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Nokia 7610 Starts Shipping In Europe

Nokia is the first company to introduce camera phones that have the essential ingredients for a complete imaging experience, including the ability to capture, as well as print, edit, store and sendimages and videos. These elements, combined with the slim and stylish design and a wide range of smartphone features, make the Nokia 7610 the most comprehensive camera phone available today.  With full e-mail, Internet browser and thousands of downloadable utility and software packages available, from map and navigation to golf training, the Nokia 7610 offers pocket computer functionalityin a stylish package. Consumers can use the integrated megapixel camera in the Nokia 7610 to capture photo-quality images with the click of a button. Photos can be easily printed in just a fewseconds via a Bluetooth connection to a compatible printer or by using a printer kiosk available in Nokia branded retail locations or other photo shops.   Using the phone’s Kodak Picturesapplication, pictures can be uploaded to a virtual photo album on the web and shared online with others or ordered as prints via an online service. Users can also enjoy the possibility of sharingimages with friends, family and colleagues alike via Multimedia Messaging (MMS) or e-mail.   “The slim and stylish Nokia 7610 brings the most complete imaging experience to consumers, whetheryou want to capture high-quality images, share them with friends, print them for family members or store them to relive the experience at a later date,” says Juha Putkiranta, Senior Vice President,Imaging Business Unit, Nokia. “Full e-mail, Internet browser, video and music player, and thousands of downloadable software packages make the Nokia 7610 also a powerful pocket computer.  Fromnow on, you only need to take one device with you when you leave the house – the Nokia 7610!”   Creative individuals will also appreciate the possibility to record short films or even musicvideos of up to 10 minutes by shooting and editing the footage captured with their imaging device. The Movie Director application lets users turn video clips into personal movies by adding specialeffects such as music, text, new colors or moving objects. The application automatically combines multiple video clips into a single video vignette or optimizes the edited videos for MMS sending.  The Nokia Lifeblog application, which adds an automatic digital diary to your life, allows users of the Nokia 7610 to record and organize digital content – such as images, videos or messages -creating a personal logbook or multimedia memo directly on the phone. When transferred to Nokia Lifeblog on the PC, people can browse and search their multimedia diary with an easy-to-use timeline orshare diary items with friends or family via e-mail. Additionally, the Adobe® Photoshop® Album software included in the sales package allows Nokia 7610 phone users to organize and edit digitalpictures on their PCs.   It is expected to retail, without subsidies or taxes, for less than