Verizon and Sony decide to cancel the Xperia Z4v launch for unannounced reasons

After months of silence, Verizon and Sony revealed that the Xperia Z4V launch will be cancelled. No reason was given, though one can assume that Sony would rather focus on its current crop of flagship smartphones.

You can finally build a website easily on your phone with Weebly’s Carbon

These days, we do everything on the move. Weebly is the first website platform to embrace this and take website building mobile, introducing apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and iWatch that let you build a full mobile merchant without ever…

How to flash the Android 6.0 Marshmallow factory image on Nexus devices

Android Marshmallow is finally here. This means that if happen to have a Nexus device, you will be getting an update in a few weeks. Why wait? This guide will get the most recent version of Android Marshmallow on your device right now.

Mi Note 2 could be Xiaomi’s first all-metal smartphone

Xiaomi might be planning its first all-metal smartphone, the Mi Note 2, to launch early next year. A new leaked image shows the all-metal design, and we expect plenty more coming out of China in the months to come.

Everything you need to know about Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Get it on your Nexus now

Google's next major release of Android is Marshmallow, or version 6.0, and it's coming to Nexus phones at the beginning of October. Here's all you need to know about the key new features.
Cool Tech

Turn your smartphone into a 3D printer with this genius $99 box

Unveiled at Maker Faire New York last week, OLO is designed to take any smartphone under the sun and transform it into a fully-functional 3D printer. No joke -- you seriously just fire up the app, pop your phone into the device, and pull…

HTC will hold a virtual reality phone launch on October 20

HTC is rumored to be launching a new One series smartphone this fall. The the Aero or the One A9 could be unveiled at a virtual reality event on Oct. 20. Here's everything we know about it so far.

OnePlus Mini could be launched by the end of the year sporting a MediaTek processor

OnePlus has been rumored to be readying a OnePlus Mini since last year. All has been quite for several months, but the rumor mill is starting to heat up once again.

New iOS malware in China hijacks apps and forces full-page ads in Safari

A new crop of malware has been spotted making the rounds in China and Taiwan, slyly getting onto devices by offering a way to circumvent Web censorship in the country. It is the latest in Apple's battle to lower malware rates in China.

Tot-proof your playlists and stream safely with Rhapsody Kids

Don't trust your kids with your music library? Let them listen to their hearts' content with parent-approved tunes on the new Rhapsody Kids experience, available as a part of Rhapsody Premier, Premier +1, and Family accounts.

Here’s the world’s first high-output USB-C power bank

Maximas is seeking funding for its Xtron portable power bank. The company claims this to be the world's fastest portable USB-C portable power bank. It features a high-capacity battery and power output, and can charge two devices…

Google plans to launch apps on Windows tomorrow

Google might be planning to support Windows 10 and 10 Mobile tomorrow at Microsoft's event, by announcing a range of apps available for the OS. It follows an patent agreement between the two companies earlier this week.