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Archos’ Diamond Plus is an Android phablet that won’t break the bank

Archos has unveiled the Diamond Plus, the newest addition to its Diamond line of Android devices. It's an affordable phablet sporting a high-def screen, an octa-core processor, and fast-charging technology.

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Waze now alerts drivers of dangerous intersections, adds celebrity voiceovers

Waze already eases our stress with traffic alerts, but now the company is aiming to save lives by alerting drivers of potentially dangerous intersections in five major cities; Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.


PayPal launches new payments service to pay friends easily

A vast majority of people in the U.S. either owe or are owed a small amount of money and PayPal wants to make sure that payment is sent. They have launched a new service directly to tackle the problem of not paying for small loans.


Nextbit Announces Robin Smartphone on Kickstarter

Founded by two ex-Googlers, Nextbit has announced its first commercial product, the NextBit Robin. An Android smartphone with a major difference, the ability to download apps onto the cloud when you're not using them.


AT&T brings the DirecTV Everywhere app to the new LG G Pad X 10.1 on September 4

The LG G Pad X 10.1 Android tablet hits AT&T on September 4. It's a good all around tablet for everyone, but DirecTV customers will find it extra special. The tablet comes with a few cool software features and costs $350 off-contract.


Motorola may be working on a ruggedized Moto X called the Moto Bounce

According to rumors, Motorola may debut a ruggedized addition to its Moto X series of smartphones -- the Moto Bounce -- in December. It reportedly sports a shatter-proof design and high-end internals.

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Apple joins forces with Cisco to make iOS easier to use on enterprise networks

Apple has announced a partnership with networking equipment provider Cisco to create a "fast lane" for iOS devices in enterprise environments. The deal extends to iPhones and iPads.


All about LTE-U and how it might affect your Wi-Fi signals

Verizon and T-Mobile hope to soon begin testing new LTE connectivity using the same spectrum that powers Wi-Fi connectivity, spurring concerns about its effects on home Internet usage


Huawei and LG Nexus news: This pic leak may show the real Huawei Nexus phone

Rumors are starting to spread about Google's next Nexus phone, and there could be two out in 2015, with one being made by Huawei and the other by LG. Here's what we think we know so far.


GoPro adds in-camera editing for creating short clips for sharing

You don't have to wait until you get home to share your GoPro videos. A new feature, Video Trim + Share, lets you create short clips of exciting moments, and share it instantly from your smartphone.


Oh what a day: Uber partners with Mad Max: Fury Road to offer rides worthy of a Warboy

Ever dreamed about riding shotgun with Imperator Furiosa or using Max Rockatansky as a hood ornament? Well, keep dreaming. But you can get pretty close if you use Uber at PAX Prime Seattle


Android Wear smartwatches now work on iOS

Android Wear smartwatches will now work with iPhones, Google announced in a surprise blog post. All future Android Wear smartwatches will work with iPhones, and some older models will support Apple's OS, too.