There is a town in Spain that's run on Twitter

Twitter isn't only about frivolous tweets. When used creatively, it can help run an entire town. That's what's happening in Jun, Spain, where the government operates via the social network, and everyone from the mayor to the guy driving the…

HTC J Butterfly is a hybrid of the One M9 and One M9+, and it's amazing

HTC and the Japanese network KDDI has announced the J Butterfly HTV31, its newest and most technically impressive flagship Android phone for 2015. Sadly, the Butterfly range is rarely sold anywhere else.

Rdio to launch $4-a-month streaming service offering 25 tracks a day

Music streaming service Rdio is about to launch a new mid-level subscription option that offers users 25 tracks a day for $4 a month. Boss Anthony Bay hopes the ad-free service for mobile will score it new users in the increasingly…

Walmart teams up with AliPay on mobile payments in China

Walmart is expanding its presence in China, and has now tapped AliPay—the PayPal equivalent to Alibaba's eBay—to be its provider for mobile payments in its Chinese store locations.

Google’s ready for I/O 2015, updates official app with live streaming event schedule

Google I/O, the always exciting developer conferences held annually by the company, is set to begin at the end of the month. In anticipation, Google has updated its official Google I/O app.

Samsung shows off the tiny processors that’ll power your next Internet-connected refrigerator

Samsung's getting serious about the amorphous Internet of Things. The company unveiled reference hardware, dubbed Artik, for developers. It's designed to make rapid IoT iteration easier.

What do Diddy and Nicki Minaj have in common? They use an app called Pleek

A new messaging app is hoping to make your conversations livelier through creative elements like photos, videos, stickers, and photo collages, touting celebrity users like Nicki Minaj and Sean "Diddy" Combs.

The NSA suffers another blow as House votes to end bulk phone data collection

By almost an unanimous vote, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to end the NSA's bulk phone data collection program, which falls under the Patriot Act. The Senate, however, doesn't seem to have as much unanimity.

First images of the LG G Pad X leak, revealing Verizon branding and classic LG design

Leaked images show the successor to LG's G Pad 8.3: the G Pad X. It's reportedly bound for Verizon in the U.S., but details beyond that -- including internals and pricing -- aren't forthcoming.

Google Fit will now let you know how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day

Google Fit got a major update, and the app can now count calories, track distance travelled, and sync with third-party apps. It's a huge update that extends from Android phones to Android Wear.

Scan your eyes, and buy some fries: Fujitsu shows off mobile payments with an iris scanner

Fujitsu, in partnership with Japanese carrier DoMoCo, unveiled a smartphone that lets you make payments by scanning your iris. But that's just the beginning -- biometrics is a burgeoning industry.