The Digital Trends iPhone App just got a heckuva lot better

I'm pleased as punch to introduce a massive update to the Digital Trends iPhone App. The new version brings our app into the 21st century, with updated sections, new graphics and logos, dramatically speedier response times, and an end to…

Uber can’t carry passengers in Spain, but meal delivery is just fine

The Spanish authorities may have banned Uber from carrying passengers, but no one ever said anything about hot meals....

Warning! This Android malware pretends your phone is off so it can hijack it

A nasty new piece of Android malware has been discovered. It's being called PowerOffHijack, and infected phones only pretend to shut down - instead remaining secretly active and capable of making calls, and even accessing the camera app.

Kids to get their own YouTube app on February 23

The only surprising thing about the launch of YouTube Kids is that it's taken this long. The new app, initially for Android devices only, will be unveiled on Monday.
Android Army

More apps for BB10 users as software update opens up Amazon’s Android store

BlackBerry Passport and Classic owners can already access Amazon's app store, but a new update made available on Friday brings the feature – and a raft of other goodies – to all BB10 handsets, among them the Z30 and Q10.
Home Theater

Keep cable but lose the box with VidiPath, a new wireless way to watch

DLNA's new wireless system could allow you to send all your cable content from a single box to every device on your local network, no wires necessary.

The 18K gold Apple Watch Edition may be a gold mine … literally

Apple may lure in the big fish with its 18K gold Apple Watch Edition models. A new estimate says these watches may hold as much as 30 grams of gold, which amounts to more than $850. As such, the price may hit the thousands.

Turn your iPad into a professional drawing tablet with Astropad

Two former Apple engineers designed a new app that turns your iPad into a bonafide professional drawing tablet that connects to your Mac and most professional apps. It boasts new technology to make it faster and smoother than ever.

Motorola’s president doesn’t take too kindly to Jony Ive’s criticism of Moto Maker

In response to Apple designer Jony Ive's criticism of Motorola's Moto Maker program, Motorola president Rick Osterloh came out and defended the program while taking a jab at Apple.

A digital dark age may be coming, Google VP warns

Father of the Internet and Google Vice President Vint Cerf issued a warning at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: Print your data before the way to access it digitally becomes outmoded.