$17K Apple Watch is ‘missing integrity and substance,’ asserts maker of $13K phones

With the $17,000 Watch Edition, Apple has moved on from its premium status to become a luxury brand. We sat down with Vertu, makers of luxury smartphones, and talked about how it viewed Apple's latest creation, and if it was planning a…

Cornell University is laughing in the face of Moore’s Law

Cornell has announced that a team of researchers have successfully manufactured a die of chips with transistors that measure just three atoms across, shattering Inte'ls previous record of 5nm on silicon.

Alcatel OneTouch aims for the low-end with the $150 Alcatel OneTouch Pop Astro on T-Mobile

T-Mobile introduced the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Astro, a 4G LTE-enabled smartphone that will only cost you $150. If you're interested in the smartphone, the Pop Astro is currently available for purchase.

Asus VivoWatch might be the smartwatch of your dreams with 10-day battery life

Asus may have another smartwatch in the works. Leaked information about the device hints that it may come with GPS, fitness tracking, smartwatch-like notifications, a heart rate monitor, and 10-day battery life. It may be announced on April…

Indiegogo cancels modular phone project without an explanation

Google's Project Ara isn't the only modular smartphone we can expect to see launch this year. Meet Fonkraft, a new modular phone that's cheap, easily modified, and expected to be ready in September.

Apple and IBM team up to deliver 5 million iPads to Japanese seniors

Apple and IBM, along with Japan Post, announced a new initiative that will see Japanese seniors receiving 5 million iPads in the second half of 2015. The program will initially launch in Japan.

Apple is making a killing off the Apple Watch Sport — Components total a mere $84

The Apple Watch Sport costs just $84 to make, but Apple sells it for $350. The profit margin for Apple's first smartwatch is even higher than that of the iPhone 6 -- and that's just the base model.

Love live music? Jukely offers unlimited local shows in select areas for $25/month

For just $25 per month, Jukely allows avid concertgoers the option to attend unlimited shows. The service just received $8 million more in funding to expand beyond the 10 cities it current services.

Miley Cyrus shows her support for Bruce Jenner on Instagram with a giant blunt

Miley Cyrus celebrates Bruce Jenner's announcement that he is transgender by smoking a giant blunt on Instagram. The singer posted several videos of herself smoking and a positive Jenner quote.

Apple admits that tattoos confuse the heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch

Some Apple Watch users with tattoos are having issues with the heart rate monitor, which facilitates a number of functions, including Apple Pay, wrist detection, and other secure features.
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Genius arrested after liking his own wanted ad on Facebook

A man found himself in handcuffs after liking a local Facebook post of his own wanted ad.