Uber’s surveillance feature tracks your location before and after your ride

As promised, the Uber app now has a surveillance feature that enables it to track riders from the time of the request until 5 minutes after the trip. Riders must allow location tracking in order for it to work and can turn it off later.

Ordering a beautiful Galaxy S6? We’ve got 30 cases you may want

The Samsung Galaxy S6 represents a beautiful fusion of metal and glass, but it’s still a fragile beauty that's prone to cracks and scratches if you don't protective it. Here are few of our favorite cases for the aging device.

Mayoral suggestion to name Parisian street after Steve Jobs causes quite the stir

It seemed like an innocuous enough suggestion, but a proposal from the mayor to name a street in Paris after late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has really ruffled some feathers.

Airbnb drops NYC lawsuit after agreement on short-term rental law enforcement

With agreement from the NYC's mayor's office that the short-term rental law would be enforced only against hosts, Airbnb dropped its lawsuit. The law forbidding short-term rentals applies to buildings with three or more units.

Did Uber help drivers break the law in Denmark?

Aiding and abetting criminal activity isn't just a charge reserved for people -- apparently, companies can get in hot water for the same thing. The latest to be charged with such a crime is none other than controversy-magnet Uber.

Load your iPad with the best apps in every category

The iPad is a terrific tablet, so long as you have the right apps to go along with it. Here are 100 of our current favorites, whether you're looking to read the latest political happenings or the stars.

Seagate’s portable storage device automatically syncs files to Amazon Drive

Seagate has a new external drive for Windows PCs and Macs that specifically targets Amazon Drive users. It automatically syncs files to the cloud once connected, thus smartphone photos and videos will automatically show up on the external…
Health & Fitness

Listen to your heart to learn how to detect and control natural stress levels

The Lief Patch heart rate variability monitor signals impending stress. Included smartphone app exercises teach people how to control stress response. The exercises teach deep breathing, relaxation, and conscious control of your heart rate…

FCC says streaming deals from AT&T and Verizon violate net neutrality

In sternly worded letters to AT&T and Verizon, the FCC said the carriers' policies of zero-rating -- the practice of exempting certain services from data caps -- violated the commission's net neutrality rules.

U.K. police ‘mug’ fraud suspect to access his iPhone while it’s unlocked

U.K. police appear to have adopted an unorthodox method when it comes to getting around phone encryption -- to access the data on a suspect's iPhone, they decided to, as the BBC reported, "legally 'mug' [him]" while it was unlocked.

The countdown has begun: Google launches its Santa Tracker

The countdown to when Santa leaves in his sleigh to deliver joy around the world has begun. But before Santa departs, his elves are keeping busy, and Google is making it easy to see what they're up to with its Santa Tracker…

Weekly Rewind: The top Kickstarter projects, clairvoyant computers, and a potential AirPods launch

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from…