures can be found at Infosyncworld