Beats Music on the slow path: About 28,000 people sign up in first month

According to sources, in its first month of availability, 1,000 paid subscribers a day signed up for Beats Music. While that doesn't sound like a lot, keep in mind that it encountered several issues due to high volume.

Google sets record straight on Glass with ‘top 10 myths’ blog post

Apparently fed up with some of the negative publicity surrounding its face-based computer, Google is attempting to set the record straight with a post aimed at destroying the "top 10 Google Glass myths."
Android Army

President Obama may finally be able to swap his BlackBerry for Android

Moving forward to adapt to the world of touchscreen smartphones, the White House has begun testing on a new generation of mobile communication devices that may not include BlackBerry anymore.

Can an app really turbocharge your reading speed? We tried Velocity to find out

Been building up your Pocket and Instapaper queues faster than you can read? Velocity can help you power through them by turning you into a speed reader - or at least a faster reader than you currently are.

Amazon’s smartphone will have six cameras for gesture control, says analyst

According to a KGI Research analyst, Amazon will introduce its smartphone sometime in the next 3-6 months. Interestingly, the handset will have six cameras that allow for gesture control.
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope – it’s a drone stealing your identity

Security researchers have developed a new technology that uses drones to secretly steal sensitive information from your smartphone, track your location, and build profiles about you.
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Want to find your first tweet? New Twitter tool makes it easy

If you, like me, have published an ungodly number of tweets over the years, scrolling back to find out what your very first ever tweet was is about as tedious as building a sandcastle one grain at a time. But now, thanks to a new Twitter…

Google Search adds ‘take a picture’ and ‘take a video’ voice commands to Android

Google has updated Google Search on Android devices to perform photo and video capture via voice commands. All the user simply has to say is "Ok Google," and either "take a picture" or "take a video."

Xiaomi has been taking Notes, announces 5.5-inch, octa-core phablet (Updated)

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has announced the Redmi Note. Judging by the name and its spec, the phone is aimed at grabbing some of Samsung's phablet market share.

Paranoid much? Demand for secure CryptoPhone is so high, company can’t keep up

If you need proof the world is more privacy-aware than ever, then look no further than the CryptoPhone 500, a super secure phone which is selling at a rate of 400 per week, despite costing $3,500.