Facebook, Google, and Twitter pledge to take down hate speech within 24 hours in Germany

Facebook, Google, and Twitter reached an agreement with Germany that will have the companies take down hate speech within 24 hours. They will have specialist teams that will make it easier to report online hate speech in the country.

The Gear S2 smartwatch is the first to use AT&T's NumberSync feature

AT&T has announced the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch as the first official NumberSync device, where your existing phone number can be used on it, meaning you don't always have to take your phone with you.

Apple’s new pop-up iPhone 6S ads target owners of older iPhones

Apple has begun rolling out pop-up advertisements to owners of older iPhones that tout key features of the iPhone 6S, and even include a "buy" button to order it from the Apple Store.

Google Play Books adds ‘Night Light’ mode to cut out that nasty blue light

Enjoy a good read before hitting the hay? If you're using a mobile device, that blue light coming off your screen could be affecting the quality of your sleep. With that in mind, Google Play Books has introduced a new Night Light mode in…

Google launches nine new fancy-schmancy designer watch faces for Android Wear

Google announced nine new Android Wear watch faces from "iconic" fashion brands. They are currently available on Android for the low price of free, with iPhone owners getting treated to the watch faces in a few days.
Social Media

Facebook unveils new process for reporting fake names in effort to protect all users

Facebook has unveiled a new system to report fake names on the social network, which includes a support mechanism aimed at victimized users from the LGBTQ community, ethnic minorities, and victims of stalking or abuse.

Wield your phone as a lightsaber with Google’s latest Chrome experiment 0:15

Google has launched a new Chrome Experiment that pairs your phone with your desktop and allows you to wield it as a lightsaber. You'll start off traversing through a Star Destroyer, battling storm troopers who still have trouble…

Trice Imaging's Emergency Medicine Project saves lives at home and abroad

The Emergency Medicine Project uses portable tablet ultrasounds with Tricefy medical image sharing platform to give EMS and emergency room doctors a head start, while Trice's Mobile Ultrasound Patrol gives prenatal ultrasounds to women who…

Project Fi is now available on data-only devices and doesn’t charge a fee

If you're an early adopter of Google's carrier service, you'll be happy to hear that you can now add tablets, or data-only devices, to your Project Fi subscription for free. The devices share the same budget as the one used for your primary…
Product Review

ZTE Axon Elite Review

Flashy, fast, frustrating: ZTE ruins the Axon Elite with weird software.

With firmware 3.8, Pebble finally introduces its timeline interface to the Pebble and Pebble Steel 1:09

Pebble announced firmware 3.8 of its app, which brings the timeline interface found in the newer Pebble smartwatches to the original Pebble and Pebble Steel. The company also announced Pebble Health, available as a free download.

Google Maps for iOS just got even better

Apple users, your long wait is finally over. You too now have access to offline navigation courtesy of Google Maps, so if you didn't have a sense of direction before, don't expect it to be getting any better anytime soon.