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Vine update lets users remix audio from other video loops

Vine has introduced new features to its video-looping service that allow users to grab audio from other videos to use on their own creations. Aside from the audio remix function, new music discovery tools have also been added.

Users reporting charging woes with the iPad Pro and the Nexus 5X

Owners of both the iPad Pro and Nexus 5X are complaining of charging issues that prevent the devices from having responsive screens. Apple is currently investigating the issues, though Google has yet to issue a comment.
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OnePlus X Review

The OnePlus X is cheap, fast and gorgeous. So why can't we recommend it?

This iPhone case by Jimmy Fallon and J.Crew doubles as a pocket square

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with J.Crew to make the Pocket Redial, an iPhone 6/6S case that doubles as a pocket square. Just clip the pocket square on when you want to look fashionable.

Google's Play Store may finally return to China in 2016

Google wants to have a presence in China again with the possible launch of the Google Play Store in the country next year. According to Reuters, Google will comply with Chinese law on filtered content.
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Google's newest update lets you Hangout with anyone

Google has lifted the requirement to have a Google account if you want to join a Google Hangout audio or video meeting. The update is said to be an attempt to catch up to Skype's latest feature.

Rhapsody Auto app to help users rock out on the road

If you listen to music on your mobile device while driving, Rhapsody Auto wants to help you play your favorite tunes with your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Virtual reality for the masses: Samsung and Oculus’ Gear VR hits the market

If you've got a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and a need for some great virtual reality content, Samsung and Oculus' joint Gear VR consumer edition is now officially available for purchase for a mere $99.

Accident prone? Don’t worry: OnePlus brings its warranty program to the U.S. and Canada

Accident prone? Have no fear, OnePlus is offering an extended warranty program so you can protect your device from problems ranging from manufacturer defects, drops, and cracks.

Samsung made an Android flip phone with two screens called the W2016

If you miss snapping your phone shut to punctuate the end of a phone call, never fear, as Samsung is hoping to bring the clamshell back with its W2016 smartphone. It features fast-charging, dual displays, and the classic key-pad.

Jawbone lays off 15 percent of staff and closes its New York office

Jawbone may be in trouble, as it lays off 60 employees and closes its New York office. The company says no more changes will be made, but the wearable maker may also be scaling back other facilities.

No smartphone processors from Sony confirms CEO Kazuo Hirai

Hopes of having a Sony-made processor inside a future version of one of its Xperia smartphones have been dashed after the company's CEO, Kazuo Hirai, denied all related rumors in an interview.