Cool Tech

Professor Einstein is a cute little robot that will teach you about physics

If you've ever dreamed of a miniature Albert Einstein walking around your kitchen table and teaching you about the theory of general relativity, you'll love the new toy from Hanson Robotics.

AT&T's International Day Pass nets unlimited data, calls, and texts for $10 a day

AT&T's new International Day Pass promises steeply discounted rates for overseas unlimited data, texting, and calling. It launched on Sunday for new and existing mobile subscribers.

Nokia may be cooking up a giant 18.4-inch tablet for MWC

Nokia is aiming to launch six or seven devices by year's end, and it appears one of them could be a powerful 18.4-inch tablet running Android 7.0 that may make its debut as soon as Mobile World Congress next month.

Samsung confirms it will launch a Galaxy Note 8 despite its Note 7 fiasco

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a PR nightmare, but that doesn't mean Samsung is giving up on the note lineup altogether. Here's everything we know about the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so far.

Apple AirPods users are reporting dropped connectivity during phone calls

Apple's AirPods are largely hailed as a great accessory for iPhone 7 users -- but they don't come without their issues. For example, users are reporting that AirPods are randomly dropping connectivity during phone calls.

Google’s Progressive Web Apps turn mobile sites into Android apps

At Google's Chrome Dev Summit, the company introduced a new initiative that bridges the gap between a typical mobile web experience and an app. As of this week, Progressive Web Apps are live for users of the Chrome Dev and Canary…

Reported leak of HTC watch photos suggests it may be closer to release

HTC has held back while its competitors have launched smartwatch after smartwatch. Although an HTC smartwatch has yet to arrive, the leak of hands-on images we may suggest we'll see it arrive sooner rather than later.

Sprint buys a stake in Tidal, which will now produce exclusive content for the carrier

The fourth largest mobile carrier in the world purchased 33 percent of Tidal in a partnership to provide its mobile subscribers exclusive content from Tidal and its artists. A marketing fund will also be set up for artists by Sprint.

Google Voice gets a major redesign, now supports group and photo MMS

If there's a Google service that's ripe for the grave, Google Voice certainly was a strong contender. But Google has now pushed Voice back into the limelight via an update that introduces a major visual overhaul and some new features.
Social Media

Snapchat updates its Discover guidelines to tamp down on fake news and photos

On Monday morning, Snapchat made a few edits to its guidelines for publishers with regard to Discover, the social media platform's news service. Basically, it's an attempt to declutter an often crowded landscape.

There's a new bike-sharing platform in town, and this one is dockless

Meet bluegogo, the first smartphone-enabled, dockless bike share platform to launch in the U.S., which makes its official debut in San Francisco today. It's "the most convenient, efficient, and healthy option to navigate cities."

How to set up and use Find My Friends in iOS

Learn how to use Find My Friends in iOS 10 to search for friends, arrange meetings, or even keep track of your children. Follow this easy Find My Friends guide which will help you set up, and configure the app.