Cool Tech

10,000 Google Cardboard headsets handed out to fans during the Patriots’ practice

Google, Bank of America, and Visa have teamed up with the New England Patriots to give away 10,000 Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. Fans are taken virtually from the training room to…

Clean Cube picks up and delivers your laundry using Internet-connected lockers

There are lots of laundry-delivery services in New York, but Clean Cube wants to differentiate itself by offering secured lockers for your laundry once its employees drop off your cleaned duds.
Android Army

Report: Smartphone market will see smallest growth on record in 2015

Smartphone shipments will slow to single-digit growth in 2015, driven by sluggish growth in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Western Europe; and lowered expectations for Windows Phone shipments.

Weekly Rewind: How to live longer, Game of Thrones teaser, Zuck’s fortune, and more

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…

The Digno Rafre is the world’s first washable smartphone 0:55

Japanese company Kyocera is set up to sell the Digno Rafre, the world's first soap-proof smartphone that you can rinse at the end of the day, because you're not the only thing in your life that needs a shower when all is said and…

5 apps to download this week: Yahoo Messenger, Ink Cards, and more

Finding a new app can be a hassle. So we've got you covered on the best apps to try this week, ranging from Yahoo's revamped messaging app, Adobe's Android video editing app, to Google's Arts and Culture app.
Health & Fitness

New MotusPro tracking lab could change the way baseball players train

MotusGlobal, famous for saving pitcher's arms with the mThrow, today announced a full body tracking system for baseball players called the MotusPro. Sensors fitted to a shirt, gloves, and shoes track millions of data points per movement for…

T-Mobile is now America’s best wireless carrier (of the big four, at least)

Verizon, move over. It's T-Mobile's turn. The results from this year's Consumer Reports are in, in the fifth iteration of the nationwide survey, it's John Legere's pink-fueled mobile carrier that has been rated the best in the country.

Nextdoor Now finds neighbors to do your chores or babysit the kids

A new service from Nextdoor, Nextdoor Now, lets you find neighbors to babysit, walk your dog, or help you put together furniture. Everyone using the service has to verify their address, so you know they live in your 'hood.

New survey on screen size preference fuels smaller iPhone 6C rumors

Do you still prefer a smaller smartphone? You're not alone. A new survey reveals that 20 percent of consumers think 4 inches is the sweet spot. Now we know why Apple might be considering an iPhone 6C.

Take business calls in the shower with Kyocera’s washable smartphone 2:03

Kyocera's new Digno Rafre smartphone is not only waterproof, but it's actually designed so users can wash it with soap and water. The phone recently debuted in Japan, but it's unlikely to come to the U.S. any time soon.