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You could play against Maria Sharapova at the U.S. Open, thanks to this amazing VR experience

Ever wondered how it would be to return the tennis serve of a champion? If you’re headed to the U.S. Open later this month, you may have the chance to find out — without having to set foot on the court itself, or risk…

Samsung seems to be all smiles as the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus sell well in South Korea

With the company needing a home run with its recently launched Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones, Samsung is probably happy to learn that 25,000 units a day, combined, are being sold in the company's home country of South Korea.

Google Maps now detects and prompts you to share photos of food

A new feature of Google Maps automatically detects pictures of food and prompts users to share, upload, and tag them. It's part of Google's effort to fill gaps in its database of local businesses.
Product Review

OnePlus 2 Review

Frill-free and thrill-free, the OnePlus 2 still impresses with its price.

Android co-founder thinks augmented reality is the future of gaming, invests $15M in castAR

Andy Rubin's Playground Global is investing in a cool new gaming platform. Formerly a Kickstarter project, castAR brings holographic 3D-like objects to the real world through augmented reality.

Cortana is now offering assistance to Android beta users too

If you're a beta user (or if you're willing to sign up) of Google's Android platform, you can download Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant now for free, giving you her full functionality on your Android device.

18 of the most annoying Galaxy Note 4 problems and how to fix them

Having a disagreement with your smartphone? Feeling resentful or irritated? Check out our Galaxy Note 4 problems roundup for advice on conflict resolution and repair your relationship today.

This iPhone has a hydrogen fuel cell inside, with enough power to last a week on a charge

Technology company Intelligent Energy has developed fuel cells so thin, they can fit inside an iPhone 6 and provide power for a week before needing a recharge. There are hints it could be partnering with Apple in the future.
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I chatted up Buddy, the phone-powered house robot that wants to be R2-D2

Do you like the idea of having R2-D2 scooting around your house, looking after things? If so, you'll love Buddy, a companion robot that's available to pre-order right now. Here's what it's like to meet him.

LG’s new 10.1-inch G Pad 2 tablet has a massive battery inside

LG has announced the G Pad 2 10.1 tablet, which it will formerly introduce during the IFA tech show next month. The 10.1-inch Android slate has a massive 7400mAh battery, but a slightly older generation Snapdragon processor inside.

Samsung’s Galaxy ‘test drive’ offer runs out of phones to tempt iPhone users

On Friday Samsung launched a special deal offering iPhone users the chance to test drive one of its new Galaxy devices for a month for just $1. But just hours after it started sign-ups, the firm said it'd run out of devices due to…
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These are the five apps you should download this weekend

It's more difficult than ever to seek out the best new apps released each week, even if you have the will to trawl through the app store on a regular basis. To make life easier, we've gathered our favorite app picks together in a handy…