Windows 10 can almost run Android and iPhone apps

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will make it possible for developers to port their Android apps to Windows. Instead of using software emulation, these apps will be integrated into Windows, giving them access to Windows features.

Microsoft Office will soon work with other apps, like Uber

Microsoft have announced support for third party add-ins in their Office suite as part of this morning's BUILD keynote.

Will Apple bring a human touch to future navigation systems?

Apple recently filed a patent application for a "humanized" navigation system, intended to make directions easier understand. The proposed system would use visual descriptions to guide drivers.

Tech fail! Pilots iPad crash delays two dozen American Airlines flights

A dozen American Airlines flights were delayed by software bug on several pilots' iPads. The airline informed passengers of the issue. A few years ago, the airline replaced the pilots' heavy cockpit bags with iPads.

Uber may soon deliver jewelry and handbags along with lunch

Uber's relatively new food delivery program, UberEATS, recently got a boost. Separately, the company's experimenting with a new same-day merchant delivery program for high-end retail.

GoPro acquires Kolor, a startup specializing in VR, spherical content

With the acquisition of Kolor, a French startup that specializes in virtual reality and spherical media, GoPro is now positioned as a content creator for emerging VR hardware such as the Oculus Rift.

T-Mobile CEO says cable companies may one day merge with carriers

T-Mobile CEO John Legere hinted that cable companies and carriers may one day merge to offer one-stop shopping for users. Legere envisions a future in which one company provides phone, cable, and Internet services.

Apple Watch face selection to stay at 10, after alternative time telling apps are banned

Apple officially stated in its App Store guidelines that it will not accept third-party watch faces or time-telling apps for the Apple Watch. Although this decision is hardly surprising, it has upset some people.

It’s official: The HTC One M8 is getting Sense 7 in August

One of the best features of the HTC One M9 is its Sense 7 UI. HTC fans who didn't make the upgrade are sure to be happy, as Sense is now coming to the HTC One M8 in a software update in August.

T-Mobile’s $150 Astro Pop puts calls and connectivity before bells and whistles

T-Mobile's stocking a new, budget 4G LTE phone from Alcatel OneTouch. It's the Pop Astro, and the emphasis is on a low price, and great phone and connectivity features. Just don't expect it to be a Galaxy S6-style powerhouse.

Want to creep everyone out? This selfie stick looks like a human arm

If you'd like to have a friend in your selfies but don't actually have any, the Selfie Arm could be the answer. Made of fiberglass and featuring a hand that looks like it's been stolen from a morgue, the innovative device could be every…