The Moto Z Play will reportedly ditch a sleeker profile in favor of a headphone jack

It looks like the Moto Z Play will do away with the thinness of its sibling, the Moto Z, in favor of including a headphone jack. The report shows that Lenovo may not be as committed to a wireless future as previously thought.

Studio Neat’s upgraded Glif tripod mount for smartphones gets quick-release lever

New and completely redesigned from the ground up, the Glif tripod mount will securely hold your iPhone or other smartphone in landscape or portrait mode. It includes a quick-release lever, and has ¼ 20” mounting points.

LG is reportedly taking on Samsung with a foldable phone of its own

It looks like Samsung has some competition -- LG is reportedly working on a foldable phone to be released sometime next year. In fact, the company is said to have outfitted one of its factories to mass produce these foldable phones.

People are not buying as many smartwatches, but the Apple Watch still reigns supreme

The latest data from IDC is in, and Apple continues its lead over its competitors in the smartwatch market. Even so, the company saw a steep decline year-over-year, and the market as a whole saw a decline.

Google is crowdsourcing information to help make Maps more accurate

Google wants you! Why? To help edit all the information on Maps, of course. The company has announced a number of new features aimed at making maps more accurate. Features include a suggest an edit button and an add a missing place button.

Headed to Rio for the Olympics? T-Mobile has you covered

T-Mobile announced that it would grant customers "free unlimited high-speed data throughout Brazil" starting August 1, so those who are making the trek to Rio will be able to capture and share every moment of their vacation.

Samsung vows to fix a flaw with the Galaxy S7 Active’s water resistance

Drink the champagne and don't pour it on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, unless you want a paperweight in place of your smartphone. The Galaxy S7 Active failed Consumer Reports' water-resistance test -- twice.

Update your Apple devices now – new Stagefright-style hack discovered

A Stagefright-like exploit in older versions of Apple's iOS and OS X could let nefarious programmers commandeer your devices for denial-of-service attacks, theft of personal information, and more.

Put down that Galaxy! You don’t need to pay $650+ for a fancy phone

Don't pay $650+ for a smartphone. Samsung, Apple, LG, and HTC want you to think premium comes at a high price, but flagship killers like the OnePlus 3 and the ZTE Axon 7 prove you can get the same for much less.

Snap one of these Moto Mods on your Moto Z to give your new phone superpowers

One of the coolest features of the Moto Z are the Moto Mods. Each accessory adds a welcome touch of style and expanded functionality to your phone -- be it for entertainment, productivity, or aesthetic expression. Check out all the Moto…

Moto Z Force Droid and Moto Z Droid launch July 28 on Verizon

Mods, mods, mods -- that's what Motorola is highlighting for its new Moto Z and Moto Z Force, but they could cost you a pretty penny at these leaked prices. The Lenovo-owned company's flagship phones are thin, sleek, and can snap to modules…

Prisma turned a time-lapse video of China into a beautiful animated movie

Over 2,500 images and 80 hours of post-production work went into creating this gorgeous time-lapse animation of China. Each frame was captured individually in Prisma, the hot new app for iOS that uses AI to redraw images in an artistic…