Jon Stewart launches $10 billion fake Kickstarter to purchase CNN

In light of a recent report detailing Fox's failed bid for Time Warner Cable, and Fox's willingness to dump CNN had it been successful in the bid, Jon Stewart launched a fake Kickstarter campaign to purchase CNN.
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Grace Digital’s new Ecostone speaker helps you rock out while you ride the rapids

We've seen floating speakers before, but Grace Digital's Ecostone appears to be far from a one-trick pony. Ecoxgear, Grace Digital's outdoors-focused arm, began shipping the versatile Bluetooth speaker yesterday at a price-point of $150.

Why that iOS ‘backdoor’ isn’t really a threat unless Big Brother is after you

Forensic scientist and iOS hacker Jonathan Zdziarski revealed what appears to be a backdoor in iOS. The backdoor could be used by hackers or the NSA to spy on iOS users, but is it really a danger to you?

Newly acquired Apple patent shows how 3D photography could work in iPhone

Apple has recently acquired a patent for a 3D photography technology that could easily be implemented as an iPhone app. The technology requires the use of just a single lens, and no glasses are needed to view a 3D image.

OS X Yosemite public beta could arrive sometime this month (Updated)

Though Yosemite isn't due out until sometime this fall, the public could get a good look at it pretty soon in the form of a public beta.

How to sign up for the Apple OS X Yosemite beta, set to launch this summer (Updated)

Apple announced a beta program at WWDC 14 that will allow you to test out OS X Yosemite months before it's released. Here's how to sign up for the chance to do just that.

Microsoft confirms that the Surface Mini is dead

We've been hearing about Microsoft's supposed plans to launch a smaller version of its Surface tablet, tentatively named the Surface Mini, for some time. Here's everything we think we know about the device so far.

10 annoying issues with the Sony Xperia Z2, and how to fix them

Run into an issue with your Xperia Z2? Don’t worry we have some potential solutions and workarounds for you right here. Join us for a look at the most common Xperia Z2 problems and advice on how to deal with them.

Fleksy revamps Android keyboard app and tells us about iOS 8 plans

Fleksy added several new keyboard themes to its app. The company also said that it plans to offer premium emoji in the future and talked briefly about iOS 8.

Microsoft’s CEO says Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox will become one

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has talked about the company's plan to bring Windows, Windows Phone, and the Xbox platform together, enabling developers to write universal apps which work across all screen sizes.

The LG G3’s QuickCircle case gets its first game, and the idea is to pop puppy heads

LG has released a match-three game designed to be played on the new G3 smartphone, but rather than use the big Quad HD screen, Puppy Pop is played through the QuickCircle folder case's round window.
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Huawei Ascend P7 Review

Huawei Ascend P7 review.