ASUS Book T100 Chi now available for pre-order at $399

If you are in the market for the world's thinnest dockable 2-in-1 laptop, then Asus' new T100 Chi could be what you're looking for - as long as you don't need top-tier performance.
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HTC One M9 Review

Its metal edge dulled, HTC's One M9 snags where sharper competitors slice.

RadioShack wants to sell customer data to the highest bidder, and many people are very upset

As part of its bankruptcy process, RadioShack revealed it will auction off the data of its 117 million customers. As you can probably imagine, not everyone is on board with the idea.

BlackBerry surprises Wall Street with a record profit for the fourth quarter

During its conference call, BlackBerry surprised Wall Street by announcing it recorded a net and quarterly profit. Unfortunately, the company's revenue fell below last year's and below analyst expectations.

T-Mobile’s new coverage map will let you know if your address is covered

T-Mobile wants customers to know how good its coverage is where they live, so it created a map, which it will update twice a month, showing what kind of coverage you can expect in any given area.

The HTC One E9+ is better than the One M9, except when it isn’t

HTC has quietly revealed the One E9 Plus, a slightly confusing blend of Desire-style body and M9-beating screen technology. Currently, it has only been announced for China, and may be the first in a series of new HTC phones coming in the…

Musical glitterati back Jay Z’s Spotify rival on Twitter with #Tidal4All

Big-name musical stars on Twitter are backing #Tidal4All, a trending topic designed to promote Jay Z's newly relaunching Tidal music service, which costs $20 per month for lossless audio streaming.

More goofy than Google Glass, Sony’s SmartEyeGlass specs are now yours for $840

Sony has just launched the developer edition of its Glass-like SmartEyeglass specs, though with its attention-grabbing looks (not in a good way) and hefty $840 price tag, the company may need to accompany the gadget with some convincing…

Fingerprints were just the start: 5 futuristic ways your phone may identify you

Swipe to unlock is so old-fashioned these days. Although fingerprint sensors are very popular on high-end smartphones, there are many other new ways to unlock your smartphone. Here are the best ones we've tried in real life.

The Windows Store is slowly improving, but after almost three years shouldn't it be better?

The Windows app Store has been a mess. Visually, the re-designed Store (beta) is an improvement and Microsoft is creating the conditions for better apps. Microsoft apparently listened to feedback Will developers listen up, too?
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These are the five apps you need to download this week

There are hundreds of new apps released every week, making it impossible to try them all, even if you can search them out in our ever more crowded app stores. To make life easier, we've gathered our favorites together in a handy list…
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Motorola Droid Turbo Review

Left to flounder, Motorola’s flagship Droid Turbo has grown stale.