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Twitter cage wars: Sprint and T-Mobile CEOs go head-to-head again

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure is fed up with T-Mobile CEO John Legere's constant insults about Sprint. The two already battled it out on Twitter last month, and round two just started.

The $180 ZTE Warp Elite with Android 5.1 goes toe-to-toe with the Moto G

This morning, ZTE announced the Warp Elite, a smartphone destined for Boost Mobile. Interestingly enough, as far as specifications go, the Warp Elite is almost a dead-ringer for this year's Moto G, even down to the $180 price tag.

The Misfit Speedo Shine is a fitness tracker that’s perfectly at home in or out of the water

Misfit, makers of the Shine and Flash fitness trackers, has teamed up with Speedo to produce what it calls the first wearable that's designed to provide a high level of accuracy when tracking swimming. Best of all, it can be used in and out…

We challenge you not to gag when you hear about the Pick Up Girls smartwatch

The Pick Up Girls smartwatch is the latest product to hit Indiegogo, and it supposedly uses hypnosis and subliminal messages to help guys get better at seducing girls. Yes, of course it does.

RoboKiller app takes top prize in $25,000 anti-robocall contest

Fed up with robocalls? Then with a bit of luck you'll soon be able to make use of RoboKiller, an app that takes care of robocalls using audio-fingerprinting technology that helps to identify the computer-generated calls before killing them…
Health & Fitness

Can a virtual currency make you healthier? The founder of Wellcoin thinks so

Wellcoin is the world's first health currency, which you can accumulate for being healthy, from going for walks to eating the right meals.

Uber’s cautious UberEATS expansion continues with launch in home city

The rollout of Uber's meal-delivery service has hardly been speedy, but it seems the company is keen to stick with it. This week it brought UberEATS to its home city, offering curbside deliveries for around $12 within 10 minutes of placing…

Sprint moves away from subsidized pricing, announces new iPhone leasing plan

Sprint has announced it's moving away from carrier subsidies. As part of the new strategy, it unveiled iPhone Forever, a new smartphone leasing option for new and existing customers.

How to install the Android M (Marshmallow) Developer Preview on your Nexus device

The Android M Developer Preview is now available for Nexus Devices. Flashing a system image can be intimidating and complex, so here's our in-depth guide on how to install the new OS on your device.

Hey Samsung, don’t kill the Galaxy Note for an Edgy gimmick

Samsung shocked the tech world when it announced that the Galaxy Note 5 wouldn't launch worldwide. Instead, Samsung is betting on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with its two curved edges. Here's why Samsung should stick with the Note.

Who wants a s’more? Google finally reveals the name of Android M

The anticipation is over, folks. Google went ahead and announced the next version of Android as Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The final Android 6.0 SDK was released, so developers can make their current apps compatible with the newest APIs.