Retailers slash iPhone 5 price prepping for next iPhone

Likely an attempt to clear out existing inventory prior to the launch of the new iPhone, both Best Buy and Walmart are offering sizable iPhone 5 discounts during Labor Day weekend.

10 iPhone apps you definitely don’t need

There's no doubting there are myriad insanely useful iPhone apps, but in the massive sea of available downloads, there are some strange choices. We found a handful of some of the biggest oddballs we found.

What’s the NSA picking out of your phone calls? Just ‘unvolunteered truths’

Debates surrounding the NSA surveillance efforts have primarily focused on the possibility that some spy is listening to your phone calls. But what if what you say is actually less revealing than when, and to whom, you say it?

Best apps to make animated GIFs

I would be lying to you if I said there was a vast shortage of GIFs to discover on the Internet. Here are our picks for the best apps to make animated GIFs, whether using a Web-based application, a desktop application, or simply your…

BlackBerry Q10 ‘hit the ground and died,’ according to WSJ

According to a recent report from Wall Street Journal, sales of the Blackberry Q10 have been unexpectedly low since its release. Sales from corporations may help boost company profits, but it seems to have lost its buying power in the…

i1/Z1 Rumors: Sony’s 20MP camera phone spotted in new leaked photos (Updated)

Sony has announced it will be holding a special launch event in September, where it's believed we'll be introduced to the Sony i1 camera phone, also known as the Sony Honami. Here's everything you need to know about the device.

Archos pre-announces new tablets and smartphones ahead of IFA tech show

Archos has given us a sneak peak at the hardware it's set to release at this year's IFA tech show in Berlin, which begins next week. The new range includes both tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft Surface Pro $100 price cut is now permanent

After temporarily cutting the price of the Surface Pro, Microsoft has made the price cut permanent, slashing $100 off of the Windows-based tablet, now costing only $800 for the entry-level model.

Parallels Access iPad app lets you control your PC or Mac, is hard cheese for Microsoft

Parallels launched the Access iPad app, which allows users to control their Windows and Mac computers from their iPad. It's price is a bit steep, but it could put the last nail in the coffin for the Microsoft Surface.

HTC launches two unusual accessories for its smartphones, the HTC Fetch and HTC Mini+

HTC has announced a pair of accessories for its smartphones, the HTC Mini+ and the HTC Fetch. The Fetch is a gadget to help locate a lost phone, while the Mini+ is a phone accessory for your, um, phone.

Rumor: Samsung could make cheaper Galaxy Note 3 spin-off aimed at emerging markets

As the launch of the Galaxy Note 3 draws closer, so a new rumor emerges that Samsung may be planning another version of the phone, this time with a lower spec to sell in emerging markets.

Hawaii’s biggest airline to offer iPad Minis to passengers – at a price

Hawaiian Airlines has become the latest carrier to announce the introduction of tablets for in-flight entertainment. The islands' largest airline says it'll roll out 1500 iPad Minis to 14 aircaft in the coming days.