Social Media

Twitter updates conversations format so that you can actually follow them

Twitter's newest update will make your feed perusal a less harrowing experience - instead of jumping between @mentions and replies, Twitter now streamlines everything into a (gasp!) chronological, readable line of conversation. Check out…

Thinking about texting a friend that’s driving? You may be held liable if it results in a crash

A New Jersey appeals court ruling recently revealed that a remote texter can be held liable in the event that their text causes the recipient to crash. However, the plaintiff has to prove the texter had definitive knowledge that the…

Smithsonian acquires first piece of code with Planetary iPad app

The Smithsonian acquired its first piece of code from an iPad app called Planetary, making it open-source in the hopes that people will use it to create their own unique app experiences.

Better late than never: Flickr iOS app update adds live filters, free premium camera tools

Since Flickr's first major update in May, Yahoo has now given the iOS app a nice refresh complete with new camera tools, live filters, and the ability to customize personal filters if the preset ones don't entice you.

Verizon rumored to have bid $130 billion in latest Vodafone buyout talks

UK network Vodafone has issued a statement confirming it's in talks with Verizon to sell its 45 percent ownership stake back to the U.S. network. A possible bid of $130 billion is being rumored.

A new petition wants to end emoji white-washing

The popular animated emoticon app Emoji is facing charges of racism due to a lack of diversity. A petition to change all that is gaining attention, however.

Bargain Android phones the Dash 5.0, Dash 4.0 Music, and Dash Jr. announced for September

Blu Products has announced three new, highly affordable, Android smartphones: The Dash 5.0, Dash 4.0 Music, and the Dash Jr.. Prices start at just $50 for the Dash Jr., and rise to $130 for the Dash 5.0.

Report claims BlackBerry Q10 sales are a disaster, as company continues to struggle

In the same week as Sprint announced the availability of the BlackBerry Q10, so a report has been published stating consumers haven't shown any interest in the QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry 10 phone.

Google’s Hugo Barra to join China’s Xiaomi Mobile, will oversee global expansion plans

Hugo Barra, Google's Vice President of Android Product Management, has announced he will be leaving the company and joining China's Xiaomi Mobile, where he will be working on the firm's global expansion project.
Home Theater

Recently granted Apple patent could turn your iPhone into a whole-home remote

Apple was recently granted a patent that suggests the iPhone could one day be used as a whole-home, universal remote control, capable of commanding everything from a Blu-ray player to home lighting.