Apple launches iOS 10.1, brings Portrait mode to the iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus has finally gotten its long-awaited portrait mode, allowing users to take snapshots of others with a slick blur effect added to the background. The new feature appears in iOS 10.1.

The iPhone 7’s camera makes up nearly 10 percent of the phone’s total cost

Chipworks has completed its teardown of the 128-gigabyte iPhone 7, revealing that the various camera components add up to about $26, or roughly 9.5 percent of the phone’s estimated $275 total cost.
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Doctor-on-demand house call service Heal poised for greater growth

Heal doctors-on-demand, a service, which sends a physician direct to your home, office, or hotel, is expanding with new funding. Licensed primary care physicians are available for checkups, when you're sick, or if you need a new…

How to fix a wet smartphone

Water and electronics don't mix well, but you can often save a wet cell phone or smartphone after it's been dropped in the can or spun in the washing machine. Here's how, whether you prefer to do so using a towel or a bag of uncooked rice.

The new Google Keyboard has a cool GIF search tool — but it’s a bit hidden

The latest version of the Google Keyboard finally gets a searchable GIF feature -- but the feature is a bit hidden. Also, it's currently only available on Android 7.1, and seems to only work in the Messenger app.

Russian listing shows three new portable personal computers using MacOS Sierra

Although the devices aren't actually listed as MacBooks, a Russian registration reveals three new portable personal computers running MacOS 10.12 "Sierra." Apple is expected to reveal new MacBook and MacBook Pro units this Thursday.

‘Pokémon Go’ gets spooky this week with Halloween-themed event

Niantic's wildly successful augmented reality mobile app Pokémon Go is getting a free update just in time for Halloween, and players can expect to encounter rare Pokémon more frequently as the holiday approaches.

The 7 best LG V20 cases to keep your phone in perfect condition

The feature-packed LG V20 is an admirable phone to say the least, which means you should look after it. Lucky for you, we've already found 7 cases and covers that will help you protect your new investment.

Still want a Galaxy Note phone? Try the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017

They may be down, but they're not out. Despite the disastrous life and fiery death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it looks like the South Korean phone maker is ready for round two by way of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

How to order the new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2, and Nike+ Apple Watch

Wondering how to get your hands on Apple's new iPhone 7 and Watch Series 2? We've rounded up a list of retailers, carriers, and online merchants that will hook you up with the latest and greatest.

Born to run: The Nike+ Apple Watch arrives on October 28 for $370+

The Nike model of the Apple Watch has a release date -- October 28. It's nearly identical to the Apple Watch Series 2, with a few handy features for runners. Here's everything you need to know.

Look out Venmo, the big banks are coming for you with mobile payment service Zelle

On Sunday, 19 banks, regional lenders, and credit unions, including behemoths like JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., and Wells Fargo & Co., joined forces and unveiled Zelle, a money-transferring app of their own.