Angry Birds maker lays off 40 percent of its staff

Rovio, the embattled developer of Angry Birds and other mobile titles, announced plans to lay off nearly 40 percent of its workforce as part of "restructuring." The company says it'll refocus on games, media, and consumer products.

Coin gets NFC compatibility, slims down, and improves on the original

Coin updated its all-in-one card, Coin 2.0, by adding NFC tap-to-pay functionality, as well as a better display and thinner profile. Most importantly, Coin 2.0 comes with an improved electronic stripe.

Facebook launches M, a virtual assistant with a human element

Google Now, Siri, and Cortana better watch their backs because there is a new sheriff in town. Facebook's M aims to be the best virtual assistant by combining artificial intelligence and actual human beings.

Wileyfox brings Cyanogen to two mid-range phones for a great price

UK startup Wileyfox has announced two new smartphones running the popular Cyanogen 12.1 ROM, named the Storm and Swift. Both will be available for under $350 and come with premium specifications.

This app can help you find your lost dog, or return a lost dog to its owner

Posting found or lost dogs on Facebook only goes so far. The Finding Rover app is designed to recognize your pet's face and search shelter networks for Fido's familiar face.

Lenovo plans to hand the reigns of its phone business over to Motorola

Lenovo might be planning to merge its own mobile division into Motorola, allowing the executives of its subsidiary, which it acquired in January 2014, to call the shots in the mobile market.

Not so secure after all — Android Lock Patterns are just as easy to crack as passwords

They might seem trickier, what with their dots and lines and patterns, but as it turns out, the lock codes familiar to Android users are just as easy to crack as the alphanumeric ones used by iPhone devotees.

Did Sony just tease the Xperia Z5 on Twitter?

It appears Sony may be continuing its awkward bi-yearly flagship smartphone launch schedule, if a new tweet hinting at the Xperia Z5 coming to IFA 2015 is to be believed. The company will reveal all during the IFA tech show next week.
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Cheap doesn’t have to mean dull, just look at this colorful smartphone from China

This cute, colorful smartphone comes from China and is surprisingly cheap at the equivalent of $140, proving low-cost doesn't have to mean dull and boring, plus it still has a strong specification.

New iOS app tells you when you’re productive

Struggling to understand when you're at your most productive? It may be down to your mood, and this new app will help you understand if how you're feeling during the day, impacts your effectiveness at work.

Verizon’s Hum gives your old car a new brain

Hum, a little Verizon gizmo with a friendly name, brings the safety and diagnostic capabilities of a brand-new car to models that have already been on the road for nearly two decades.