Apple and China Mobile have finally inked iPhone deal, WSJ reports

Apple appears to have finally struck a deal with China Mobile, the world's biggest wireless carrier with more than 700 million subscribers. It's thought the deal could bring the tech giant an extra 20 million iPhone activations in China in…
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Google searches on Android now include results from app content, and app listings

An update rolled out by Google for Android users will see searches pull up results not only from the Web but from apps installed on the device, too. Results in searches for specific kinds of apps will also show up with direct links to the…

Uber and Home Depot team up to deliver Christmas trees on demand

Potentially ideal for anyone that doesn't have time to swing by the tree lot this year, Uber will be delivering large Christmas trees this week, provided by Home Depot, to families in ten U.S. cities.

Yes, the NSA is tracking cell phone location data worldwide

You’re not even going to believe this: The National Security Agency (heard of them?) is tracking the cell phone locations of millions of people around the world. Oh, wait, did we say ‘not believe this’? What we meant was, “Of course…
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Instagram blocks Mobli: The photo wars are on

Mobli users can no longer connect to Instagram through the app, as the rivalry between the companies intensifies.
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Listen up! Shazam shares our 2013 stats, and makes some bold 2014 predictions

After correctly pegging two of summer's biggest hits before the spring showers even dried up, Shazam went back to its algorithms to find which artists will break out in 2014 - and there are a few surprises.
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Zombie drone hack reminds us why flying robots are terrifying

Just days after Amazon and UPS revealed potential plans to deliver packages using drones, hacker Samy Kamkar has created a system, dubbed SkyJack, that enables a person to use their personal UAV to take over other drones.

Huawei gives up on America, but smartphone sales look set to continue for now

Following accusations of spying on behalf of the Chinese government, Huawei has decided to shift its focus away from America, however smartphone sales look set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Driver ticketed for wearing Glass fights charges in court

The first person ever to get a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving on Tuesday pleaded not guilty in a California court to a charge of distracted driving. Cecilia Abadie's trial has been set for next month.

YouTube’s ‘Music Pass’ subscription service likely delayed till next year

Though it's quite possible you're in no hurry to start paying for YouTube content, a report Tuesday suggests the company's rumored Music Pass subscription service, which had been expected to launch this year, has been delayed until early…

LG banks on the future being flexible, as the G Flex smartphone goes international

LG has expanded the availability of the G Flex smartphone, one of the first devices with a flexible display, as it will go on sale in Hong Kong and Singapore over the coming days. The good news is, a U.S. launch won't be far behind.

The 5 hottest Android phones of 2013 square off in our side-by-side spec comparison

Android has a lot of suitors. The biggest makers of phones all have devices made to show off the OS. Which flagship Android handset is the best? We take a look at the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, LG G2, Moto X, and Nexus 5 to…