Is an iPhone worth as much as a house? It is in Detroit

How much is an iPhone 6 worth? To an Austrian man who is trying to ditch a property in Detroit, it's worth a two-story house. He's still accepting offers, so place your bids while you can.

Here Maps comes to Galaxy Android phones, thanks to exclusive Samsung deal (Updated)

Nokia-owned Here Maps has signed an exclusive deal with Samsung, seeing its navigation app come to Android for the first time. However, it'll only be compatible with certain Galaxy smartphones, and the new Gear S smartwatch.

There are officially more mobile devices than people in the world

If data produced by the GSMA is correct, then there are now more mobile connections than people in the world. Although the population isn't far behind, global smartphone shipments have already broken another record in 2014.

Google launches free iOS app for news junkies

If you're an iPhone-owning news junkie, you probably won't be able to resist downloading Google's free 'News & Weather' app, launched by the Web giant on Tuesday.
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Study: U.S. teens abandon Facebook and cling to iPhones

With approximately $2,700 to spend on clothing, electronics and other items this year, U.S. teens are flocking to the Apple store for new iPhones while ignoring Mom and Dad's friend request on Facebook.
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BlackBerry Passport Review

BlackBerry's Passport reestablishes its reputation as a maker of tools, not toys.
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Neptune Pine Review

Yes, we really had to wear this in public to review it for you.

HTC’s low-cost Desire 612 hits Verizon on October 9 for $0 down

Verizon announced that the HTC Desire 612, a slightly redressed version of AT&T's Desire 610, will be available for purchase on October 9 for $0 on-contract. No word on how much it costs off-contract.

Top 10 tweets from the iPhone 6 #Hairgate Scandal

Owners of the new iPhone 6 are now complaining about #Hairgate and #Beardgate. It's turned into a big joke on Twitter. Here are the best tweets we found.

Plastc wants to replace your wallet with one high-tech card

A high-tech credit card called Plastc aims to replace all the cards in your wallet. The card has an E-Ink screen, long battery life, and can store up to 20 cards.

Samsung and AT&T try to prove flip phones aren’t dead with the Rugby 4

AT&T announced that the Samsung Rugby 4, the latest iteration in the South Korean company's flip phone series, will be available on October 10. Read on to learn more about the handset.
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Sharp’s Free Form LCDs break out of the box to fit in car dashboards, smartwatches, and more

Sharp has developed a prototype for what it's calling "a revolutionary advance over the conventional display shape." The company's Free-Form LCD display can be shaped into new designs, aimed at car dashboards, and a variety of other…