Voice control on this ZTE phone works without data, even when the phone is locked

ZTE announced the Star 2 smartphone, which comes with a comprehensive array of voice control features, which operate even when the phone is locked, or without a data connection.

These ordinary-looking glasses just may be the future of smart eyewear

These may look like ordinary spectacles, but they're actually smart glasses. Called the Jins Meme, they use special electrodes and movement sensors to tell when you're sleepy, or having trouble concentrating.

Priest installs cell phone jammer in church for silent sermons

A priest in Italy became so fed up with his services being constantly interrupted by cell phones going off that he decided to put a jammer inside his church. Not everyone's happy about it, though....

Uber details plans for improved rider safety, includes lie detector tests for new drivers

With the ride-hailing service coming under increasing scrutiny over the way it screens drivers, Uber knows that at the very least it has to be seen to be taking steps to improve the reliability of the process. This week it laid out some…

HP’s new Stream 8 tablet comes with Windows 8.1, and 200MB of free data each month

HP has put two new, reasonably priced tablet up for sale, which run full Windows 8.1 rather than Android, or Windows RT. The Stream 7 and Stream 8 share similar specifications, but the larger tablet comes with 200MB of T-Mobile data for…

OnePlus One gets kicked out of India, deal between Micromax and Cyanogen is the culprit

A New Delhi court banned the OnePlus One from India. The reasoning behind the ban is Micromax's exclusive deal with Cyanogen, which prevents other companies from selling Cyanogen-powered smartphones in the country.

Uber driver takes woman on a $293 joy ride before finally arriving at her destination

An Uber driver took advantage of a woman who fell asleep by driving across Manhattan several times before finally setting out for her destination. Because of the zigzag ride, the woman's charges totaled $293.

Motorola brings some holiday cheer with $50 off $350 purchases and $100 off $500 purchases

In time for the holidays, Motorola announced a new promotion that either takes $50 off $350 purchases or $100 off purchases of $500 or more. The promotion will run through December 23 and can be applied towards the Moto X (2014).

Wondering which stores support Apple Pay? Find out with Chameleon for iOS

Chameleon for iOS is an in-store shopping app that lets you know which stores support Apple Pay so you don't have to find out the hard way. The app also lets you locate in-store products, as well as check in-store inventory.

Sprint is next on FCC’s chopping block for cramming charges, as AT&T settles for $105M

According to a report, the FCC will leverage a $105 million fine against Sprint for surreptitiously charging customers for third-party services. AT&T recently paid a similar fine to settle charges with the agency.
Android Army

Be the ultimate loyalist, let’s say, with Porsche’s watch face for Android Wear

A Porsche-themed watch face has shown up for the Android Wear operating system. Available for free on Google Play now, the face transforms depending on what races are going on that week.

Sony’s latest concept smart eyewear can be fitted to any glasses, will be demoed at CES

Sony has revealed its SmartEyeglass prototype, which it will show off as a concept device at CES 2015. Rather than a standalone model, SmartEyeglass clips to existing glasses, and Sony plans to put it in production during the next year.