Premium Omate X smartwatch works with iOS and Android

Omate hopes to attract buyers with its premium Omate X smartwatch, which it will sell for a budget price. The Omate X is slim and features a leather strap.
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12-day marathon of every Simpsons episode ever created begins today on FXX

The Fox-owned network kicks off a 12-day marathon of every episode of The Simpsons ever made today, which will set the record for television marathons.

Vine update allowing users to import video clips marks big change for service

The look and feel of Vine could be about to change after the short-video service on Wednesday announced iOS users can now import videos from other apps, with new editing tools also added. The update is coming to Android later.
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Prepare to get annoyed: Flappy Bird follow-up Swing Copters is now on Android and iOS

Flappy Bird follow-up Swing Copters launched Wednesday night, ensuring that for many mobile gamers the immediate future will consist mostly of colorful expletives, gritted teeth, and eye-popping frustration.

5 ways Amazon can make the next Fire Phone burn brighter

Amazon has steadily improving the content and services for its devices over the years -- don't count them out in the smartphone space just yet. Here are a few things Amazon could do to make the next Fire phone burn brighter.
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Latest Glass update offers improved contact management and more control over messaging

Google is continuing to tweak its Glass software in response to feedback from its army of Explorer testers, on Thursday announcing yet another update bringing new features. However, there's still no word on when the device will go on…

LG’s new L Bello and L Fino smartphones steal the G3’s looks, but ignore its specs

LG has pre-launched the L Bello and L Fino smartphones, a pair of mid-range devices which share the G3's looks and its new Android user interface, ahead of the IFA tech show in Berlin.

10 crazy Android devices that make your phone look boring, from fridges to bikes

Android has grown to dominate smartphones and tablets, but it's not content to stop there. There's a new invasion afoot as Android enters the kitchen, the car, and a few other unlikely places.

Theater tests system that displays audience texts on the big screen

Likely incredibly distracting when watching a film, a group of movie theaters is testing a system that allows audience members to send real-time comments about a movie to be displayed on the theater screen.

Samsung to cough up $2.3 million for lying to U.S. government

Samsung has reached a settlement with the Justice Department. The settlement, priced at $2.3 million, is a result of Samsung lying to the U.S. government about where its products were manufactured.
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Brazil Prosecutor wants Apple and Google to remove ‘Secret’ from app stores and devices

A Brazilian prosecutor is pushing for Google and Apple to not only remove the Secret app from their app stores, but also from devices that have the app installed. Cyberbulling and harassment were cited as reasons.