Strava makes it easier for weekend warriors to coordinate workouts

Strava, the self-styling social network for athletes, has a new feature that makes coordinating Club meetings easier than ever. It's called Events and it's debuting in an update.
Cool Tech

Facebook’s newest tech will let you type with your brain and hear with your skin

Facebook announced during day two of its F8 developer conference that its Building 8 hardware lab is working on technology that will one day allow you to type with your thoughts and hear through touch.
Social Media

Facebook talks connectivity through drones, helicopters at F8 2017

Facebook wants to connect the billions of people who lack internet access with a combination of drones, helicopters, and nodes. At its F8 developer conference, the social network gave updates on its connectivity efforts.
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Tribeca Film Festival to stream events with Godfather cast, others on Facebook

The Tribeca Film Festival will live stream 12 of its most anticipated events on Facebook Live. Included are talks with Lena Dunham about Girls, Kobe Bryant about his animated film, and the cast of Godfather part 1 and 2 about the films.

Big, beautiful, but breakable: Check out the best Galaxy S8 Plus cases

There’s no denying Samsung’s ability to turn out an attractive smartphone, but glass curves are expensive to fix and metal chips easily. Check out the best Galaxy S8 Plus cases.

Android users can now live-stream to Facebook in 360 with Giroptic’s iO camera

The compact and simple-to-use Giroptic iO 360-degree camera is now available for Android. The dual-lens camera plugs into a smartphone to capture or live-stream 360 videos as well as still photos.

Verily launches Baseline in hopes of building a model of perfect human health

Verily Life Sciences, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet, will recruit 10,000 participants for a four-year study of human physiology. It aims to gain insight into conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

The upcoming LG V30 will reportedly feature a curved OLED display

LG's V-series has been the destination for the company's most unique, interesting, and innovative ideas over the past several years, and information about a sequel to the V20 released last fall is already starting to leak.

Upcoming Instagram update will let you browse photos while offline

Soon, you won't need an internet connection to snap pics of your favorite brunch. Facebook said an offline version of Instagram for developing markets (like India and China) is in the works.

Google Voice now filters out unwanted calls, thanks to update

Last summer, Google added spam filtering to its Pixel, Nexus, and Android One phones, and now that same technology is rolling out to users of the company's popular call-forwarding service.

Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest apps on sale in the iOS App Store.

Sound Devices wants to take the hassle out of recording with the MixPre Series

Sound Devices is marking its consumer debut with the MixPre Series, versatile new audio recorders that adjust settings for you. They are relatively inexpensive, too -- just $650 on the low end.