Stream your Xbox games to this Windows 10 tablet, and play using the custom controller

This small UK tablet maker could have a big hit on its hands with the Linx Vision, a Windows 10 tablet that has a custom controller and the ability to play wirelessly streamed Xbox games.

Facebook launches Instant Articles on the iPhone, offering super-fast news to mobile users

Facebook has launched its Instant Articles platform on the iPhone today, providing millions of mobile users with super-fast news from a wide selection of publishers. The system removes the eight-second load time experienced for normal…

10 handy Moto X Style Pure Edition tips and tricks

Looking to make the most of your new Motorola smartphone? Want to uncover all the hidden features and options? Come on in for a look at some handy Moto X Style Pure Edition tips and tricks.

Some Surface Book fanatics fall victim to canceled pre-orders

Payment failures and server errors are causing headaches for some early adopters keen to get their hands on Microsoft's new Surface Book, with delays of up to eight weeks being reported.

HTC's all-metal One A9 doesn't clone the iPhone; it improves on it

HTC’s new One A9 may look like an iPhone, but it’s got Android 6.0 Marshmallow underneath it all. We took it for a spin before its official launch.

Custom ROMs bring Android 6.0 to old Nexus devices

Own an old Nexus device and feel like you're missing out? You can get in on the Android 6.0 action, thanks to the handywork of some Android developers who have created Android Marshmallow ROMs that work for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus.

Watch the unveiling of the HTC One A9 right here

You don't want to miss HTC's unveiling of its newest phone, the One A9, so keep it locked right here for the live feed. You never know what surprises HTC might have in store.

Adidas’ MiCoach Train and Run app update makes Fit Smart smarter

Adidas gave its fitness app MiCoach Train and Run a major update, adding some welcome functionality to their Fit Smart band. The band is now up to competing with other 24-hour tracker bands.

Leaked pictures may show the chunky Huawei Honor 7 Plus in more detail

Huawei may be planning to add another smartphone to its growing list of flagship devices launched in 2015. The Honor 7 Plus is rumored to feature a 5.5-inch display, and a fingerprint sensor.

Tim Cook reveals Apple Music has 6.5M paying users

Speaking at a tech event on Monday, Apple boss Tim Cook said he's "really happy" that Apple Music currently has 6.5m paying subscribers. The figure is about a third of Spotify's subscriber base, though it's of course early days for Apple's…

Uber sends more cars onto the streets, but they’re not for riders

Uber's sending more cars out on the streets, but they're not for picking up riders. The company is using special camera-equipped vehicles to capture street-level imagery to help it offer customers better ETAs and to improve the app's…