Adobe Line and Sketch drawing apps add stylus support, auto-save and recovery

Adobe's newest update (version 2.1) for mobile apps Illustrator Line and Photoshop Sketch allows you to draw using Wacom or Pencil styluses, as well as Adobe's Ink and Slide hardware. Also added are auto-save and recovery.

Mozilla means business with the mid-range KDDI Fx0 Firefox phone

Mozilla and Japanese carrier KDDI teamed up to make the first mid-range Firefox OS smartphone. The Fx0 has mid-range specs, a HD screen, a Qualcomm processor, and supports 4G LTE. It even has an intriguing design.

Shopping for a sofa? This app will let you see it in 3D inside your house

When shopping for new furniture, one of the most difficult things is picturing how an unwieldily object will fit into your space. Loft's new app, Rooomy, lets you upload a photo of your room and get a 3D view of the furniture in your living…

This new smartphone gives you cool iPhone 5C looks and Galaxy S4 specs for just $160

Meizu, a Chinese smartphone brand, has announced the M1 Note. Designed to take on the popular Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G, it has iPhone 5C looks, a very strong feature list, and a surprisingly low price.

[Updated] Andromium transforms your Android into a pocketable desktop computer

Have you ever wished you could fit your entire PC into your pocket? A new Kickstarter project called Andromium promises just that, and its compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones (along with a few other Android devices).

Time Magazine Instagram Photographer of 2014 puts lens on impoverished California region

Time Magazine has named Matt Black as its Instagram Photographer of the Year 2014. Black focuses his lens on the poverty in California's Central Valley and uses Instagram to easily reach an audience.

Uber ceases illegal Portland pickups for 3 months while city rethinks laws

Today, Uber has announced through an agreement with the city that they'll be suspending pickups within city limits for the next three months while they rework the code.

Turn your selfies into ads for clothes, make some money

A new "selfies for money" app, Stylinity allows you to upload phone pics of fashion items to their site. If someone buys the items from your selfie, then you get redeemable points, cash, or products.

Meizu to launch new smartphone brand on December 23, ready to battle Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone brand Meizu is holding an event on December 23 where it'll reveal a new brand, believed to be called Blue Charm, ready to take on the growing might of Xiaomi.

Another one bites the dust: T-Mobile pays $90M fine over cramming charges

T-Mobile paid a $90 million fine for cramming charges to the FTC in late December. The Uncarrier is the latest wireless provider to reimburse customers for unauthorized charges at the behest of the FTC.

Asus teases new Zenfone for CES 2015, with dual-LED flash and other mystery features

Asus has posted a teaser video on its official Facebook page, hinting at least one new Zenfone model will be introduced at CES 2015. The footage shows an unusual rear panel on the phone.