Lyft finally hits the road in New York City, though not quite in the way it’d hoped

Lyft has finally arrived in New York City, though its service doesn't quite follow the startup's usual peer-to-peer model that allows regular folk with their own cars to offer paid-for lifts to other people.

18 annoying problems with the Nexus 7, and how to fix them

If you’re a Nexus 7 owner and you’ve run into some trouble, or if you’re sitting on the fence about splashing out on Google’s 7-inch tablet then you might be interested in this look at the most common Google Nexus 7 problems…
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Is the Motorola Shamu the next Nexus phone?

If you're not tempted by the iPhone 6, how about a Motorola-made Nexus 6 with a 5.9-inch display and a fingerprint sensor? Such a device, codenamed Shamu, is rumored to be on the way.

Apple snaps up BookLamp to boost its ebook offerings

Is Apple about to revamp its ebook service? The company has confirmed its purchased a small startup called BookLamp, which deals in analyzing the DNA of ebooks and reading recommendations.

Turn your selfie into an emoji with the new iPhone app imoji

A new iPhone app called (what else) imoji, lets you turn your selfies or other beloved images into stickers you can text to your friends. Take a selfie or upload a photo of your choice, edit it and turn it into a sticker you can include in…

This sensor turns your iPad into a 3D scanner, but get ready to practice

We try out Occipital’s new Structure Sensor, a device that you mount to your iPad so it can 3D scan objects.

There’s a new app for Selfies from the makers of WordPress

Are you a keen selfie snapper? A new Android app just released by WordPress developer Automattic aims to make sharing photos of yourself easy and fun, and you can try it out right away.

Unlocking your cell phone is about to become legal again

Since 2012 it's been technically illegal to unlock your mobile phone, but with Congress passing a bill to allow the practice again, all that's required is official approval from the President.
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Selling your phone or tablet? Here’s how to ‘completely wipe’ your Android device

When it’s time to sell your old Android smartphone, pass it down to someone else, or trade it in for a shiny new one, you must remember to completely wipe it clean. This guide will show you how to safeguard your privacy.

Prepare to be throttled: Verizon Wireless to stifle subscribers’ unlimited data

Verizon will reportedly throttle subscribers' unlimited data plan speeds. The changes will go into effect on October 1. Previously, only those with 3G data experienced throttling.
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Google Glass gets banned from Comic-Con screenings

Comic-Con announced that Google Glass would not be permitted in screenings that take place during panels. The same goes for prescription-based Google Glasses. However, it seems that you can still walk around the convention with…

These 3D-printed wireless earphones are tailored to your ears and your lifestyle

OwnPhones are a 3D-printed pair of in-ear earphones that are seriously customizable. Customers use the accompanying app to fit the cans perfectly to their ears, and once they ship, the app is then used to customize exactly how the 'phones…