Instagram user base breezes past 300m mark, overtakes Twitter

Instagram just keeps on growing – the Facebook owned media-sharing service said Wednesday its user base now stands at 300 million, leaving Twitter, with its 284 million users, in the dust.

Google forced to close Google News Spain after licensing fee hassle

Google's rough year in Europe continues. The Web giant said Wednesday it's been forced to shutter its Google News operation in Spain following the government's decision to introduce a new law forcing it to pay a licensing fee for story…

Portland is keeping it weird by keeping Uber out, so we took an illegal ride

Last night, I took an illegal Uber X trip. If we were caught, the driver could have been written a ticket with a minimum of $2250, and risked having his car impounded and spending a night in jail.

Google makes official its ‘mobile-friendly’ label for search

Google search results on smartphones and tablets now include 'mobile-friendly' labels where appropriate, allowing users to know in advance what kind of website experience they're in for should they tap on the link

Rumor says HTC’s over smartwatches, has plans for a different kind of wearable

According to a new report, HTC will show its first wearable device at CES 2015, but it won't be a smartwatch. Instead, it'll apparently be something different to anything else on sale.

If you live in Iowa, you can now use a smartphone as your driver’s license

Moving closer to a world where carrying a wallet or purse will be a thing of the past, Iowa residents will soon be able to ditch their driver's license in favor of a digital version within a smartphone application.

Meet Gyro Skate, the $2 cause of your smartphone’s untimely demise

Gyro Skate, originally an iOS app, is an Android app that uses your phone's gyro sensor to perform flips and swings. Of course, the risk of your phone meeting its untimely end is pretty high.

Google’s quirky Cardboard VR viewer now has its own corner of the Play Store

Remember Cardboard -- The quirky VR viewer Google revealed earlier this year? It has received its first update, which includes a dedicated app, a Collections page inside the Play Store, plus new tools for developers.

You’ll be able to piece your own phone together using Google’s Project Ara store

Google plans to sell components for its Project Ara modular smartphone through a Google Play Store-like marketplace. The website will allow users to browse through batteries, screens, processors, and much more.

Bring your written articles to life (and make some money) with Umano’s new service

Umano, the service that narrates news and articles from the Web, launches Umano for Writers, a new service that lets authors narrate their written content. The free service also provides a revenue stream to writers.

T-Mobile introduces new unlimited $100 data family plan

T-Mobile announced a new two-line family plan that, for $100 per month, nets you unlimited call, text, and data. For those who don't mind data caps, however, T-Mobile also revived its $100 10GB plan for four lines of service.

Nokia’s Here Maps is here now for Android, here next year for iOS

Nokia's Here Maps is now available on all Android devices from the Google Play Store. Most of Here Maps' best features, such as voice-guided navigation and real-time traffic reports are available. The map app is slated to arrive on iOS in…