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What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2015: Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and more

Mobile World Congress is on its way, so we've put together all the big rumors about new smartphones and tablets from the big players in one place, including gossip about Samsung, HTC, Google, Microsoft, LG, and more.

This video shows how Microsoft plans to add holograms to your daily life

What might the future of productivity look like? Microsoft thinks it'll include hyper-advanced digital assistants, wearables with gesture controls and touchscreens everywhere, including the walls of your office.

Set the date: The Apple Watch launches on March 9

Apple will likely reveal all the details of the Apple Watch at a March 9 event in San Francisco. The Apple Watch was first seen in September at the iPhone 6 launch event.

The Ubuntu Mobile phone you’ve been waiting for will be here next week

Chinese smartphone brand Meizu will finally show its first Ubuntu Mobile phone during Mobile World Congress next week, and the good news is, it's based on the flagship MX4 Android device.

Western Digital puts extra horsepower into newest My Cloud network hard drives

For photographers, videographers, designers, and other users who work with lots of large files, WD has new high-performance My Cloud network-attached storage drives designed with them in mind. In addition, there are new business models.

Android for Work brings Google back to the office

Google previewed its new enterprise system at Google I/O in June. Now, Android for Work is ready for any business that wants users to bring their own Android devices to work. The system sets up a separate work profile and app store.
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Why does in-car tech lag behind phone tech? It’s trickier than you think

With the arrival of Apple CarPlay, it is more tempting than ever to compare infotainment to smartphones, but should we? No, and we want to explain why not.

Messaging app Viber’s new (and cute) social games are out now for iOS and Android

Following a limited launch late last year, Viber, the popular messaging app, has released its new series of social games worldwide. The three titles are available right now for Android and iOS devices.

Apple will appeal $533 million patent infringement verdict

Attempting to avoid paying more than half a billion to a patent company, Apple will appeal a recent decision that found patent infringement issues related to features within iTunes.

Intel splits the Atom into three new brands

Intel has announced the imminent re-branding of its popular line of mobile processors, the Atom series, to a more streamlined format housed under the new "Atom x" family of chips.

The NSA has hacked your phone: What you need to know, and how to protect yourself

NSA leaker Edward Snowden leaked more documents to the Intercept, which reveal that the NSA and GCHQ stole millions of SIM card encryption keys. The keys give them access to calls, texts, and data sent over users' wireless networks.