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Gmail 2.0 for iOS hands on: It’s not perfect, but it’s getting there

Gmail has finally made the jump to version 2.0 on iOS, much to the joy of users of the Google-made email service. A whole new look and some much-needed feature additions like multiple account support make this a worthy upgrade for most, though power users may…


Flickr goes all Instagram on us, introduces filters and boosts social integration

Yahoo unveiled its newly redesigned Flickr iPhone app. Users can now take photos and add color filters using Flickr's app.


How to improve iPhone reception

Learn how to improve reception with your iPhone to make the most of a spotty network.


Mobile device protection: Amazon granted patent for mini-airbag system

We first heard about Jeff Bezos's patent for mini-airbags on mobile devices last year. On Tuesday, it was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office, but whether that means we'll one day be able to enjoy watching the company's e-readers and tablets…

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Leaked photos and video give us a good look at the BlackBerry 10 L Series phone

A leaked picture and video has provided us with out best look yet of Research in Motion's L Series smartphone, one of two devices on which it will debut BlackBerry 10 next year.


London’s iconic black cabs set to become free Wi-Fi hotspots

London's black cabs are set to offer free Wi-Fi to passengers from early next year. The service will be supported by an ads-for-access model requiring users to watch a short ad prior to connecting.


Droid-baiting, 1080p, quad-core Oppo Find 5 smartphone made official

Upcoming smartphone manufacturer Oppo has launched the Find 5, an Android 4.1 smartphone with a 5-inch, 1080p resolution touchscreen and an impressive 13-megapixel camera. It's almost certainly coming to the USA too.

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Men, college grads are more engaged with news on mobile devices

Analyzing news consumption on mobile devices, a recent Pew study looks at education, income level and gender as it relates to watching or reading news.


Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets available for pre-order in China

Three of Nokia's Windows Phone 8 Lumia handsets are now available for pre-order in China.


Yahoo Mail is now prettier, faster, and more mobile

Yahoo Mail has a new look, faster speed, and new iOS and Windows 8 apps. Can CEO Marissa Mayer's first big release push Yahoo back to the top of the worldwide email food chain?


Verizon offering Samsung Galaxy Camera online starting December 13

Starting December 13, you can head to Verizon's online store and place your order for the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The 4G LTE connected camera will run for $550 and cost $5 to add to your monthly data plan. The device will also be available an in exclusive…

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Kaptur your memorable events into a digital album with help from your Facebook friends

Kaptur collects photos into albums of memorable moments shared on yours' and your friend's Facebook Timeline, and the app has gained enough popularity it's hit the one million user milestone.


Intel plans 2013 attack on ARM with next-generation mobile chips

Intel has confirmed its next generation systems-on-a-chip will go into production in 2013, ready to take on the might of ARM once again, as its Medfield processors have failed to take hold of the market so far.


Why text messaging is here to stay

The text message is 20 years old, and the landscape for communication is continuing to change. What does the future bode for the aging tool?


HTC announces the One SV, coming soon to the UK’s one and only 4G network

HTC has announced the One SV, a new 4G LTE phone headed for the EE network in the UK where it will help fill out the range of available hardware, which is currently dominated by high-end phones.

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