The next version of Google Glass may have an Intel chip inside

A new report says Google could have struck a deal with Intel to power a future version of Google Glass. Intel may promote the new specs, apparently due for release in 2015, to businesses.

Samsung’s mobile chief remains in role despite falling smartphone sales

Following its annual management shuffle, Samsung has chosen to stick with JK Shin as its mobile chief. The decision is a show of confidence in the executive despite growing pressure on sales of Samsung smartphones, including its flagship…

Apple offers up more details on next year’s Apple Watch

Keen to get the very latest official word on the Apple Watch? The Cupertino company has updated its official site to offer up a more detailed look of how the wearable's software works.

Nintendo files patent to bring classic Game Boy games to smartphones and airline seats

In late June, Nintendo filed a patent that opens the door to bringing classic Game Boy games to smartphones, the backs of airline and train seats, and (should anyone still use them) personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Report says nearly 30% of Black Friday online sales came from smartphones and tablets

Adobe's latest data shows that nearly 1 in 3 online purchases on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday happened on smartphones and tablets. Thanksgiving Day sales hit $1.3 billion this year, while Black Friday sales hit $2.4 billion.

Are your earbuds making you deaf? 1964Adel says yes, so it created a solution

Are your favorite earbuds making you deaf? 1964Adel thinks they are, and the company has crafted a new form of headphone technology to combat the problem, comprised of 4 different series for nearly every kind of listener.

Get the OnePlus One without an invite this weekend

There are  around this holiday weekend than you could ever hope to take advantage of in the limited time available, but this one is particularly enticing for those of you interested in getting the latest technology on a budget: The OnePlus…

“Affluent” iOS users spent more over Thanksgiving than Android users

iOS user? Android fan? If you fall into the former camp then statistically speaking you spent about 25 percent more on each purchase than people on Google-powered devices over the holiday.

Easily settle your debts with these 9 money sending applications

Safely and securely send money to your friends and family with these nine great money sending applications.
Home Theater

AV receiver apps for smartphones and tablets will make you look like a home theater wizard

The most popular network AVR apps can turn a smartphone or tablet into a remote control, sure, but did you know they can do far more? We cover some of the coolest of those functions right here.

Cha-ching: The cash register of the future is faster, smarter, and goes anywhere

In the future, you’ll pay for beer with an app on your phone and buy shoes with the single tap against a payment terminal just like this. Welcome to the future of paying.