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This university will let you pay tuition in Bitcoin

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus has become the first higher education institution in the world to accept Bitcoin, the popular digital currency, as payment for tuition. But is it a good deal, or a fool's move?

Qualcomm targets your 2014 superphone with its new, faster Snapdragon 805 chip

Qualcomm has announced the successor to its highly popular Snapdragon 800 processor. Named the Snapdragon 805, it promises to be even faster and provide considerably improved graphics.
Android Army

Google Translate for Android updated for easier conversations, and more

If you're a frequent traveler to foreign climes or simply have an interest in the world's rich array of languages, you might already be using Google Translate. And if you're using it on an Android device, there's an update waiting for you.

Santa won’t be delivering many smartwatches this year, say researchers

The smartwatch may still be grabbing headlines, but according to market analysts, it hasn't grabbed the public's imagination, and therefore won't be topping many Christmas lists this year.

Southwest wants you online all the time, will soon offer gate-to-gate Wi-Fi for passengers

Southwest Airlines is expected to introduced gate-to-gate Wi-Fi connectivity on many of its flights, enabling passengers to stay online at all times.

Apple’s location-sensing iBeacon tech comes to Macy’s, offers discounts and more

Apple has said little about its location-sensing iBeacon tech since introducing it a few months back, but one company has already started testing it at Macy's as a way of offering smartphone-equipped shoppers discounts and more when they…

Instagram finally arrives for Windows Phone … with half the features missing

Instagram is finally here for Windows Phone owners. Unfortunately, it's still missing some key features, including video, tagging, and the ability to shoot photos through the app.
Home Theater

DirecTV plays catchup, expands mobile viewing and Android app

DIRECTV announced today an expansion of its DIRECTV Everywhere service, offering over 30 channels available for viewing over smartphones and tablets, as well as bolstering its on demand content on, and upgrading its Android app…

Take that selfie in the dark! Night vision is coming to smartphones

PSY Corporation will start a crowdfunding campaign tomorrow in hopes of raising $60,000 to bring a night vision accessory, the Snooperscope, to mobile devices. We're not really sure this is going to draw the interest they want.
Cool Tech

Think Google Glass is cool? These X-ray specs can see through your skin

Move over, Google Glass. Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses enable nurses (or any other user) to clearly see the veins beneath your skin, and choose the “best” vein for whatever reason a nurse might need to stick you with a needle

This app can mix music while you mix drinks, and proves augmented reality can be fun

Augmented reality apps on phones have never quite lived up to the hype, but after playing around with AR Mixer, created by mobile marketers Somo Global, the genre could be about to undergo a renaissance.