Does Verizon have a data rollover plan up its sleeve?

According to a leaked image, Verizon will introduce a new data rollover program for all of its customers. We should hear more about this program and others sometime soon -- perhaps as early as next week.

Amazon’s announcement of second Prime Day prompts Walmart to act

Amazon's second Prime Day sales extravaganza has been set for July 12. Last year's one-day shopping event apparently generated more business than Amazon's biggest-ever Black Friday, though some shoppers lambasted it for offering few items…

Thanks, Brexit: The OnePlus 3 might get a UK price hike

Thanks to the volatile British pound that resulted from Brexit, OnePlus announced it might increase the price of the OnePlus 3 in the U.K. OnePlus previously increased the OnePlus One's price in March 2015.

Google Maps for Android finally lets you set multiple destinations

Google Maps for desktop has long let you set multiple destinations for your trip, however it has been missing from Android so far. Not anymore! Now you can finally set multiple destinations to your trip in Google Maps for Android.
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Neuroscientists just found that texting alters your brainwaves, but they can’t explain why

“This is one of the first reports of a technology-brain interface which have been shown to exist,” Dr. William Tatum of the Mayo Clinic tells Digital Trends.

Unleash your full selfie potential with Idolcam

AeriCam has been building large drones for Hollywood for years. Now, it's working on Idolcam, an integrated camera and three-axis gimbal that seeks to bring out “your inner idol” with high-quality, stabilized selfie videos.

ZTE's Axon 7 is now shipping to much of Europe for 450 euros

ZTE busts out its new flagship killer for 2016 with the Axon 7. This all-metal phone boasts high-end specs and a premium all-metal design for a much cheaper price than most. Here's our hands on.

Would you buy a smartphone with baked in ads, if it meant a lower price?

Amazon is selling the new Moto G4 and Blu's R1 HD at a discount with ads on the lockscreen and pre-installed Amazon apps. It sets a dangerous precedent for unlocked phones, and we're worried other retailers will do the same.
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Google, Qualcomm bring Project Tango tech to Snapdragon processors

Thanks to help from Google, Qualcomm has adapted the search giant's Project Tango tech to much of its existing lineup of Snapdragon processors, including the the 600 and 800 series.

Fan-made website shows how powerful ‘OK Google’ really is

How many "OK Google" commands can you think of off the top of your head? Having some trouble? Check out this fan-made site, which offers an extensive list of OK Google commands and their variations, with more on the way.

Supposed Lightning EarPods for iPhone 7 shown in new leak

Apple is widely expected to get rid of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. So how will you listen to music? If this leak is to be believed, you'll listen through EarPods that have a Lightning connector instead of the usual 3.5mm.

Microsoft drops SMS-from-desktop feature from Windows 10 update

If you own a Windows phone and were looking forward to texting from your PC, we've got some bad news. Microsoft has dropped messaging everywhere from Windows 10, but the feature will eventually become part of Skype.