Product Review

ZTE Quartz Review

The ZTE Quartz is the cheapest Android watch you'll want to wear.

Google Play Music is now the default music service on new Samsung phones, tablets

Google and Samsung have announced that going forward, Play Music will be the default music player and streaming service on all new Samsung phones and tablets. Owners of new Samsung devices will get some extra perks, too.

New virtual assistant may have you saying "OK Djingo" to your next phone

Djingo is the name of a new virtual assistant, coming to take on Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. It's currently being developed by mobile operators Orange and Deutsche Telekom, and here's what you need to know.

Show your Galaxy S8 you care with one of these great cases 1:49

Protect that curvy display and stamp your own style on Samsung's smartphone with the best Galaxy S8 cases and covers. We've got everything from rugged drop protection to minimalist shells.

From home to outer space, the new Google Earth is full of things to do

Google launched a major update for Google Earth that not only redesigned the interface, but also added rich visual content from partners such as BBC Earth and Sesame Street. Here's how you can easily lose hours exploring the planet.

The best iPhone 7 deals for November

From AT&T to Verizon, we've rounded up the best deals we could find on Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Also, take a sneak peek at a leaked Sam's Club promotion, which bundles a $250 gift card with the purchase of any new iPhone.

Garmin Connect IQ watch users can now control their Samsung SmartThings-powered devices

Garmin has kicked off its Connect IQ Developer Summit, and one of the more noteworthy announcements to come out of the conference is about the company's new partnership with Samsung SmartThings automation.

Chinese officials are cracking down and blocking access to Apple's App Store

Chinese officials are reportedly cracking down on Apple's App Store. It's part of a broader push to impose content-based restrictions on digital goods and services in the region.

Here are the winners of Motorola’s ‘Transform the Smartphone’ mod competition

The Transform the Smartphone Challenge, which saw developers build their own Moto Mods to present to Lenovo in the hopes of earning capital or distribution, has culminated in a meeting at Motorola's Chicago headquarters.

How Apple’s recycling robot, Liam, is going to turn your old iPhone into a new Mac

Apple, the world's second-largest smartphone maker, pledged to step up its recycling efforts in its annual Environment Responsibility Report. It's planning to expand recycling and promote the use of renewable materials.

Unlimited data helps Verizon stem massive subscriber loss in first quarter

Verizon has revealed its first quarter earnings results, and with it comes the news that the carrier has lost a sizable chunk of its subscriber base -- and could have lost even more, if not for its new unlimited plan.

Google Home can now recognize different voices and personalize interaction 0:33

Google's smart speaker just got a lot better. Thanks to a neural network and other AI smarts, Google Home can now distinguish between peoples' voices and supports multiple accounts.