No signal, no problem: Apple Music for Android can now save songs to an SD card

If you're a user of Apple Music for Android and spend a lot of time without a signal, the latest update to the app will make your day, as songs can now be saved to SD card for offline playback.

Goodbye bump: Apple may fit the camera lens flush to the iPhone 7's body 3:17

Forget about the iPhone 6S -- that's already old news. Rumors have already started to spread about Apple's latest offering, the iPhone 7, a device we almost certainly won't see until the end of 2016.

This is the first Windows 10 smartphone from Vaio

Vaio, a name more associated with laptops than smartphones, has launched a Windows 10 phone called the Phone Biz. It's a stunner, with an aluminum body, and supports the Continuum desktop mode.
Social Media

Instagram increases video ads to 60 seconds, though you’re stuck with 15

Instagram ads are getting longer. And longer. Kicking off with 15 second messages in 2014, the company extended the max running time to 30 seconds last year. Now brands can post minute-long ads. Regular users, however, still only get 15…

MediaTek says the new Helio X20 deca-core chip is too clever to overheat

Echoing the problems faced by Qualcomm and the Snapdragon 810 processor, there are rumors competing chip manufacturer MediaTek may have similar issues with the forthcoming Helio X20, something the manufacturer denies.
Cool Tech

Research firm Gartner predicts bright future for VR hardware

As the likes of Sony and Oculus prepare the first wave of VR hardware for release in 2016, market research firm Gartner predicts strong growth for the nascent technology over the next two years.

How to send free text messages from your PC

Texting is a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you always have to have your phone handy. Here are the best ways to send text message from your computer, whether you prefer to use your favorite email client or Windows 10.

Samsung’s removal of certain S Pen features might mean Android N will get stylus support

With both Apple and Microsoft now supporting a stylus, it seems to be a no-brainer that Google will do the same with Android. Samsung's developer page seems to indicate that it's more of a reality than sheer speculation.

Pebble’s latest update lets you check your health stats with a split-second glance at your wrist

You can now set watchfaces with Pebble Health statistics, thanks to the latest update Pebble has pushed through to its operating system.

Nintendo’s first mobile app will debut in March, alongside a new user account system

Nintendo has revealed plans to launch a unified user account system across all of its gaming platforms, putting it on equal footing with Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network services.

T-Mobile’s new family plan provides four people with unlimited data for $150

It's a good time to be a family of four. T-Mobile has just announced the latest in a series of promotions that'll get you and three others unlimited data for just $150, which they're heralding as the "best-ever pricing for families."

Uber just can't catch a break this week

The least popular kid on the block these days? Uber. The ride sharing company, already a veritable magnet for controversy, has had a case of the Mondays for the last several days in a row.