Hands on: Samsung’s dramatically different Galaxy Edge spills over with potential

Samsung's Note Edge stands out due to its 5.6-inch screen cascading over the right-hand side of the device. The curved section works independently of the main screen, and serves up handy snippets of information and news. We think it's one…

Bowers & Wilkins puts new spin on old classics for improved headphone performance

Bowers & Wilkins announced redesigns for its popular P5 and C5 headphones, including new drivers and a few other twists to provide even better performance and comfort for your luxury dollar.

Hands on: Samsung’s phone-free Gear S still struggles with size, style

Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch looks like a futuristic bangle, but has the full functionality of a smartphone. The new watch is running Tizen instead of Android Wear.

Offload files from all your devices to Western Digital’s portable drive with Wi-Fi

Western Digital's My Passport Wireless is a portable external hard drive designed for all your devices. It has Wi-Fi, USB 3.0, and an SD memory card slot for transferring files from mobile devices, computers, and cameras.
Home Theater

Samsung migrates Milk Music beyond smartphones to Web TV and wearables

The executive vice president of Samsung Media Solutions Center of America, John Pleasants, told CNET at an event in New York that the expansion is intended to help transform Milk Music into "a big-screen jukebox for the 21st century home."

Meta’s luxury M1 ‘watches that happen to be smart’ start shipping

The Meta M1 smartwatch is now shipping and available to order on the company's website. The M1 features high-end materials and a unique design.

Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch cuts its smartphone leash, runs free

Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch now comes with 3G connectivity and its own SIM card, making it a standalone device that no longer needs to be paired with a smartphone to function.

Turn your Note 4 tablet into an Oculus Rift with Samsung’s new Gear VR

Samsung reveals the Gear VR, a virtual reality headset powered by the Galaxy Note 4 and developed in a partnership with Oculus VR. The plan is to release a developer- and enthusiast-focused Innovator Edition before the end of 2014.