Skype releases preview version of its almost-instant language translation tool

Skype has been talking about its Skype Translator tool for some time, but now it's finally letting interested users take it for a spin. At this early stage, however, it can only handle English and Spanish, though more languages…

New iOS Kindle app opens up buffet of Kindle Unlimited books

Amazon updated its Kindle app for iOS with Kindle Unlimited book browsing, Goodreads recommendations, and more. The new discovery features put the Kindle app back on par with Scribd and Oyster, its biggest competitors.

Long-awaited Google Now voice controls might soon be coming to Nest

Based on some recently discovered features, it appears that Nest will soon integrate with Google Now, making temperature adjustments possible via spoken commands on your smartphone.

ShopKeep beats Square to the punch with free Apple Pay hardware

ShopKeep aims to beat Square with new hardware that supports EMV cards and NFC payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Some other point-of-sale systems already support the technology.

T-Mobile Boosts LTE data speeds by 50 percent before Uncarrier 8.0 event

T-Mobile has switched on high-speed wideband data in New York City and some surrounding areas just one day before its Uncarrier 8.0 event. It's unknown what the Uncarrier will reveal on December 16.

Google’s Nexus 9 is $100 off if you add it to a two-year contract at AT&T

HTC is making its return to tablets with Google. The two have partnered up for the Nexus 9, the first Nexus device with a 64-bit processor. Here's what we know about the new tablet, available for order October 17.

iXoost’s latest, and most stunning audio dock yet, gets Bluetooth connectivity

Stuck for a present to give the audio-loving car fan this year, and don't mind splashing out? The latest iXoost audio docks, made using F1 exhaust systems, have a Bluetooth connection built-in, and look astounding. But they are expensive.

Maryland develops ENDUI app to estimate blood-alcohol levels, prevent drunken driving

The state of Maryland is getting into mobile app development with ENDUI, an app aimed at preventing drunken driving. It helps users estimate their blood-alcohol level and offers two games to test their reaction time.

Chicago, Washington D.C. working on Uber competitors

If you're in Chicago or Washington D.C. in the near future you'll have a choice of cab hire apps to choose from, as city councils start to release their own competitors to Uber and Lyft.

More school shooting threats bring down After School from the App Store

Anonymous posting app After School has been taken down from the App Store yet again after another gun threat was made by a Detroit high school student. It's unknown what solutions the app's developers will have in place after this incident.

Tired of JPEG compression artifacts? BPG is the solution

JPEG is now over twenty years old and the versatile image format is showing its age. A French programmer as proposed an alternative that offers better quality at any given file size, but don't expect to see it adopted overnight.

Apple back in the dock after iPod case gets a new plaintiff

It looked as though the antitrust case filed against Apple — for restricting the music users could play on iPods — might be about to collapse, but a new eligible plaintiff has stepped forward.