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Netflix adds 1.7 million customers despite losing Starz movies

Netflix has posted solid growth of more than 1.7 million new subscribers in the first three months of the year despite losing a major contract with Starz. But a slow outlook for the next three months has some worried.


Want a Galaxy Nexus? Android’s flagship phone is now $100 cheaper on Verizon

In response to the Sprint launch, Verizon has dropped the price of the Galaxy Nexus from $300 to $200.

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Video filter app Viddy can’t be stopped, reveals new funding and big name partners

Social video app Viddy completes its Series A funding with some impressive new names and partners.


The clock reaches zero on Samsung’s Galaxy teaser page and reveals… a cheap shot

The countdown on Samsung's Next Galaxy website has ended, revealing a teaser video that doesn't give away anything about the phone, but plenty about Samsung's intentions.

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Galaxy S III countdown clock set to hit zero Monday — but phone not launching till May 3. So what will be revealed?

Samsung's much aniticpated Galaxy S III handset is set to be unveiled in London on May 3. But a countdown clock the Korean company has posted on the web is set to hit zero hours on Monday morning. What's that all about then?

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Samsung Galaxy S3 shows up on Amazon Germany, sports 4.7-inch Super AMOLED. Danke!

The long-awaited Galaxy S3 has popped up on Amazon's German site, supporting earlier claims of Android 4.0 and a larger Super AMOLED display, but makes no mention of processor type or speed.

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Hyperconnected hangover: How are SoLoMo apps doing in a post-SXSW world?

After all the early hype, it's time to take a look at the lowdown on SoLoMo.


Sony planning to launch 5GB, cloud-based photo sharing service

As more consumers look for new ways to share photos with friends and family online, Sony leaping into the cloud by offering free photo and video storage.


Apple pushes to gain more enterprise users with launch of ‘iPhone in Business’ webpage

Apple introduced a new webpage on its site on Friday, highlighting how the iPhone can be utilized by businesses. With the BlackBerry losing ground in the enterprise market, the Cupertino company is keen to take its place capitalize on the success of its iPhone…


Why Microsoft doesn’t need your money: Business brings home the bacon

Consumers may interact with Microsoft products every day, but apparently they're not making the company much cash. The money trail shows Microsoft drifting away from consumers and closer to business. Will its products follow suit?


15 percent of TV viewing takes place on tablets, says Viacom

A new study suggests that tablets have become the second most popular way to watch full-length television shows.


Apple may use in-cell touch panels to make next iPhone thinner, lighter

Hot on the heals of speculation that Apple will use Liquidmetal to make the body of the next iPhone, a new rumor says that the touchscreen will also receive an upgrade in the form of in-cell touch panels, which would make the phone thinner and lighter.


Marvel Vs Capcom 2 hits iOS next week

Capcom's greatest crossover fighter to date is scheduled for release on your local Apple-branded gadget on April 25.


Is this the Samsung Galaxy S III?

A Vietnamese site has posted a video of what it claims is the Samsung Galaxy S III. We've got the specs and the video. Is it legit?

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Creepers rejoice! X-ray vision may soon come to your smartphone

Scientists have figured out a way to shrink x-ray technlogy, allowing devices like smartphones to have x-ray sensors in them. We explore how this new technology works.

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