Garmin’s Fenix Chronox could be the most stylish sports watch we’ve ever seen

Garmin combines luxury and sport with its latest smart watch, the Fenix Chronos, which features an ultra-sleek look, yet still carries the features would expect from a sports watch under the hood.
Virtual Reality

Google wants to take you on 360-degree tours of America’s amazing national parks

Google has just launched a fabulous 360-degree interactive documentary featuring five of the country's national parks as part of celebrations for this month's 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service.

Uber beaten by Singapore’s NuTonomy in race to launch first driverless taxi service

Uber is planning to launch a self-driving taxi service in a few weeks but NuTonomy has beaten the ride-hailing company to it. Claiming to be the first service of its kind in the world, NuTonomy has six autonomous cabs tootling…

Japan has just reported its first ‘Pokémon Go’-related death

Earlier this month Japanese cops said they'd handed out more than 700 tickets for traffic violations involving people playing Pokémon Go while operating a vehicle. On Wednesday it revealed its first death related to the game, caused by a…

FordPass now lets you reserve a parking spot with a few taps of your smartphone

Ford's diverse FordPass mobility service is adding a feature that allows users to book and pay for parking using a Ford-managed smartphone app. It's available in 160 U.S. cities.

Facebook testing Messenger feature that could signal the end of friend requests

Facebook is planning to transform Messenger into your smartphone's default messaging. A new test feature will bypass the need to send a friend request on the social network before you can start chatting with someone.

Google may bring changes to Android's navigation bar in the form of more buttons

Google may be testing the option to customize Android's navigation bar to add a little more than what's currently available, according to hidden code in 7.0 Nougat. You may soon be able to add a clipboard, a keyboard switcher, and more.
Cool Tech

Smartphone speech recognition can text 3 times faster than you can type

In a challenge pitting human texters against a cutting-edge speech recognition algorithm, the computer not only won -- it was three times faster than humans typing the same message. Impressive, right?

One man’s shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging

What's worse than having to wait to get your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Getting it and then watching it explode while charging, as this member of the social media site Baidu experienced.

Super-thin laptops based on Intel’s “Apollo Lake” CPUs may ditch replaceable RAM

To provide an even thinner form factor, OEM's using Intel's new "Apollo Lake" Atom processors may go with soldered memory in upcoming laptops. That will lock users out of future upgrades.

‘Lumines: Puzzle & Music’ coming to mobile next week

A teaser trailer has launched for Lumines: Puzzle & Music for iOS and Android revealing a release date for September 1. The game will feature classic as well as multiplayer modes.

Google Fi’s Wi-Fi Assistant comes to all Nexus devices

Google's intelligent Wi-Fi switching tech is coming to all Nexus devices. It automatically identifies and connects to public hot spots seamlessly in the background, via a virtual private network.