Apple inks deals with Amex and others for iPhone 6 mobile payments, report says

Apple has reportedly inked deals with American Express and other financial services firms as part of an expected push into mobile payments with the launch next week of the iPhone 6.

Our Story event streams go live for all Snapchat users

Snapchat's new Our Story feature — curated streams of Snaps from specific festivals and events — has just gone live for all users across the network, so check the app to see it in action.

Would you pay $400 for your first iWatch?

As the world waits to see what Apple has in store for us on September 9, the latest rumor swirling around the iWatch is that it will cost $400 (or the equivalent of two Android Wear watches).

Endless Jabber keeps your conversations going on any device

Endless Jabber's protocol takes your text messages beyond your phone and allows you to continue the conversation on your computer or tablet. The mobile app is available for Android.

Remember when phones actually looked different from one another? Sharp does.

While most phones on sale today look pretty similar to each other, Sharp and Sprint are about to unleash a phone which looks suitably different to truly standout. It's the Aquos Crystal with its edge-to-edge screen, and we need to embrace…

Users pick the Tab S over the iPad Air… in Samsung’s latest ad

Samsung has a new advert out, filmed on the streets of New York city, and — would you believe it? — everyone featured in it thinks the Tab S is a much better buy than Apple's iPad Air.

Check out the incredible hi-res imagery coming to Google Maps

Get ready for a whole new level of detail from satellite imagery — DigitalGlobe has been showing off high-resolution pictures from its new WorldView-3 satellite, launched this month.

DT Giveaway: Win a pair of Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones (DT Editor’s Choice)

Want some headphones? We're giving away one of our favorite pairs of cans, the Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones. Enter the contest for a chance to win!
Home Theater

AnyMote Home wants to make your smartphone the ultimate universal remote

California startup Color Tiger wants to help clean up the remote control mess on your living room table. Its little coaster-shaped hub, the AnyMote Home, has access to the digital versions of remote controls for more than 800,000 different…

Canadian official racks up $20,000 in data charges while in another country

Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk racked up a $20,000 data roaming bill while vacationing in Poland. According to Lukaszuk, the data usage stems from work he was assigned while on vacation.

This dual-camera smartphone chuckles at water, ignores dust, and laughs at explosions

Sure, there are rugged smartphones that are both dust proof and waterproof, but the Bartec Pixavi Impact X one-ups them all by also being able to withstand explosions. Take a second to think about that.
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HTC One M8 with Windows Phone Review

HTC One M8 with Windows Phone review.