KnowRoaming's virtual SIM technology makes it easier to roam internationally

One of the most annoying things about traveling internationally is finding an affordable data plan. But KnowRoaming's virtual SIM technology is making it easier for ZTE Blade V8 owners.
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DT Daily MWC 2017: A 20-minute phone charge, Gear VR controller, Android One phone 1:36

Day two of Mobile World Congress 2017 has come to a close, and the team has been out on the show floor finding more cool technology. Here's the best of what we found, including a controller for the Gear VR, and a new Android One…

Android One is back with General Mobile’s GM 6: Our first take

If you thought Android One was next on Google's killswitch, think again. General Mobile just announced the GM 6, an Android One smartphone made in partnership with Google, and it underscores the need for the program to exist.

Give your friends a Glympse of your location with this helpful GPS app

Glympse is a location-sharing app that began as a tool for business but has proven itself useful in keeping tabs on friends and family while taking part in your favorite outdoor activities too.

Google launches business-friendly video-calling version of Hangouts called Meet

Google has launched a new app called Meet by Hangouts, which is aimed at helping businesses with their video-calling needs. In fact, while Hangouts was limited to 10 people, Meet allows teams as large as 30 to video chat.

Walmart is helping you skip lines with a few new updates to its app

Your time is money, and it's not to be wasted in a Walmart line. And no one knows this better than Walmart. So the retail giant has announced a number of new capabilities in its mobile app

New leak shows off 'Edge Sense' feature on the upcoming HTC Ocean

A number of rumors have been surfacing over the past few months suggesting that the HTC Ocean is, in fact, a series of phones. Here's everything we know about the HTC Ocean so far.

Digital zoom doesn't always have to look bad, new iPhone app suggests

Digital zoom really just crops the image -- but what happens if you enhance the resolution beforehand? That's the idea behind xTeleZoom, a new iPhone app that claims a 1.5x to 2x zoom without a loss of resolution.
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Xiaomi begins a new chapter as a chipset maker with Surge S1-powered Mi 5c

The new system-on-chip, designed and developed entirely in-house, represents the Chinese company's first foray into developing proprietary silicon to power its devices and is slated to debut in the upcoming Mi 5c smartphone.

Must-have Chrome extension Nope turns away your most annoying co-workers

Forty percent of surveyed workers said they'd get a lot more done if chatty colleagues would leave them alone. Nope, a new Chrome extension, provides a means of escape with a browser extension that rings your phone in a pinch.
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YouTube viewers now tally up a billion hours — every single day

Just how much time do people spend on YouTube every day? A billion hours, according to the latest statistics. If a single person watched that much content, it would take 100,000 years.

FCC chairman tells MWC crowd that net neutrality blocks tech development

New FCC Chair Ajit Pai blames net neutrality and zero-rating investigations on tech rollout slowdown, and said he favors "light-touch regulations." The free-market response to new unlimited data plans proves how consumers can benefit, Pai…