Sprint ups the ante, ‘iPhone for Life’ plan now allows for annual upgrades

Sprint has updated its "iPhone for Life" plan to include yearly upgrades. This new lease plan, starting at $30, does not replace the original, but now you can lease the iPhone 5S.

Now cheaper than ever, fitness bands face an uphill run to stay relevant

As fitness bands get cheaper and cheaper, the companies making them will need new ways to survive, which could mean anything from subscription apps to selling your fitness data.

Got a hankering for World Series hardball? This MLB live stream watch guide has you covered

Want to watch and keep track of the 2014 MLB playoffs online? We've got you covered with this guide.

Some retailers are blocking Apple Pay and launching a competitor

Just when you thought your in-store transactions would be quick and painless forever... some big U.S. retailers have an Apple Pay rival in the pipeline, and that means no support for the new technology.
Cool Tech

From mile-high Wi-Fi to mobile boarding passes, which airline has the best tech?

From Wi-Fi to streaming entertainment and mobile apps, U.S. airlines are aggressively incorporating customer-facing technology into its operations. We find out who’s doing it right, and who needs to step it up.

How to buy and sell electronics on eBay or Craigslist

Looking to turn your old electronics into cash? Your best chance of getting a decent price is on eBay and Craigslist. Here are some tips on how to prepare your device, write an ad, handle the sale, and make money.

The Google+ feature you’ve never used is actually one of its most innovative

Google has changed the world by sorting the world’s information, and with Project Boswell (Google+ Stories) it now hopes to become your own personal historian.
Product Review

Jays a-JAYS Five Review

Wide load: Oversized drivers in the a-Jays Five mean big bass but finicky fit.

T-Mobile wants better coverage in your home, and it’s begging the FCC to make it happen

T-Mobile wants to arm itself with low-band spectrum in order to provide better coverage in homes. To do so, however, T-Mobile wants the FCC to make changes to its spectrum auction requirements.

You’ll soon be able to buy the NoPhone, a phone that isn’t a phone at all

After two unsuccessful Kickstarter campaigns, the folks behind NoPhone launched a third and successful campaign. The device that isn't really a device at all is scheduled to ship this December.