Discontinued iPod Classics selling for high prices on eBay

If you want to get your hands on one of Apple's discontinued iPod Classic devices for Christmas, be prepared to pay over-the-odds for the player — demand has pushed up prices on Amazon and eBay.

Plan V is a jumper cable that uses 9-volt batteries to recharge your smartphone

Plan V is a “jumper cable” that recharges your smartphone with a 9-volt battery and gives you about four hours of talk time. It's a last-resort rescue for your smartphone's battery, should you forget your charger at home.

Palm tree, volcano, hospital: How to enable emoji on any Android phone

Who doesn't love emoji? They allow us to say so many things digitally that we would never be able to with just words, from "I'm feeling sick and going to the hospital," to "my cat pooped a palm tree, one hundred!" and everything in between…

SWAT is an app that allows you to report and live-stream footage of police brutality

SWAT, which stands for “Safety With Accountability & Transparency," enables a user to file an official complaint about police violence with their local police department in real time. It also allows a user to live-stream video footage to…

Google takes down several Pirate Bay apps, says no to piracy

Whenever Google removes apps from the Play Store, it's usually worth paying attention to. In this case, that's especially true, as four Pirate Bay-related apps were proactively removed.

Future Apple Maps update could make your daily commute easier

Apple Maps may finally get public transit directions. A new patent shows that Apple is working on a commuter app that compiles information on public transit networks to help users get around town.

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul has a new messaging app called YB — Guess what it stands for

Now you can text your friends like Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman thanks to a new messaging app called YB from the show's star. Actor Aaron Paul recorded his signature catchphrase, so you can send it to your friends.

Rumors say Intel could be the one to make TAG Heuer’s first smartwatch really smart

TAG Heuer may have an Intel-powered smartwatch in the works and new rumors say it will launch at CES in January 2015. The device will have the smart style of a TAG Heuer watch, but with Intel's brains.

Despite past claims, AT&T still throttles unlimited data when its network is clear

AT&T throttles data speeds on customers' "unlimited data" plans after a certain point. On non-LTE phones that only support 3G data, speeds slow after just 3GB. Meanwhile, 4G LTE-enabled smartphones users are throttled after 5GB of data…

Lenovo has launched a phone called the Le Lemon. Yes, really.

Lenovo has launched its first phone to combat the rise of Chinese smartphone rival brand Xiaomi. It's called, bizarrely, the Le Lemon K3 and will cost the equivalent of $100. Despite the low price, the specification is attractive.

Apple to offer free ‘Hour of Code’ workshops to inspire young programmers

Hour of Code is an annual event designed to get students interested in coding. Thousands of free workshops are taking place around the world on December 11, with Apple one of several tech companies getting involved.