Best Apps of the Week: LinkedIn, Step Away, Polyhegrams, Hill Bill, and more

Need some new apps to occupy your phone? We have you covered with the best apps and updates of the week. Open up your app marketplace of choice and start downloading great apps like Step Away, Polyhegrams, LinkedIn, Hill Billl, and many…

Smartwatches are going to make smartphone screens obsolete

Today’s smartwatches are still rudimentary, but they highlight the appeal of a “modular computer” that could turn your smartphone into a hub for a raft of different screens and other connected devices.

Report: Amazon wants to offer free smartphones without a contract

Potentially a game changer that could steal a significant amount of market share from Apple and Samsung, the Amazon smartphone rumor has reappeared with the added twist of being completely free.

Nokia’s Lumia 1520 shows up in leaked press snap, complete with very busy Start screen

Could this be our first look at the last Nokia branded Windows Phone? The leaked picture shows what could be the Lumia 1520, also known as the Bandit, a 6-inch smartphone/hybrid with a 1080p resolution.

BlackBerry may be selling, but Huawei says it’s not buying

For the second time in almost as many months, Huawei has denied rumors it's considering acquiring another mobile manufacturer. This time it's BlackBerry, but Huawei says it wants to go it alone instead.

Whopper: Apple testing out iPhone screens as big as 6 inches, report says

There have been many reports over the last couple of years about Apple apparently testing out larger screens for the iPhone, but the latest one suggests that the company is for the first time experimenting with displays of up to a whopping…

Netflix for books? Oyster launches with over 100,000 in-print titles

Potentially a useful service for anyone with an iPhone that likes to read tons of books, Oyster has rolled out a subscription service that allows users to read all the books they want for a monthly fee.

Galaxy Gear vs. Google Glass: The battle for your wrist was just won … by your face!

Samsung has unleashed the Galaxy Gear in an expectant world, and now it's here, we're a bit underwhelmed, as Google Glass seems to do everything it can do, but better. And it's only a short time away.
Social Media

Snapchat deems it acceptable for you to have more best friends

If you habitually send snaps to more than three people at a time, there's a secret code you can use to increase your number of featured friends.

Did Microsoft just buy a new CEO along with Nokia?

Microsoft just plunked down $7.2 billion for Nokia's devices business and 32,000 employees - including former Microsoft exec Stephen Elop. Is Elop now Ballmer's most likely replacement?

LG G2 coming to Verizon on September 12 for $200 with exclusive wireless charging feature (Updated with AT&T date)

Verizon has announced it will be selling the LG G2 smartphone from September 12 for $200 with a two-year contract. The Verizon model will be the only one to offer built-in wireless charging.

‘Call of Duty: Strike Team’ stages an assault on iOS devices

Activision releases 'Call of Duty: Strike Team,' a first/third-person shooter for iOS devices, developed by the Pitfall! endless runner crew at Blast Furnace.