Can’t find your ex? Just divorce him over Facebook, a NYC judge rules

Ellanora Baidoo, a 26-year old nurse living in Brooklyn, was given approval to start dissolving her marriage through social networking because her absentee husband refused to receive divorce documents in person.

ZTE’s Blade S6 Plus is cheap at just $300, but it’s got great mid-range specs and a swanky design

ZTE made a phablet-sized Blade S6 Plus with a 5.5-inch screen and mid-range specs to sell around the world on eBay. The Chinese smartphone maker packed most of the same specs into the device as were seen on the original Blade S6.
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John Oliver and Edward Snowden explain how the NSA collects pics of our junk

John Oliver interviewed NSA leaker Edward Snowden about the most important issue of our day: Whether or not the federal government can see out naughty nude photos, and what the feds do with all those pictures.

T-Mobile drops the Sony Xperia Z3 after less than six months

Though the company has yet to make it official, a tweet from T-Mobile indicates that it is no longer selling the Sony Xperia Z3. This comes less than six months after the phone's initial release.

Sick of Yelp reviews? Apple Maps now returns TripAdvisor and reviews too

While Apple Maps still doesn’t have nearly as many features as Google Maps, it's starting to catch up. Though not yet formally acknowledged, the service now seems to be returning reviews from TripAdvisor and
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Vine for Windows Phone gets long-awaited update, brings editing, messaging, and loop counts

It's been so long since Vine for Windows Phone got an update that users may well have resigned themselves to the idea that they'd forever be ignored. But there's good news: the Twitter-owned startup has just blown off the dust and rolled…

Here are the 5 apps you need to download this week

There are hundreds of new apps released every week, making it impossible to try them all, even if you can search them out in our ever more crowded app stores. To make life easier, we've gathered our favorites together in a handy list…

What will the Surface Pro 4 be like? We put 10 rumors to the test

Rumors have begun to swirl around the Surface Pro 4. Could it include a retina-quality display, 16GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, Intel Core M, and Windows 10? We take a close look at the rumors and find out what's real, what's possible, and…

Early Apple Pay problems could put off users, says survey

Getting into mobile payments isn't easy, as Apple is discovering. Nearly half of those who've tried out Apple Pay say they've experienced some kind of problem, according to a survey.

Should you shell out for an extended warranty? We ask an expert

When buying consumer electronics should you consider paying out for an extended warranty? We asked an expert about what devices, if any, are worth getting coverage for, and what you can expect for your money.
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You'll throw away your Beats by Dre when you win these Crossfade M-100

We're giving away one of our favorite pairs of headphones, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100. If you're looking for a great-sounding set of headphones, enter our contest for your chance to win.

Stay ahead of the curve with these 11 tips and tricks for LG’s G Flex 2

The LG G Flex 2 is available now and sports a vastly improved design and hardware. We round up 11 of the most useful tricks and tips for the LG G Flex 2.