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Cozy up with Adaptation, Tusk, Louie, and a few other great shows this weekend

How are you going to get through this week? By pulling up your favorite streaming service and queueing the finest films and TV shows available now. Up this week: Louie, Tusk, The Roosevelts, and more.

Dropbox is working on a new note-taking app

Eagle-eyed users have spotted a new app hidden in the Dropbox platform. While nothing is official yet, it looks like the streamlined tool enables you to take notes and store them on the Web.
Product Review

ZTE Grand X Max+ Review

ZTE's Grand X Max+ looks cheap, feels cheap, and at $220, dang is it cheap.

Want to cure your smartphone addiction? Do what this guy did — Use a BlackBerry

In a recent interview, British Labor Party leader and prime ministerial candidate Ed Miliband decided to switch over to BlackBerry from his iPhone. The reason? Limited functionality.

Robbers hope to haul in Samsung Galaxy S6 units, but get stuck with lousy components

The robbery, which occurred in a deserted area in southeastern Delhi, targeted a truck that was on its way to a Samsung factory in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The robbers thought to steal Samsung Galaxy S6 units, but they failed.

HTC One M9 (2015) vs. HTC One M8 (2014): An in-depth comparison

HTC rolled out a new, upgraded model of its flagship smartphone. The HTC One M9 debuted in March, but is it worth the upgrade? Find out here as we compare it with the previous model, the M8.

Turn your paper clutter into digital files with Microsoft’s Office Lens iOS and Android app

Microsoft continues to bring its apps to Android and iOS. The latest to make the OS jump is Office Lens, the mobile document scanner that uses your camera to digitize documents.

Tinder teams up with Bud Light, because of course

Bud Light has teamed up with Tinder to promote the beer brand's "Whatever, USA" contest. This isn't a first for Bud Light, but it is for Tinder -- this is the first time a video ad will appear on the platform.

Uber hires Facebook exec as its first security chief

Uber has brought in Facebook executive Joe Sullivan as its chief security officer. Sullivan will be charged with overseeing the ride-sharing company's cybersecurity efforts, and also help to ensure rider and driver safety.

Drexel University unveils first ever vending machine for iPads

You see vending machines for all sorts of things these days, but Drexel University's new one for iPads is surely a first. The tablets can be borrowed by students and local residents for up to four hours at a time without charge, the…

Snapchat blocks access to all third-party apps in bid to improve security

Snapchat has moved to make its app and associated content more secure by blocking all third-party apps from accessing its data. The change means users will find it more difficult to routinely archive images and videos received by the…

See the exciting HTC One M9+ and its fingerprint sensor ahead of its April launch

HTC could launch a phablet-sized version of the One M9 called the One M9+ soon. Reports say it may be even more powerful that the flagship and sport a sharper screen. The device could arrive this spring.