10 annoying issues with the Sony Xperia Z2, and how to fix them

Run into an issue with your Xperia Z2? Don’t worry we have some potential solutions and workarounds for you right here. Join us for a look at the most common Xperia Z2 problems and advice on how to deal with them.

Fleksy revamps Android keyboard app and tells us about iOS 8 plans

Fleksy added several new keyboard themes to its app. The company also said that it plans to offer premium emoji in the future and talked briefly about iOS 8.

Microsoft’s CEO says Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox will become one

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has talked about the company's plan to bring Windows, Windows Phone, and the Xbox platform together, enabling developers to write universal apps which work across all screen sizes.

The LG G3’s QuickCircle case gets its first game, and the idea is to pop puppy heads

LG has released a match-three game designed to be played on the new G3 smartphone, but rather than use the big Quad HD screen, Puppy Pop is played through the QuickCircle folder case's round window.
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Huawei Ascend P7 Review

Huawei Ascend P7 review.

OnePlus kicks off ‘Blizzard of Invites,’ plans to give away 5,000 invites

OnePlus will be handing out 5,000 invites to purchase the One through its 'Blizzard of Invites' promotion. Winners will be contacted within three days of the promotion's end.

Sneaky! Internet retailer Amazon just launched a real-world wallet

Amazon debuted its Wallet app on the Appstore and Google Play Store. Amazon Wallet supports gift cards and rewards cards from almost 70 retailers, including many popular ones.

This spray promises to make your smartphone waterproof for $30

A company called Impervious can make your smartphone water-resistant, so long as you cough up at least $30. Waterproofing kits, which go for $40, are only available for the iPhone.

Viacom enlists Spotify to bring back the ‘Music’ in MTV

The music group underneath Viacom's wide-ranging umbrella - MTV, VH1, CMT and a few others comprise the family of channels - is currently in the midst of forming a partnership with streaming service Spotify, adding various…
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Peachtree’s deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker on Indiegogo offers 440 reasons to buy in

Peachtree's second effort to create the ultimate Bluetooth speaker is already funded on Indiegogo after its first day. But you can still save some serious cash on this goliath, which packs a ridiculous 440 watts of power, and a bevy of…

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet and wireless controller makes a play for gamers

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is a gamer-focused tablet, with features like streaming PC games over WiFi and real-time Twitch broadcasting, complete with picture-in-picture commentary enabled by the built-in mic and 5MP front camera.

This fitness wristband is cheaper than a large Dominos pizza

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has announced its first fitness tracking gadget. It's called the Mi Band, and while it may not have a screen or a heart rate monitor, it'll cost the equivalent of $13.