The Galaxy S5 avoids being labeled a medical device, despite built-in heart rate sensor

The Galaxy S5, which is equipped with a heart rate monitor, has avoided being classed as a medical device in South Korea, ensuring it won't require additional approval before going on sale next month.

Another Flickr redesign on the way – slicker and waves bye-bye to Yahoo toolbar

Less than a year after it had a major makeover, Flickr looks set for another redesign in the coming weeks, bringing with it a slicker interface and emphasized sharing options. The much-criticized Yahoo toolbar will reportedly be dumped…

Gimmick or next big thing? The verdict is still out on curved phones

Samsung and LG both have curved phones out now, but is it a return to better ergonomics in phones, or a useless trick meant to merely set the phones apart?
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Google Maps for Android gets new ‘events listing’ feature

Google recently rolled out a new feature for its Android Maps app that adds information on forthcoming events for venues around town, making it easier than ever to plan a night, or day, out.
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Awesome tech you can’t buy yet, for the week of March 16, 2014

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!
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Misfit Shine Review

Misfit Shine review.

Get past the gimmicks and gaze upon the future of augmented reality apps

Some new academic research has offered up potential solutions to the barriers currently holding augmented reality back from the mobile mainstream. Could truly useful and compelling AR apps be on the horizon? We decided to take a closer…

Europe voted in favor of universal mobile device chargers: What will Apple do?

Members of the English Parliament gave approval to a draft law that would bring forth a universal charger for mobile devices. The draft law is now expected to gain final approval from Europe's council of ministers.

Give ’em a chance! This Google Glass competitor has 14 hours left to raise $200 grand

Dubbed the first augmented reality consumer wireless eyewear, the Laster SeeThru wants to put Google Glass to shame by using AR information overlays. But it's time on Kickstarter is running out.

Samsung readies a new Galaxy Beam phone/projector hybrid

Samsung's first Galaxy Beam — the phone that also had a tiny projector built into it — didn't sell particularly well, but the company is back for a second go according to a listing in China.
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Google tightens up Android’s in-app purchase process

Good news if you're concerned about your kids running up a huge bill on the Play Store: Google has added a new option to prompt for a password every time a purchase is made, after a fresh lawsuit.