Turn your iPad into a professional drawing tablet with Astropad

Two former Apple engineers designed a new app that turns your iPad into a bonafide professional drawing tablet that connects to your Mac and most professional apps. It boasts new technology to make it faster and smoother than ever.

Motorola’s president doesn’t take too kindly to Jony Ive’s criticism of Moto Maker

In response to Apple designer Jony Ive's criticism of Motorola's Moto Maker program, Motorola president Rick Osterloh came out and defended the program while taking a jab at Apple.

A digital dark age may be coming, Google VP warns

Father of the Internet and Google Vice President Vint Cerf issued a warning at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: Print your data before the way to access it digitally becomes outmoded.

Everybody loves T-Mobile: 8.3 million people flocked to the network at the end of 2014

T-Mobile added a whopping 8.3 million new subscribers in 2014. The Uncarrier also turned a much larger profit this past year. CEO John Legere is now calling for fairer spectrum auctions to continue growth.

Does the death of Windows RT cast a shadow on Windows 10?

The legacy of Windows RT continues to haunt Microsoft. The company's newest operating system, Windows 10, is trying a different approach to combining the desktop with mobile, but does it make the same fundamental mistakes?

Google Inbox is an Advil for your pounding email headache

Google has a new kind of email app called Inbox. Previously only for certain phones and the Chrome browser, it's now available for iOS and Android tablets, plus other web browsers. The app makes organizing your email a breeze, but has a few…

Hands on: Windows 10 works beautifully on a phone, but it won’t win over skeptics (yet)

Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. We've tested it out for a few days and seen all the new features. Here are our first impressions of Microsoft's revamped OS.

Now you can give your video Snapchats a soundtrack

Thanks to a new app update, videos created in Snapchat can record the music that's playing on your phone at the same time, giving you the chance to add a soundtrack, or lip-sync along.

Squeeze the Google out of Android and what do you get? Your next smartphone OS.

Which operating system is the latest to try and steal Android's crown as the world's most used mobile OS? Why, it's Android! But not as we know it, and not with Google's involvement if Cyanogen and Microsoft get together.

Samsung acquires mobile payments startup LoopPay, readies for battle with Apple Pay

Samsung announced Wednesday it's agreed to acquire Boston-based startup LoopPay as the Korean tech firm looks to take on Apple, Google, and others in the proximity payments space.
Product Review

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8-inch Review

On a budget? Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 tablets offer incomparable battery and design.
Movies & TV

NBC begins offering live streaming TV via mobile apps

NBC begins offering live, streaming television programming via mobile apps, but only in markets where the network owns the local NBC station.