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Sprint leaves its cramming ways in the past with a $50 million settlement

A U.S. District Court judge approved a $50 million between Sprint and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that is part of Sprint's larger $68 million fine. The other $18 million will be used to answer for state and federal fines.


Now you can watch 60FPS YouTube videos on your iPhone or Android

YouTube is adding support for 60FPS video on its mobile iOS and Android Apps. This marks the completion of YouTube's 60FPS expansion across all major platforms.


Google Photos’ ‘racist’ error highlights facial recognition’s limits

Google Photos is facing some heat after a user discovered the software mistakenly labeled photos with racist connotations. Google immediately apologized and is addressing the issue, saying it's an unintended consequence of machine learning.


Tired of tangled wires? Samsung’s new Level U Bluetooth headset might be for you

Samsung has announced the Level U, a Bluetooth headset accessory for your smart device. It lacks the wires of cumbersome traditional earbuds, and aims to provide a superior listening experience.


Yahoo’s Aviate launcher wants to be as smart as Google Now with Smart Stream

Yahoo updated its Aviate Launcher with a new Google Now like feature called Smart Stream. The contextually aware feature aims to give you the information you need when you want it.


Xiaomi Mi 5: November launch still possible for Snapdragon 820-powered monster

Rumors of the Xiaomi Mi 5 have reignited following the release of the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, with talk of a November release, and Snapdragon 820 power. Here's everything we think we know so far.


Siri gets sassy when you ask, ‘What’s zero divided by zero?’

In what is likely the first of many instances of snark to be expected from continued advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence, Siri gives us a rare glimpse of her sassy personality when asked, "What's zero divided by zero?"


Xiaomi’s off to pastures new, launches $160 Redmi 2 smartphone in Brazil

Popular Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has launched its first smartphone outside Asia. It's the Redmi 2, and it'll be on sale in early July in Brazil, along with a selection of Xiaomi accessories.


Man tries to pay off $1.7 billion Greek debt on Indiegogo

Fed up with "dithering" politicians failing to get to grips with Greece's financial crisis, Brit Thom Feeney decided to launch an Indiegogo campaign in a bid to wipe out the nation's debt. And he says he's serious.


Samsung Galaxy A8: New video shows the slim, metal phone in all its glory

Rumors are spreading that Samsung has an all new, all-metal smartphone on the works, and the body may be its thinnest yet. Here's everything we think we know about the Galaxy A8.


U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron believes privacy policies are a hindrance

With privacy being a hot topic, U.K. prime minister David Cameron didn't mince his words when he implied that the privacy that Facebook and Twitter users have is unsustainable. He will push the criticized Draft Communications Data Bill forward this fall.


Say hello to the iPhone 6S, leaked images of metal frame reveal no changes

The iPhone 6S is expected to launch this September. Leaked images of its metal chassis confirm that this "S" year will be no different than previous ones. The iPhone 6S will look exactly like its predecessor.


Should you press play or skip on Apple Music? Punch play, but be patient

Apple Music is easily the most ambitious service of its kind, and when you aim that high, you’re bound to run into some turbulence.


Court gives the NSA permission to continue phone metadata collection for now

In a decision handed down by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the much-maligned National Security Agency was allowed to resume its bulk phone data collection from Americans' phones.


Federal appeals court charges Apple $450M fine for fixing ebook prices

A federal appeals court has ruled against Apple in an ebook price-fixing case dating back to 2012. In a 2-1 decision, the court affirmed the ruling of a lower judge that the company conspired to push agency pricing on the digital books market.