How to factory reset a Galaxy S5 2:08

Have you run into a persistent problem that you can’t resolve? Maybe you’re looking to sell your phone? Either way you’ll want to try wiping it clean. Here’s how to factory reset your Galaxy S5.

Verizon to upgrade FiOS upload speeds for free

Verizon FiOS customers will allegedly see a significant boost to their Internet upload speeds.

Framed digital canvases aim to bring interactive art home

Framed launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring digital and interactive art to the home with a gesture and app controlled digital display. The display also features original artwork from several artists.

The world’s thinnest smartphone is about to get even thinner

Gionee, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer which currently produces the world's thinnest smartphone, is about to break its own record with a 5mm thick model detailed on an official website.

Windows 8.1 Update 2 could be released August 12

A Russian site says that the next significant update to Windows could be released roughly three weeks from now. The Windows 8.1 Update 2 may not offer many significant updates, though.

Unusual touch sensitive BlackBerry Passport keyboard revealed on leaked video

The unusual BlackBerry Passport smartphone has appeared in a brief, but revealing, YouTube video. The short film shows the dual function keyboard in action, highlighting its touch control system.

Windows Phone: Microsoft creates online training portal to win new users

Whether you're looking for your first smartphone or want to dump Android, iOS, or BlackBerry, a new online training portal from Microsoft offering a run through of the capabilities of its Windows Phone platform may be of interest.

Kindle Unlimited is like Spotify for books … so do authors get screwed?

Amazon’s latest subscription, Kindle Unlimited, gives readers access to 600,000 books for $10 a month. But will it benefit the book business, or break it?

Lenovo insists it’s staying in Windows small-tablet market in US despite earlier statement

Lenovo appeared to suggest last week it was done selling small-screen Windows tablets in the US. However, the Chinese tech firm is now insisting this is not the case, and that plans are afoot to launch a new 8-inch Windows tablet…
Android Army

Sony’s Xperia Z2 handset finally goes on sale in the US (sort of)

Several months after landing in other markets around the world, Sony's high-end Xperia Z2 phone has finally arrived in the US. However, it's currently only available off-contract via Sony's online store, and even then it already appears to…
Home Theater

Audiomoda’s Aston Martin Zygote: the strangest wireless speaker we totally want

The Aston Martin Zygote from Audiomoda may have a funny name, but there's not much funny about 240 watts of Class D power, a gorgeous single body shell, or wireless connectivity with DLNA and Airplay.

Starbucks will soon accept online orders for pickup via mobile

Designed to reduce wait times at Starbucks locations around the country, the coffee company plans to launch the ability to place orders for pickup using your mobile device in the near future.