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Amazon can now get some orders to you within an hour

If you really can't wait more than an hour for your Amazon order, and you just happen to live in Manhattan, you're in luck. The online retail firm has launched a one-hour delivery service there, though more cities are lined up for 2015.


Android 5.0 update news for the Moto G, Galaxy S5, Note 4, and the LG G3

The latest version of Google's Android mobile OS, 5.0 Lollipop, could be coming to your smartphone very soon. Here's the latest news on which phones will be getting it, and when it's scheduled to arrive.


Boston Uber driver charged with rape of female passenger

Definitely another black mark on Uber's ability to successfully vet safe drivers, an 46-year-old Uber driver in Boston has been charged with the kidnapping and rape of a young female passenger.


Tech gifts for $50 or less

They say “it’s the thought that counts,” but let’s be honest: money talks. An extravagant iPad Air 2, blistering gaming computer, or OLED TV is a guaranteed gift victory. So if you’re an adulterous man trying to reclaim the trust of the lover you…

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The Classic will make BlackBerry diehards swoon, if those still exist

BlackBerry’s Classic fulfills all the dreams of the company’s die-hard fans with its physical QWERTY keyboard.


The city of South Pittsburg simply can’t stand criticism anymore, so it banned it

The city of South Pittsburg, Tennessee just banned city employees from criticizing it in social media. The punishment for violators wasn't revealed, but the new policy does not forbid the use of social media.


Diagnose ear infections at home with this low-cost smartphone accessory

CellScope has developed an innovative new smartphone attachment that essentially transforms your device into a fully-functioning, network-connected otoscope -- the medical device that doctors use to look inside of people's ears.


This wearable will pause or record your favorite show when you inevitably doze off

Two teenagers teamed up with Virgin Media to create the KipstR wearable. It can tell when you're falling asleep, and will act as a remote control for your TiVo to make sure you never miss a show.


Nvidia's Shield can do more than game -- It's a great tablet too

The Nvidia Shield Tablet boasts high-end specs and special gaming capabilities. It’s a powerful Android tablet with a few extras.

  • Pros: Powerful processor , Android 5.0 Lollipop , Lots of ports…
  • Cons: Chunky and slightly heavy , Battery doesn’t last long…

CyanogenMod-powered, 5.5-inch Micromax Yureka smartphone launched in India

India's largest smartphone maker Micromax introduced a new budget phablet called the Yureka. The Yureka runs CyanogeMod's custom ROM and sports mid-range specs for the low price of $140.


Voice control on this ZTE phone works without data, even when the phone is locked

ZTE announced the Star 2 smartphone, which comes with a comprehensive array of voice control features, which operate even when the phone is locked, or without a data connection.


These ordinary-looking glasses just may be the future of smart eyewear

These may look like ordinary spectacles, but they're actually smart glasses. Called the Jins Meme, they use special electrodes and movement sensors to tell when you're sleepy, or having trouble concentrating.


Priest installs cell phone jammer in church for silent sermons

A priest in Italy became so fed up with his services being constantly interrupted by cell phones going off that he decided to put a jammer inside his church. Not everyone's happy about it, though....


Uber details plans for improved rider safety, includes lie detector tests for new drivers

With the ride-hailing service coming under increasing scrutiny over the way it screens drivers, Uber knows that at the very least it has to be seen to be taking steps to improve the reliability of the process. This week it laid out some plans.