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Facebook enables 360-degree video for iOS and Gear VR

Facebook has enabled 360-degree video support for iOS and, for those ambitious enough to adopt virtual reality early, Samsung's Gear VR. Only a few select content producers can upload 360-degree video at this time.

Lenovo plans to enter U.S. mobile market next year, reports poor sales in China

Lenovo has reported its first quarterly loss in six years, but investors aren't worried, with revenue higher than expected and a strong future outlook. The company plans to enter the European and U.S. mobile market in 2016.

Double up on your home screen with the new Firefox OS 2.5 Android app

Although Firefox OS never have caught on as much as the Mozilla Foundation might have liked, its new Firefox OS 2.5 could make some little waves in the Android developer scene, with a new app that lets it function as an alternate home…

Partnership places live music company Songkick in the Spotify spotlight

Spotify has partnered with concert discovery company Songkick on a new Concerts feature, which utilizes a user's location and music taste to create a personalized list of the best shows nearby.

Airbnb changes its tune, might help cities with housing crisis ban multiple listings

Airbnb has changed its position on offering information on hosts to city leaders, announcing a new system for cataloging rates, income, and other expenses. It may even start banning multiple listings in cities with a housing shortage.

BlaBlaCar is France’s only unicorn, and it’s part ridesharing app part carpooling platform

Uttering the word "Uber" in France may be about as offensive as speaking English, but another ridesharing app has won over French hearts (or at least, French investors). Meet BlaBlaCar, an app that's more carpooling than taxi service.

Keep your iPhone 6 pristine with these 5 screen protectors

One of the most exciting things about the iPhone 6 is the bigger, bolder display. Check out our roundup of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 6, whether you prefer a basic film offering or one made of tempered glass.

Uber is now using TomTom digital maps in its smartphone apps

Uber and TomTom just got into bed together. On Thursday, the transportation giant signed a deal with the Dutch mapping company, allowing Uber to license TomTom’s mapping and traffic management services.

Leaked BlackBerry Vienna sports all-metal design, keyboard, Android

BlackBerry's second Android phone could be coming sooner than we expected, with new leaks showing an always-present physical keyboard and all-metal slab design on the phone codenamed BlackBerry Vienna.

Developer behind malware app InstaAgent says there’s nothing to worry about

A third-party Instagram app promising to show who's viewing your profile has been exposed as malware. The app, InstaAgent, steals the supplied login data and sends it to a server, then may attempt to post pictures to your account.

Watchphones are coming: Google updates Android Wear with cellular connectivity

Google has updated the Android Wear platform to include cellular connectivity, meaning the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition launch should happen very soon, and more watchphones will follow afterwards.

Thinking about Tinder? With its latest updates, now’s the perfect time

On Wednesday, Tinder released a number of product updates and improvements, among which are job and education information on profiles and an improved messaging experience. These features "were the two most popular requests from users."