Hackers can control Google Now and Siri through your headphones

Researchers found a way to remotely activate the Google Now and Siri voice assistants through the users' mic-equipped headphones. The hackers can then use the voice assistants to perform a variety of functions.
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Meet Elvie, the video game for your lady bits

Ladies, for $199, you can own the Elvie, a pebble-shaped pod that links to its associated app and gives you real-time feedback on the strength, endurance, and control of your most important body part.
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As Periscope’s popularity increases, so will dumb and illegal activities

A woman in Florida live-streamed herself while drinking and driving. Like any social media platform that becomes more popular, Periscope might become the next commonplace to exhibit illegal, regrettable, and other dumb activities.

Catch a wave, not too much sun, with the Glassy Zone fitness band made for surfers 2:41

The Glassy Zone is a fitness band designed for surfers, providing specialized tracking for when you're out on the waves, plus it has a UV sensor to ensure you don't catch too much sun. It has launched on Indiegogo for $100.

Samsung and LG may decide whether Apple releases a foldable iPhone in 2018

A new report from Korea says LG and Samsung are close to perfecting a foldable smartphone, and that Apple is eyeing the project with a view to making the tech the basis of the iPhone 8.

New Skype feature offers an easy way to chat without an account 0:43

Skype's just rolled out a new feature it describes as "a small change that will make a big difference," allowing users to invite anyone to join a chat regardless of whether they have a Skype account.
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U.K. unveils first ‘smart sidewalk’ offering fast, free Wi-Fi to strollers

One of the U.K.'s leading mobile carriers this week launched the country's first "smart sidewalk," offering free and fast Wi-Fi to anyone in the vicinity. Sounds great, though we're hoping it doesn't lead to an uptick in "distracted…

The Dfree wearable predicts your next bowel movement

Ideal for anyone that needs time to locate a bathroom, the Dfree is a new wearable that attaches directly to skin in order to monitor intestinal activity and create a bowel movement countdown clock

Canada gets tough on fakery as Bell Canada gets fined for posting fake Play Store reviews

Canada's Competition Bureau threw a $977k fine at Bell Canada for posting fake reviews of its apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. Suffice it to say, Bell Canada probably isn't too pleased by these developments.
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Need to talk to your cat? You may need Weenect’s mobile phone for felines

Dubbed by The New Yorker as "the only acceptable form of catcalling," these feline friendly mobile devices were developed by French company Weenect and aren't exactly cellphones -- rather, they're GPS trackers that cats can don as collars.
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Chromecast Audio Review

This cheap and simple audio solution can make any home multiroom ready.