After sitting out smartphones, Intel will do anything to ride the wearable wave

After embarrassingly stumbling about while ARM and Qualcomm won the smartphone war, Intel has no intention of missing out on the next big trend. It's betting we'll be mad about wearables in the near future, and is taking a scattergun…

Google Fit tracks your steps offline and logs 100 more activities

Google Fit received a big update, which allows for offline step tracking and supports 100 new activities. The app also works on Android Wear now, so users can go exercise with their smartwatch only, while keeping tabs on activity levels.
Android Army

You can now officially download YouTube for Android videos, as long as you’re in Asia

If you live in India, Indonesia, or the Philippines, you can now download YouTube videos to watch later. However, there are some catches, such as a 48-hour time limit and the functionality being region-specific.

Need storage for your Chromecast? Toshiba’s AeroCast Wi-Fi hard drive does that

Toshiba's latest external storage solution is small, elegant, fast and, most of all, compatible with every device you can think of, Chromecast included.

Is Google Glass on the brink of going mainstream, or the brink of failure?

It’s been more than two years since Google unleashed its vision for a wearable future, and it’s clear to see that few of us are ready to join the Glass masses.

Uber’s troubles continue as London woman reports sexual harassment by driver

Uber's troubles don't seem to stop, as a London woman revealed she was sexually harassed by an Uber driver earlier in the year. Uber did not tell the woman what it did with the driver, though he is no longer on the Uber platform.

Vsenn’s modular smartphone will let you swap operating systems

Finnish startup Vsenn, founded by a former Nokia project manager, is producing a modular smartphone to take on Google's Project Ara. It promises owners will be able to upgrade many aspects of the phone, from the screen size to the OS.

Cheeky Amazon forced into launching new, stripped down Android app

After Amazon sneaked its own Android app store into the Play Store, Google changed its policy to force its removal. Amazon has replaced it with a stripped down alternative shopping app.

Amazon launches ‘Surprise!’ e-card app for sending gift cards

In a move set to rescue a number of holiday shoppers who've left things to the very last minute, Amazon has rolled out a new e-card app called 'Surprise!' that lets you quickly and easily send Amazon gift cards to loved ones.

Huawei plays with fire, plans Honor 6 Plus smartphone launch for December 16

Huawei has a new phone to launch next week, and it's almost certain to be called the Honor 6 Plus, and be a larger, more capable version of the recently launched Honor 6. Sound familiar?

Interested in stocks? Robinhood lets you trade for free

Specifically targeting Millennials that are interested in dabbling in the stock market, Robinhood is a new application for the iPhone that lets investors trade stocks without paying a single fee.

Soundcloud for iPhone just got better, allowing users to make playlists on the go

Soundcloud has unveiled a new feature for iOS users, Playlist Creation, allowing users to create and edit playlists from their phones.