Let the leasing begin: T-Mobile’s Jump on Demand program lets you upgrade any time you want

T-Mobile introduced a new plan, JUMP! On Demand, that lets you upgrade your phone anytime you want at no extra cost. The only catch? You don't own it unless you're willing to pay full retail.

Amazon’s voice assistant doesn’t just power Echo, she’s ready to take over other devices 5:59

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa is poised to take over every connected device and app with a new SDK for developers and device makers. Alexa also powers the Amazon Echo speaker, which is now available for purchase.

The sleek, classy and almost bezel-free Oppo R7 can be pre-ordered for $400 in the U.S.

The new Oppo R7 and the R7 Plus smartphones, two great looking phones where any hint of a bezel has been cleverly disguised, are now on sale. Here's what you need to know, including how to buy one in the U.S..
Cool Tech

Ford’s latest e-bike prototype features ‘eyes-free navigation’ and a ‘no sweat’ mode

Ford this week unveiled its latest e-bike prototype, the MoDe:Flex. Sporting a much sexier design than the company's two existing models, this latest e-bike comes with features such as eyes-free navigation and a clever no-sweat mode for…

Vertu has just the thing to go with your $335,000 Bentley: A $22,000 feature phone

Vertu has announced the second device in its ongoing, five-year partnership with Bentley. This time it's the Signature for Bentley, a $22,000 feature phone that exists to make the best possible quality calls. Oh, and perfectly match your…

Apple to improve iOS 9 user privacy, but advertisers won’t be happy

Apple will reportedly improve user privacy in iOS 9 by preventing third-party apps from scanning an iDevice to see which apps are already installed. The move is likely to upset advertisers, who use the data to serve up targeted ads.

No one seems to know where the Axon Phone even came from, except maybe ZTE

Announced earlier today, the Axon Phone completely came out of left field and will have a launch event in New York City next month. What's interesting is there's a possibility that ZTE is the company behind it.

Tinder, your time is up – Find some companionship for yourself and your dog with Tindog

Move aside, Tinder - Tindog is here to find some companionship for dogs and their owners. Even though Tindog is free for Android and iOS, the possible financial repercussions of meeting another human being and their dog might not be.
Product Review

Acemile Theatre Box Review

Can a speaker the size of a Kleenex box really replace your surround system?
Social Media

You can now use Messenger without a Facebook account

Facebook's highly successful Messenger app is taking another leap forward by unshackling itself from the bounds of a Facebook profile. Users can now sign up for the the messaging app without a social media account.

iPhone 6 in India takes a turn for the worse, decides to explode on the road

Smartphones have been known explode in rare instances for a variety of reasons. That reason is unknown in the case of Kishan Yadav, who had to throw his iPhone 6 out of his car because he noticed sparks coming from Apple's latest and…

T-Mobile’s not-so-unlimited 4G LTE data plan has a 21GB cap before speeds slow down

Even if you have an unlimited plan, T-Mobile reserves the right to slow down your data if you use more than 21GB in a billing cycle. The degree to which it's slowed depends on congestion and time of day.