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Orange SPV C500 Smartphone Reviewed

Bios Magazine has reviewed Orange’s SPV C500 (known as the Audiovox SMT 5600 here in the US.)

Quote from the review:
“The SPV C500 is France Telecom-owned mobile operator Orange’s flagship Windows Mobile 2003 SE-based smartphone. The fourth-generation SPV (Sound, Pictures, Video) device also the smallest of its type, so will definitely appeal to business users looking for a high-end, cutting-edge communicator for taking their office on the move. The SPV C500 is around one-third smaller than its predecessor, the SPV E200, and is one of the smallest devices that allows you to connect to the Internet, check your e-mail and synchronise or transfer data to compatible PCs using ActiveSync 3.7.1, infrared or Bluetooth. It’s not without its drawbacks, though. Most noticeable is the low-resolution digital camera, there’s just 28MB of user-accessible memory, the rocker control system for navigating menus is awkward to use, and there’s no built-in FM tuner. The menu system is a little convoluted too, although this is really a criticism of Microsoft’s operating system. Nevertheless, the SPV C500 is extremely powerful and robust and should be considered by anyone looking for a powerful business phone.”

Read the full review here.