iOS apps to get bigger – and hopefully better – after Apple doubles max size to 4GB

For the first time since the App Store's launch in 2008, Apple has raised the size limit for iOS apps from 2GB to 4GB, giving developers the opportunity to create even more complex software for the company's mobile platform.

Broken heart? These apps will help you erase and block your ex from your digital life

Break-ups have happened to the best of us - and so has the ensuing torture of seeing the ex all over our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. If the lure of texting or calling them has become too much, and one more status update from…

Like Uber for helicopters, Gotham Air lets you summon a chopper with your phone

Beat the traffic in style in luxury with Gotham Air, a ride-sharing app for chartered helicopter trips to the airport from downtown Manhattan.

How to make the perfect virtual mixtape for any occasion

Tapely, a free online music platform, allows you to make and share your own virtual mixtapes. Digital Trends will tell you how to use it to make the perfect mixtape for any occasion.

Looking for a little bit of help from Google Helpouts? You’ll have until April 20

Google Helpouts, Google's way of connecting those who need help with those who can provide it, will be shut down on April 20. Your Helpouts history can be downloaded after that date, though you have until November 1 to do so.

Miami cops sought revenge against Waze, so they entered false data

As a way to exact some modicum of revenge due to Waze's "police stalker" feature, hundreds of Miami cops downloaded the app onto their smartphones for the sole purpose of submitting false information.

Charging iPhone electrocutes woman to death in the bath

A Russian woman was electrocuted after she dropped her charging iPhone into her bath. Authorities would not say whether the charger was a licensed Apple product, but are investigating why the charger didn't cut out.

Scoopshot photo marketplace adds contests to encourage uploads

Scoopshot, a photo app for users to sell their photos to brands and publishers, has just released version 5.0. Included in this version is the debut of daily contests against fellow users for more exposure to brands.

I tried out these 8 Tinder alternatives, and didn’t get a single message

Tired of swiping? Try out these great dating apps that put a new spin on the time-honored practice of the one night stand. I did, though I ended up spending my night alone.

Coolest toy of the year: Google and Mattel give the old View-Master an exciting VR twist

Google Cardboard just got a huge upgrade. The new View-Master VR from Mattel and Google allows kids to see 360-degree views of cool places to help them learn and discover the world. The ViewMaster is pretty cheap, too.

Watch: Fiery Italian grandma tries and fails to use Siri

Oh Siri, accents are hard aren't they? Watch this funny video in which a fiery Italian grandmother tries to find out the time in the homeland, but is frustrated by Siri's inability to understand.