Metro, modern, now universal? Microsoft can’t make up its mind!

Microsoft recently re-branded Windows Store apps as "Windows apps," from the previous "Universal apps." This is the latest in a long tradition of name shuffling, but the challenges faced by Windows 10 remain the same.

Let your car describe its symptoms directly to the mechanic with Openbay Connect

Repair booking service Openbay has expanded its app that allows diagnostic information to be sent directly to mechanics. A device connected to the car allows users to idenify specific car issues then use Openbay’s mechanic network to…

This is how Samsung’s trying to sell the Galaxy S6 on Apple Watch launch day

Today's not all about the Apple Watch, Samsung has also put the Galaxy S6 on sale, and to promote it the company has released a cringy, campy ad featuring new Late Late Show host James Corden.

Apple’s ‘appointment only’ Watch strategy is elitist, annoying, and brilliant

Apple won't be selling the Apple Watch in its retail stores to any old passer-by; you'll need an appointment to try one out. It's a brave strategy that could just mean the difference between failure and success for the new wearable.

Apple Watch pre-orders prove popular, delivery dates slip to June and beyond

The Apple Watch is up for pre-order, and within hours, delivery dates have slipped beyond the April 24 release date and into May, June, and if you want the expensive Edition model, as far as August.

Facebook faces class-action lawsuit in Austria over privacy violations

Austrian law school graduate and privacy campaigner Max Schrems filed a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, arguing the social network violated EU privacy laws. The case is currently being heard in Europe's highest court.

Samsung says there might not be enough Galaxy S6 Edge phones for everyone

According to a report, Samsung is expecting a shortage of Galaxy S6 Edge units as it grapples with manufacturing issues due to the device's curved display. Samsung is working to curb the issues as much as possible.

Google finally remembers it acquired Snapseed, releases major update in 2 years

Google's long-neglected photo editing app, Snapseed, has finally received some much-needed attention. It's gaining great new tools on Android and iOS. The photo editing app is now more full-featured and offers non-destructive edits.

Look out, Moto G! Huawei’s SnapTo is just $180 on Amazon, and it just went up for preorder

Huawei introduced a dirt cheap Android smartphone called the SnapTo in early April. The phone is available on Amazon unlocked for $180, which is a great price for an entry-level smartphone.

Users are more loyal to BlackBerry Messenger than to any other Android messaging app

A recent report revealed BlackBerry Messenger has a more loyal user base than any other Android messaging service. This report includes apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat, as well as social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Soon, you might be able to use a Moto 360 with your iPhone

According to recent report, Google may be bringing Android Wear support to iOS. Some of the functionality might include voice search, notifications, and integration with Google apps. If it happens, Android Wear could sway some iOS users.