T-Mobile strikes out at Verizon, offers free trial to disillusioned customers

T-Mobile's not happy about Verizon's Never Settle advertising campaign, and has come up with Never Settle For Verizon, a free two-week trial of its own network exclusively for disillusioned Verizon customers.

See this newborn baby’s heartbeat sent out into the world using an Apple Watch

The proud parents of this newborn baby decided to celebrate its arrival into the world, by sending its heart rate out to their family. They did so using the Digital Touch feature on the new Apple Watch.

Is social media on the decline? Twitter, Yelp, and LinkedIn report stagnant user bases

The earnings reports of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp suggest that their user bases are stagnating and failing to grow as quickly as analysts anticipated. The implication is that people just aren't as drawn to social media these days.

Lumia fans, get ready: Microsoft reportedly plans to unveil two flagship phones this year

According to two separate reports, Microsoft's planning to unveil two new flagship Lumia phones later this year. They'll both feature unique hardware and support Windows 10's Continuum feature.
Home Theater

Comcast’s Xfinity Share lets you stream content live to any X1 set-top box

Comcast launched Xfinity Stream today, a new app for Android and iOS that lets cable subscribers live stream to X1 set-top boxes. It has a few caveats, though, chiefly no playback control.

Virginia Tech student faces up to a $2,500 fine for fake school shooting threat on Yik Yak

A 21-year-old Virginia Tech student was arrested for anonymously posting a school shooting threat on Yik Yak. The suspect mentioned "4.16" in the message, referring to 2007's Virginia Tech shooting.

Ubuntu and Windows set to contest desktop/smartphone hybrid market

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has reiterated plans to launch a Ubuntu device that can act as both a smartphone and a desktop computer. The device will have to compete against Windows in the new hybrid space.

Google+ takes on Pinterest with Collections, a new sharing feature

What's next for Google+? And is anyone still using it? The social network seems to have a brand-new feature called Collections, which is reminiscent of Pinterest. Collections began rolling out recently.

FCC Net neutrality update: U.S. Telecoms say reclassification will be ‘crushing’ to industry

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s new Net neutrality proposal aims to reclassify broadband under Title II, end throttling, blocking, and paid prioritization. Here’s what it all means and how it will affect you.
Product Review

Mlais M52 Red Note Review

With this much power for $150, the Mlais M52 defies 'you get what you pay for'

MyFitnessPal’s $10 monthly subscription aims to trim your waistline with more detailed data

Under Armour, following its acquisition of fitness platform MyFitnessPal, is looking to boost return on investment. It's launching a paid subscription tier for "power users," which costs $10 a month or $50 a year.

Apple accused of pressuring labels to remove music from Spotify

Apple's reportedly pressuring labels to remove their content from ad-supported, free services like Spotify and YouTube. That's attracted the attention of the Department of Justice.