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The super-thin Galaxy Tab S2 arrives in the U.S. on Sept 3, Here’s where you can buy one

You can finally get your hands on the super-thin Galaxy Tab S2 next month. Whether it's the Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi/LTE version you're looking for, we give you the lowdown on where you can get one starting September 3.


Not so secure after all — Android Lock Patterns are just as easy to crack as passwords

They might seem trickier, what with their dots and lines and patterns, but as it turns out, the lock codes familiar to Android users are just as easy to crack as the alphanumeric ones used by iPhone devotees.


Did Sony just tease the Xperia Z5 on Twitter?

It appears Sony may be continuing its awkward bi-yearly flagship smartphone launch schedule, if a new tweet hinting at the Xperia Z5 coming to IFA 2015 is to be believed. The company will reveal all during the IFA tech show next week.


Cheap doesn’t have to mean dull, just look at this colorful smartphone from China

This cute, colorful smartphone comes from China and is surprisingly cheap at the equivalent of $140, proving low-cost doesn't have to mean dull and boring, plus it still has a strong specification.

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New iOS app tells you when you’re productive

Struggling to understand when you're at your most productive? It may be down to your mood, and this new app will help you understand if how you're feeling during the day, impacts your effectiveness at work.


Verizon’s Hum gives your old car a new brain

Hum, a little Verizon gizmo with a friendly name, brings the safety and diagnostic capabilities of a brand-new car to models that have already been on the road for nearly two decades.


Uber expands self-driving car project with University of Arizona partnership

Ride-hailing company Uber said Tuesday it's linked up with the University of Arizona to help advance its driverless car project. The partnership will involve work on optics technology to develop its self-driving car's mapping system and safety features.


Samsung Gear S2 news: Latest picture shows the Gear S2 in real life, and it’s gorgeous

Samsung has revealed its next smartwatch, called the Gear S2, in a fashion-influenced Lookbook, where it's pictured alongside the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The circular watch is expected to launch in September.


Google patents a system for cars that maps potholes

Google has patented a system for cars capable of automatically detecting potholes in roads. It relies on a combination of GPS and motion detectors to pinpoint damaged cement.

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Listen to MLB games, soccer, audiobooks, and commercial-free music with TuneIn Premium

Are you looking for another premium service to add to your monthly subscriptions? TuneIn Premium gives you access to MLB and soccer games, over 40,000 audio books, and over 600 commercial-free radio stations.


Archos gets antsy, announces a trio of smartphones ahead of IFA 2015

Eager to get the show started, Archos announced a trio of new smartphones ahead of their reveal at IFA 2015 in Berlin. Two of these smartphones are powered by Android, while a third is powered by Windows 10 Mobile.


3 underground alternatives to Spotify and Apple Music for music lovers

Getting tired of always hearing people talk about Spotify and Apple Music? Luckily these three music apps will bring something new to your device. Discover mixtapes, fresh sounds and news all thanks to these great finds. Check out the video to see our top…


New York man in trouble after he interfered with Sprint’s network with illegal equipment

The FCC stepped in to lend a helping hand after Sprint issued a complaint to the federal agency, saying someone was interfering with its network in New York City. After looking into the matter, Jian Chang finds himself between a rock and a hard place.


What is the ‘Stagefright’ hack? How to defend yourself

More than 950 million Android phones are vulnerable to a new hack utilizing bugs found in the Stagefright media playback tool. Here's everything you need to know about it and how to defend yourself.