Here’s the latest pair of smartglasses you probably won’t want to wear

Sony's SmartEyeGlass smartglasses are now up for pre-order in selected countries, with the U.S. set to follow in March, when they'll cost $840. At the moment, the specs are aimed primarily at developers.

Toshiba shows off three Project Ara camera modules

Toshiba is one of the more famous tech firms getting involved with Project Ara, and it's just unveiled several camera modules for the exciting build-your-own handset.

Neptune wants to smarten your watch and dumb down your phone

Not only does the Duo offer a unique smartwatch design, it also relegates the phone to little more than a connected screen.
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Turn your self-portraits into something fashionable with Chic Sketch

Developer Appetizer Mobile has launched Chic Sketch, a smartphone app that turns your pictures into a fashion sketch – made by a real fashion illustrator.

BlackBerry Passport and Classic finally make their way to a U.S. carrier

AT&T announced it will be the first U.S. carrier to officially carry both the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic. Both will be available through the carrier starting February 20.

Jony Ive says round smartwatches make no sense in big Apple Watch reveal

Apple design guru Jony Ive revealed his inspiration for the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6's size in a new interview with the New Yorker. The piece also explains why the watch isn't round.
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Sling TV to add thousands of new VOD titles, live movie channels

In a pattern that has continued to unfold since its launch, Sling TV again made some waves today, adding a huge catalog of new live and VOD movies from Epix.

The USBduo proves cables don’t have to be boring, does more than charge your phone

Replace the boring old USB charger cable with the USBduo, with its cool wooden body, and handy reversible connector. That's not all, it'll replace the flash drive and card reader in your pocket too.

See why you never, ever use makeup apps on babies

Apps that use special effects to show how you'd look in different styles of makeup are fun. Except not when they're used on cute babies. As this set of pictures proves, they're no longer cute, but utterly terrifying.

The ‘phone’ that does absolutely nothing gets price cut in limited-time offer

The NoPhone shot through its funding goal last year, confirming there's a market for a handset that doesn't actually do anything. To celebrate the launch of its new online store, the NoPhone's creators are now offering the device…