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New palmOne Zire 72 Gets Reviewed

Quote from the review at InfoSync World:

“The Zire 71 breaks slightly from the previous Zire design. It’s still a tablet-style handheld, but instead of the swooping curves of other Zires it has a more traditional rounded-rectangle design measuring 116 x 75 x 17 mm and weighing 136 grams. The back is silver, including a large speaker/camera area, while the front is silver with a blue trim. The blue trim is a hard rubberized substance, but feels nice in the hand.

The screen is the usual high-quality 320 x 320 16-bit color TFT that palmOne has been using for a while now. Colors are not quite as rich as on the Tungsten T3, but it’s still a very attractive screen. The brightness is adjustable but except at the lowest level (which is still quite viewable), there isn’t much of a difference. “

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