Grand designs for a flat fee: These six sites will help you decorate your home

Hiring an interior designer can quickly get expensive, but there are sites that can help you find furniture and pick a color scheme for a flat fee. We found six sites and apps that pair you with the appropriate designer.

GoEat sends you on a blind date … with a restaurant instead of a person

A new app called GoEat uses Foursquare, Uber, and Apple Maps to find users a top-rated restaurant, but doesn't reveal the destination until they've arrived. If you're willing to play Russian Roulette with your stomach, get ready…
Cool Tech

Meet Danger Drone – a flying computer designed to hack into all your unprotected devices

Security company Bishop Fox has created a flying hacker's laptop called Danger Drone. Built around a Raspberry Pi, it can access networks and short-range signals normally out of reach.

Uber and Didi cleared to fight it out in China

Even though Uber and Didi have been butting heads in China, the two ride-sharing services look to do so in a legal manner, if reported new rules are to be believed. The rules will reportedly go in effect in November.

7 best Micro USB cables to keep your gadgets powered

A Micro USB cable is a mainstay for any Android user looking to charge their device. Check out our favorite models, whether you want something reliable, tough, feature-packed, or simple, we’ve got you covered.

AT&T goes on a second journey with the Trek 2 HD

AT&T announced the Trek 2 HD, the sequel to the carrier's Trek HD tablet released last year. The Trek 2 HD will be available on August 5 by either paying monthly installments, buying it outright, or opting into a two-year…
Social Media

Instagram is about to give all of its users more comment control

Determined to become a "friendly, fun, and ... safe place for self-expression,” Instagram is about to roll out new tools giving users more control over the kinds of comments that appear alongside their images.

Scan business cards and sign your name with Google Docs add-ons for Android

Google is bringing Google Docs add-ons, plug-ins that add third-party functionality to search giant's productivity tools, to Android. They may come to iOS in the future, depending on "demand."

Yes, selfies make your nose look big, but new software could change that

Ever notice how your nose looks bigger in selfies? A research team from Princeton and Adobe just developed an algorithm that could change that, at least in editing anyways.

Leaked images show a reported Gear VR 2 that looks remarkably similar to the first

Rumors are slowly gathering that Samsung may have a new Gear VR headset in the works, but details are slim, leading to speculation it may be compatible with the forthcoming Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

Guess how much AT&T is raising the data caps for U-Verse and GigaPower next month

AT&T said that it's increasing the data caps of its U-Verse and GigaPower Internet services in August. The company seems to be feeling generous, as it increased the caps once this year already. Customers will be informed by email and other…

The Galaxy Note 7 may cost 850 euros upon its release in September

Already looking to see what's up with the next Samsung Galaxy Note? Here's a look at the latest news and rumors surrounding the Note 6 (or maybe the Note 7), including talk of an early release to jump ahead of the next iPhone.