Digital downloads could jump significantly in UK as government seeks to close tax loophole

Digital downloads could be set for a price rise in the UK. Up to now, companies like Apple have been able to sell content through other countries where sales tax can be as low as 3 percent. A new law would force it to pay the UK's 20…

BlackBerry reaches deal to sell big chunk of its Canadian real estate

BlackBerry has struck a deal to sell the majority of its real estate holdings in Canada, though added it's committed to keeping its Waterloo, Ontario headquarters. The sale is intended to help the struggling firm "enhance its financial…

Wendy’s now lets you pay with your mobile

Get hold of the official iOS or Android app for Wendy's and you can now roll up to most of the burger chain's restaurants and pay using your phone. Both Burger King and McDonald's have similar schemes planned.

Best Food & Drink apps for Android and iOS

Let's face it, not everyone can channel Wolfgang Puck without at least a little help. Check out our selection of the best food and drink apps for Android and iOS, so you can cook a balanced meal, mix the perfect drink, and the find the best…

Ditch that tape measure; You can make floor plans by tapping your iPhone on the walls

RoomScan is one of those apps that seemingly works through magic. By simply holding it on every wall in a room, it can draw up a surprisingly detailed floor plan without any other input from the user

AT&T plans to give away the new HTC One

AT&T will be giving away one free new HTC device a day for the next five days. We have absolutely no idea what that device could possibly be. Spoiler: it's the All New HTC One.

22 easy ways to get more out of your Nexus 5

Everyone loves tips right? Well, here are some Nexus 5 tips and tricks to ensure you are enjoying your KitKat-toting Android smartphone as much as you should be.

GoodFor app is like sending a Snapchat with a promise

You know those novelty coupon books you can buy at the convenience store? GoodFor allows you to make your own, customized with photos and text of your choosing. That means you won't have to get roped into giving a massage when you don't…
Mobile adds Drafts update for juggling canvases

Drawing app has been updated to include a Drafts feature, allowing artists to keep an upward of 180 drawing canvases going at the same time. with Drafts is available now for free.

Beats Music on the slow path: About 28,000 people sign up in first month

According to sources, in its first month of availability, 1,000 paid subscribers a day signed up for Beats Music. While that doesn't sound like a lot, keep in mind that it encountered several issues due to high volume.