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Alcatel Idol 3 hopes to rock you with a focus on photos and audio

Alcatel is one of the first out of the gate with a MWC product launch, showing off a smartphone that will be its first worldwide launch. Find out all the details we have on the OneTouch Idol 3.


This man’s iPhone 5c literally blew up on Valentine’s Day and put him in the hospital

When your phone blows up on Valentine’s Day, it’s usually a good problem to have. But when that problem moves from the figurative to the literal, it gives you third-degree burns and puts you in the hospital for 10 days.


Firefox OS continues chugging along, announces a host of new devices

Mozilla has a lot of news to announce about Firefox OS during Mobile World Congress: New deals with operators and manufacturers, and a new handset from Alcatel Onetouch to show off.


Lenovo gives your wallet some love with a new line of Android and Windows tablets

Lenovo has revealed a few new tablets at affordable prices. Here are all the details on the new Windows and Android devices.


ZTE’s new Grand S3 has its eyes on you with its Eyeprint scanner

ZTE is back and this time has its eyes on you. The new flagship smartphone boosts not just the hardware but the features, with new Eyeprint software to unlock your phone.


Samsung Pay will work with or without NFC — as long as you have a Galaxy S6

Samsung Pay aims to rival Apple Pay and Google Wallet in the mobile payment space. The system works with NFC and verifies payments with your fingerprint. It may also work at locations where NFC is not accepted.


HTC joins the virtual reality race with Vive VR headset

HTC has announced the Vive, a new virtual reality headset designed to take on the Gear VR, and the Oculus Rift. It has partnered with Valve to use the SteamVR platform.


HTC's first wearable is for fitness freaks, but you may like it too

We go hands on with HTC's first wearable (and first fitness band). The HTC Grip is made in coordination with Under Armour, and packs a

  • Pros: Good build quality , Comes with extender bars for bigger…
  • Cons: Finding the right size may be tough , Menus can feel…

The HTC One solidifies its position as a top Android phone with the M9

We go hands on with HTC's latest and greatest phone, the One M9. With a brand new camera and some cool features, it's a great update to HTC's line, but some aesthetic issues hold…

  • Pros: 20MP rear camera, 4MP front camera , Powerful Snapdragon 810…
  • Cons: It's not waterproof , Design slightly worse than last year…

Acer reveals Liquid M220 Windows Phone, Android Jade Z, and Liquid Leap+ wearable

Acer had plenty to show at MWC with a new budget Windows Phone, the Liquid M220, the Android Liquid Jade Z, Z220, and Z520, and the Liquid Leap+ fitness band, which is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.


Charge your phone wirelessly with these new Ikea lamps and tables

Swedish furniture firm Ikea has got in early with the MWC announcements, taking the wraps off a new range of lamps and tables that come with Qi-enabled wireless charging pads built-in.


Archos heads to MWC with an onslaught of budget Android smartphones

Archos announced its army of upcoming Android smartphones, all of which fall below the $200 price range. They include the 50 Oxygen Plus, 52 Platinum, 59 Xenon, and 62 Xenon.


Blackphone is now under one company’s direction, flush with $50 million in new funds

The Blackphone, a smartphone that prioritizes privacy and security, now has a clearer future, thanks to a buyout agreement that makes enterprise privacy company Silent Circle the sole maker of the phone.


Android claims 81.5% of the global smartphone OS market in 2014, iOS dips to 14.8%

Google and Apple’s mobile operating systems are, to no one’s surprise, completely dominating the world, shipping on a combined 96.3 percent of smartphone units in 2014, according to a new report from International Data Corporation (IDC).