Are dating apps to blame for the rise in HIV among young Asian men?

The United Nations published new report claiming that, “The explosion of smart phone gay dating apps has expanded the options for casual spontaneous sex as never before," leading to a "hidden epidemic" of HIV among young Asian males.

You can get a refund if your OnePlus USB Type-C cable won’t charge your device

OnePlus has recognized its USB Type-C cables aren't compatible with all devices, and that use may damage uncertified chargers. It has provided details on the situation, and will offer a refund to any affected customers.

BlackBerry refuses to back down, leaves Pakistan instead of handing over private data

BlackBerry will remove its enterprise and consumer services from Pakistan, following demands from the government for it to provide access to encrypted communications used by its business customers. Service is expected to close at the end of…

LG’s $8.7 billion OLED factory might be the birthplace of the OLED iPhone

LG plans to open an OLED factory in 2018, spending $8.7 billion on the facility to build all types of displays. The factory might be the first to manufacture OLED displays for the iPhone, with Apple apparently looking for an OLED supplier.

New Raspberry Pi Zero micro computer is smaller, faster, and costs $5 2:44

The new Raspberry Pi Zero has launched for the holidays and instantly sold out. Costing just $5, it is more powerful and less expensive than the older Raspberry Pi. It is a full-blown programmable computer that can run Linux.

Step aside Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana has entered beta on iOS

Three months after the Android version, the beta of Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana lands on iOS.

Who makes the best phone warranty? We compare ALL of them

Finding a smartphone insurance with good benefits and good value is no easy proposition, so to help, we've compiled a comparative list of some of the biggest names in smartphone insurance.
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This flying saucer charger comes in peace to juice up all your gadgets

Finding the right charger and a spare power socket should be easy, but if you’ve got multiple devices that need power, it can be a pain. That’s where the Cygnett Supercharger UFO comes in.

Black Friday: $905 million in sales came from smartphones and tablets, iOS led the way

On Black Friday, e-commerce sites saw nearly 80 percent of mobile purchases come from iOS devices, according to a report from online retail analytics company Custora. Online Black Friday sales revenue rose 16.1 percent from the same day…
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This app lets you design your own accessories with your phone 1:20

With Japan's Monomy, described as an online DIY custom jewelry marketplace, anyone can create their own fashion accessories, cobbling together any combination of the more than 1,500 different parts available on the app.

Sena’s luxury leather Apple Watch travel case is super stylish, but not very practical

The Apple Watch is a great travel companion, and Sena’s luxurious leather travel case will keep it safe and charge it on the go.
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Instagram unveils multi-account access for Android beta users

Instagram is taking a page from Twitter’s book by allowing its app users to stay logged in to multiple accounts at the same time. The feature is rolling out to Android users who are part of Instagram’s Play Store beta testing program.