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159 Awesome Android Apps for Summer 2014

We've completely overhauled our Android apps list. Here are more than 150 of the best apps available on the Google Play Store and beyond. We've got apps in every category, organized so you can find what you want fast and easy.


Nvidia reportedly working on Android-based console, Shield tablet gets outed (update)

According to two recent reports, Nvidia is not only prepping an Android-based microconsole, but also a Shield tablet. No word on when, or if, Nvidia will announce these devices.


Don’t be fooled by nostalgia: Running back to BlackBerry is still a mistake

Amazingly, there are some people out there recommending smartphone users swap their trusty devices for a BlackBerry phone.


No network? No problem. GoTenna lets you message your buddies without cell service

goTenna is basically a low-power radio transceiver that allows you to use your phone like a CB radio and send messages -- even in the absence of a cellular network.

Cool Tech

HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch may look like this

Evan Blass, known as famed leaker @evleaks, released an artist's rendition of HTC's Android Wear smartwatch. According to Blass, the "hardware is 100 percent faithful reproduction" of HTC's unannounced smartwatch.


Microsoft plans to kill the Nokia Asha, Series 40, and other budget phones

Microsoft plans to axe the entry-level Nokia Asha lineup and other Series 40 devices over the next 18 months. This news comes right after the company announced layoffs for 18,000 workers and the end of the Nokia X.


Vertu Signature Touch review

The Signature Touch is Vertu’s latest luxury smartphone, and its most technically impressive yet, but can it live up to our high expectations?

  • Pros: Solid spec sheet, Incredible build quality, Truly premium…
  • Cons: It costs $11,500, Occasionally buggy software

Don’t lose your Gear Live or G Watch charger: You can’t buy a new one

According to frustrated owners of the Gear Live and G Watch, getting a replacement charging cradle is near impossible. Samsung did comment on the situation, though it was far from a guarantee for replacement chargers.

Android Army

Nokia may offer MixRadio on iPhone and Android devices

Nokia's music-streaming service MixRadio will now be a spin off company. Its CEO Jyrki Rosenberg said that MixRadio is considering making apps for iOS and Android, too.


Google to stop calling games with in-app purchases ‘free’

Google promised the European Union to stop calling games with in-app purchases "free" on the Play Store. Meanwhile, Apple said it's working on a new "Ask to buy" feature for iOS 8.


4 big things 1 million people are telling the FCC about Net neutrality

Commenters overwhelmed the FCC with demands to preserve Net neutrality. The latest comments cite America's belief in free market capitalism, competition, and freedom as reasons to keep the Internet open.


Figure skater, photographer, now game developer, Lisa Bettany keeps on creating

After the success of her app Camera+, Lisa Bettany put the brakes on her high-paced urban lifestyle, moved back to Canada, and refocused on what she really loves: creating.


Study says that teenage texts = teenage sex

A new study from Pediatrics says that kids who text a lot are more likely to sext and admit to being sexually active. The report found a few discrepancies in the data, which were most likely due to inaccurate statements from the teens.


16 problems you could have with the HTC One M7, and how to fix them

No one wants to have to deal with issues on their sparkly new smartphone, but these things happen. If you’re experiencing HTC One problems and you want some answers, we may just have them for you here.


Amazon introduces Kindle Unlimited: An endless book buffet for voracious readers

Amazon gets back into books in a big way with Kindle Unlimited, a $10 ebook subscription service that offers voracious readers a veritable smorgasbord of titles.