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Windows Phone 8 update coming in December to squash irritating restart bug

Microsoft says it has identified the cause of an annoying Windows Phone 8 bug, which causes some phones to randomly reboot, and will be issuing an over-the-air fix in December.


Android and iOS to surpass BlackBerry as top enterprise devices for the first time

For the first time, iOS and Android may surpass BlackBerry as the top smartphone choice for enterprise consumers, according to a report from the IDC.


Foxconn linked to Amazon and Microsoft smartphones again, mid-2013 release targeted

Foxconn has again been linked with Amazon and Microsoft's future own-brand smartphone plans, with the Chinese manufacturer said to be preparing devices for both companies, ready for a mid-2013 release date.


iPad falling: Apple holds lead in tablets but market share dented by Android rivals

New data from research firm ABI shows Apple's share of the tablet market dropped by 14 percent in the third quarter, with Android-powered rivals making gains.


Samsung Galaxy Axiom launches on US Cellular, has S3 Mini design with LTE for $80

The Samsung Galaxy Axiom is the latest Android phone to launch on U.S. Cellular, and although it bears a distinct resemblance to the Galaxy S3 Mini, there are some subtle alterations internally.


How’s your Surface? Microsoft launches owner feedback program

Keen to learn what it's done wrong and what it's done right with its first attempt at a tablet, Microsoft is inviting Surface owners to enroll in a feedback program.


iPhone being bought ‘in droves’ by businesses as BB10 waits to launch

IDC Research reported this week that businesses are buying Apple's iPhone "in droves" as the BlackBerry – once the smartphone of choice for enterpise customers – waits for its BB10 refresh.

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Droid Razr M now only $50 at Verizon with two-year contract

Verizon is now offering Motorola's Droid Razr M for $50 as part of a holiday promotion. Be sure to check it out. It's one of our favorite handsets on the market.

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How stolen phone blacklists will tamp down on crime, and what to do in the mean time

Smartphone theft is on the rise – and often violent. How can consumers protect themselves, and why isn't there a national stolen phone blacklist?

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Hands on: 365Scores tries to unseat the champ, but falls short of ESPN

Sports is always full of showdowns between top contenders and underdogs looking for an upset. 365Scores aims to play David to ESPN's Goliath, but seems to have forgotten its slingshot. A great option for soccer fans, but there's too much missing for American…


Apple fires manager in charge of iOS 6 Maps app

The manager responsible for Apple's map app that launched with iOS 6 in September has been fired from the company.


Memoto lifelogging camera breaks funding goal, but it’s back for more

Swedish startup Memoto exceeds its Kickstarter funding goal for its lifelogging camera, but now it hopes to raise more money to create additional accessories.


Google issues Android 4.2.1 update, December apocalypse is back on!

Google is re-adding the month of December to Android 4.2, which rolls out to Nexus devices today. If you're born in December, rejoice. Your month of birth is back while the entire world is resumes the countdown to world's end on December 21, 2012.

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Windows 8 app store has 20K apps, but revenue is a different story

Unfortunately for the Windows Store, a high volume of downloads does not mean more money, and Apple is still trouncing Microsoft in terms of app revenue.


Independent iBook textbook platforms like School Yourself thriving despite the “Big Three” publishers

Apple has democratized textbook publishing, enabling indie publishers like School Yourself to offer interactive iBook textbooks for the iPad, despite the "Big Three" publishers that dominate the textbook market.