Turn your license-plate frame into a wireless, solar backup camera with Pearl

A team of ex-Apple employees have developed Pearl RearView, an intelligent backup camera that uses a smartphone and your vehicle's onboard diagnostics port (OBD) to keep both you and those around you safe from unintended impacts.

SanDisk’s new 128GB iPhone storage case has a secret bonus feature

SanDisk has just rolled out another solution for iPhone 6/6S owners looking for a way to get more storage for their device. The iXpand Memory Case offers up to 128GB of extra space, and also features a handy optional extra.
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This underwater drone lets you explore the deep blue without getting wet

If you're a fan of the oceans and want to explore 100 meters down but don't actually fancy going there yourself, this underwater drone should be just the ticket.

Gloves off: Opera Software disputes Microsoft's Edge-browser claim

Dem's fightin' words! Opera Software fires back at Microsoft over the latter company's claims that the Edge browser is better on laptop battery power savings than Opera's new power-saving mode. Unlike Microsoft, Opera Software…

Processors based on Intel's Kaby Lake-S platform may support HDR

Upcoming processors based on Intel's Kaby Lake-S platform may feature integrated graphics that support HDR imaging. Hardware-based VP9 and HEVC 10b codec encode/decode may also be included, a step up from Skylake's software-based solution.

Nice try, adults: The SelfieBroom will not trick your teenager into doing chores

In a world filled with strange things, the SelfieBroom really stands out. In what can only be described as a narcissist's best bet at actually doing chores, this contraption is exactly what it sounds like: a broom that lets you selfie.

SoundCloud takes on Spotify’s Discover Weekly with new Suggested Tracks feature

Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist is one of the streaming service's most popular features, and now SoundCloud is introducing a similar feature with its new Suggested Tracks feature.

The FCC is trying to figure out how much trouble unwanted radio waves really cause

Radio waves are everywhere, and many serve no real purpose. The FCC is trying to determine exactly how much the level of radio noise has changed over the past two decades since the proliferation of mobile devices.
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OnePlus 3 Review

Why spend more when the OnePlus 3 challenges phones twice its price?
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Dropbox rolls out document scanning, new sharing features, and more to its apps

Dropbox is rolling out a bevy of new features to its apps on iOS and desktop, including document scanning, new sharing tools, shortcuts to documents, annotation options, and more.

The latest Windows 10 Insider build will guide you through activation woes

The latest build of Windows 10 Insider Preview reveals Activation Troubleshooter, a tool to help consumers activate a genuine copy of Windows 10. This build also allows testers to link their Microsoft Account to the Insider Preview…

KFC adds some juice to its meals: Watt a Box charges phone while you feast

Would you like a power bank with your meal? That's what KFC's offering with Watt a Box, a meal box with a 6,100mAh power bank for charging your phone. You also get a micro-USB and a Lightning cable.