Some Android apps are secretly mining Dogecoins while you use them

Security firm Trend Micro recently discovered several apps within the Google Play store that secretly mine Dogecoin or Litecoin while your device is charging and connected to the Internet.

In the future, simply holding your phone may charge it up

In the future, we all become batteries. A study conducted by Peking University found that the human body can be used as an electrode to charge a phone.
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Teenager’s obsession with the perfect selfie nearly drives him to suicide

A British teen was reportedly so obsessed with taking the perfect selfie, that it nearly drove him to suicide. The obsession stems from a condition called body dysmorphic disorder, which he suffers from.

Songza, Weather Channel team up to tailor your tunes to the weather

The two companies announced today in a press release that their collaboration has led to a new algorithmically based facet within the Songza "context"-determining system. Songza already uses basic data such as current day, time, device…

Microsoft goes freemium with Office for iPad, requires subscription to create and edit docs

Microsoft has officially announced Office for iPad. The free apps let you view and read your documents, but you will need an Office 365 subscription to create or edit new ones.

Google video reveals how the company handles search warrants for user data

Google has seen a 120 percent jump in government request for user data since 2009. The company also released a new video explaining how it fields U.S. government search warrants for user data.

Runtastic 5.0 does everything but run for you

Runtastic 5.0 is the latest version of the favorite fitness tracking app. A new look, new features, and additional training sessions make running and working out with the app even better than before.

Text and drive in San Francisco? This guy wants to publicly shame you

Sick of seeing people driving and texting at the same time, this man has not only set up a website to shame the offenders, but also put their faces on billboards across San Francisco.

Galaxy S5 launches early in South Korea, Samsung ‘very puzzled’

In a bizarre turn of events, Samsung's Galaxy S5 has gone in sale South Korea two weeks ahead of its official launch date and apparently without the tech giant's permission. So what's going on?

BlackBerry CEO says phone leaks have to stop, will take serious action if they don’t

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has taken the unusual step of condemning product leaks, saying it will take strong action against those who do share confidential company information.

ZTE launches the selfie-loving Nubia X6 to take on the Oppo N1

ZTE has launched the Nubia X6, a massive 6.44-inch device with two 13-megapixel cameras, one on the back and the other above the screen, ready to take the best selfie you could ever want.

Man hops on subway track to grab cell phone, survives being run over by train

While losing a smartphone can be an expensive accident, one New Yorker thought it would be a brilliant idea to hop onto the subway track to retrieve his dropped cell phone before the train entered the station.