Robots have learned to read, so Google has killed CAPTCHAs

Google finally killed the CAPTCHA and is introducing a new security measure called No-CAPTCHA. The new system is easier to use and more mobile friendly. It should also keep robots out of your private info.

13 slick solutions to the biggest Galaxy Note 3 problems

Is Samsung’s big flagship giving you grief? You need our roundup of common Galaxy Note 3 problems, with tips on how to work around or fix them.

A California man was just convicted for posting ‘revenge porn’ of an ex on Facebook

36-year-old Noe Iniguez was found guilty of violating two restraining orders and California's revenge porn law. As a result, he will serve one year in jail, becoming the first person convicted under the law.

Mozilla’s changed its mind, confirms work on Firefox for iPhone and iPad

Mozilla's Firefox Web browser is coming to iOS in the near future. Mozilla executives confirmed its working on a version of Firefox for iOS users, after months of refusing to do so.
Cool Tech

Remember Wall-E? You could film it for real in Amazon’s new fulfillment centers

Amazon announced that 15,000 robots from Kiva Systems will be deployed in 10 fulfillment centers in order to combat the holiday rush. Don't fret, humans: Amazon will also bring aboard 80,000 seasonal workers.

This iPhone case stinks, but in a good way

Ever been in a perfume emergency? Where you really, really needed a quick spray? The AromaCase could be the solution to those frightening situations, as it holds a small amount of your favorite perfume.

Sprint “wins” award for lowest-rated carrier in the United States

Consumer Reports handed Sprint the award for lowest-rated carrier in the United States. Sprint is no stranger to low ratings, as the carrier finished dead last in customer satisfaction last year.

Heads up: This is what Google Glass 2 could look like

A patent filed by Google could have given us our first look at the design for Google Glass 2. The picture shows a more compact, stylish version of the original smart eyewear.

Xiaomi’s on the move: Firm invests in Shine makers Misfit, and may launch a $100 tablet

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi may launch a $100 tablet early next year, in a bid to overtake Samsung in the local market, and catch up with industry leader Apple. The rapidly expanding firm has also invested in Misfit, makers of the Shine…

Bezos comes out fighting for the Fire Phone, calls it a ‘bold bet’

Amazon's Jeff Bezos has described his company's first smartphone as a "bold bet" but one worth taking. He added that the firm hasn't given up on the Fire Phone, which has struggled to sell, though declined to say when a revamped version…

Once impenetrable, Google Maps scales walls of NYC’s Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park is a private park in New York City that is only open to a select few. But thanks to technology and good fortune, one man was able to capture a 360-degree panorama and share it via Google Maps.
Product Review

Nokia Lumia 830 Review

With its last phone ever, Nokia bows out with more of a poof than a boom.