Pebble acquisition could help Fitbit build a successful smartwatch

Fitbit recently announced its acquisition of Pebble, and while it claims that it's aim was to get its hands on Pebble's software, all signs point to a new Fitbit smartwatch at some point in the future.

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Google's Allo messaging service adds 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' stickers

Google's relatively new messaging app Allo is helping you prepare for the latest Star Wars film with stickers. A new update also introduces chat themes, and Smart Smileys -- a tool that suggests emojis based on what you're typing.

Meizu’s M5 Note embraces all-metal unibody, gargantuan 4,000mAh battery

Having already announced the H1 Band and Pro 6 Plus, Meizu unveiled the M5 Note, the latest addition to the company's M-series phones. The phone is currently available for purchase in China.

Cortana app for Android and iOS is getting a pretty major refresh

Microsoft is finally bringing the Cortana app to the U.K., allowing both Android and iOS users to take advantage of the digital assistant. Not only that, but the apps are also getting an refresh.

Sprint brings holiday cheer to Mexico and the Caribbean with data promotion

Sprint's launching a limited-time data promotion over the holidays. Unlimited Freedom subscribers get free high-speed data in the Caribbean and Mexico. There's a sweepstakes, too.

Microsoft is serving up Windows 10 tablets for $49 and $59, but only on Friday

As part of Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals, Microsoft has slashed the prices of Windows 10 tablets and 2-in-1 PCs. This particular sale is for Friday only, offering two tablets with $49 and $60 price tags, and 2-in-1 PCs starting at $179.

10 essential tips and tricks to make your OnePlus 3T even more awesome

Your new OnePlus 3T is a thing of beauty, as is its like-minded predecessor, so why not learn how to use it properly? Here's everything you need to know about making the most of your newfangled OnePlus device.

You may be able to rate movies and TV shows straight from Google search results

Google wants to make rating movies and TV shows a little easier. The company is testing the ability to rate movies and shows straight from its search engine, meaning you won't have to visit other websites to rate or see ratings.

End of the line: Galaxy Note 7 to be disabled in the U.S. starting December 19

Samsung's incendiary Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead. The company has issued a second recall for the device, including the replacements, and will begin disabling all remaining phones through a software update later this month.

Samsung will remotely disable all U.S. Galaxy Note 7s on December 19

If you decided to ignore the Galaxy Note 7 recall because you're not bothered about the possibility of it spontaneously combusting, then be warned -- Samsung is about to render your device completely useless.

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