Uber launches a speedboat taxi service for when roads aren’t good enough

Uber will now take you across continents – if you happen to be in Istanbul, that is. The ride-sharing service has just launched a speedboat service in the Turkish city, offering people another way to cross the Bosphorus, which flows…

iOS 8.4 and Apple Music arrive early on Tuesday

Apple's Ian Rogers has revealed that iOS 8.4 and Apple Music will arrive at 8 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, and there's more information about how iTunes Match is going to work alongside the new service.

Ovuline is responsible for over 350,000 pregnancies

Described by CNN as the man "responsible for 350,000 pregnancies," Paris Wallace certainly sounds like a busy fellow. But it's probably not in the way you'd think after such an introduction.

Weekly Rewind: 10 important tech stories you may have missed

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week -- just for you.

If you’re holding your breath for Xiaomi U.S. smartphone sales, you might want to breathe

In a recent interview, Xiaomi international chief Hugo Barra implied that the company won't sell its smartphones in the U.S. market anytime soon. Even with the numerous challenges, however, Xiaomi is still interested in doing so.
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Cozy up to the couch with these 5 new movies to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime

How are you going to get through this week? By pulling up your favorite streaming service and queueing the finest films and TV shows available now. Up this week: Lucky Number Slevin, What Happened Miss Simone, Ballet 422, and more.

Janet Jackson is back with a new track — Check it out in our list of 5 songs to stream

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Here are the new Twitter emojis you’ll need for Wimbledon

The most famous tennis tournament in the world gets underway in London on Monday — and Twitter wants to encourage you to get involved with some new emoji characters for the occasion.

Samsung promises next-gen mobile batteries are on the way

Sick of having to charge up your handset every night? Help is on the way — Samsung's R&D department has made a big stride forward in developing the next generation of batteries for our gadgets.

How much do online advertisers really know about you? We asked an expert

As you browse around online there are lots of different companies tracking you and collecting data, ostensibly to deliver better ads. But how do they track you, what data do they collect, and what are they actually doing with it?

Disney bans selfie sticks from its theme parks

Proud selfie stick owner? Disneyland and Walt Disney World are the latest places where you can't take your smartphone accessory, with Disney citing safety concerns in banning the devices.