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Nielsen survey shows Apple, Android win popularity contest – is anyone surprised?

NielsenNielsen released the results of its latest survey today, finding that Android and iOS mobile devices are the “most desired” smartphones in the country for users looking to upgrade their current models. While these results are less than shocking, Nielsen did reveal a few noteworthy trends surrounding mobile devices. Here we break down some of the more interesting developments for you:

  • BlackBerry and iOS each hold comparable shares of the market, Apple coming in at 27.9 percent and RIM’s BlackBerry at 27.4; Android follows closely with 22.7 percent. This is still an impressive feat for Android, a relatively young competitor.
  • Men are drawn to Android devices and women to iPhones. Looks like the companies’ marketing campaigns are paying off: while Apple ads are arguably gender neutral, they look downright feminine in comparison with the testosterone heavy “Droid Does” scheme. But the genders could agree on one thing, with the smallest percentage of both men and women deferring to BlackBerry.
  • Age is nothing but a number when it comes to the iPhone…with the exception of the 35 to 54 demographic. Aside from the aforementioned age range, the majority of respondents said the iPhone was their “next desired smartphone.” Of those 35 to 54 year olds, 27.4 percent said upon upgrading, they’d be choosing Android. A marginally smaller 26.3 percent of them named the iPhone.
  • After iPhones and Android devices, the next most popular answer to “most desired smartphone” was “not sure.”
  • Nearly 30 percent of all mobile phone users are using smartphones, which is up 25 percent since the second quarter.

So it looks like Apple and Android are neck and neck as far as consumer interest is concerned. But despite the somewhat disappointing results for BlackBerry, the original smartphone might have some fight left in it. Another set of statistics from StatCounter claims BlackBerry has dethroned the iPhone as reigning champion of Internet usage. The research firm argues that app developers need to start looking at RIM and other platforms, which it believes will eventually trump iOS devices. And maybe they have a point, since this is similar to what Nielsen and comScore were telling us earlier this month. Still, Nielsen’s latest results make it difficult to see much else besides an Apple- and Android-dominated market.