Stephen Elop, the man who helped engineer the sale of Nokia, is leaving Microsoft

After a year-long executive role at Microsoft, Stephen Elop's voluntarily stepping down. Consolidation is the reason, apparently -- as part of Microsoft's streamlining efforts, Elop's current position will soon no longer exist.

AT&T wants to put a wearable on your wrist: Check out the Healbe GoBe, Misfit Flash, and more

AT&T introduced a slew of new wearables for its customers that will be available from June 26. The Healbe GoBe, Misfit Flash, Withings Activité, Mio Fuse, and more are in the lineup.

Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL: AT&T claims the XL, while T-Mobile and Cricket nab the 640

Microsoft introduced two new Lumia smartphones back in March: The Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL. The mid-range phones sport solid specs, low price tags, and are both available in the US now.

Amazon’s new Paperwhite is even higher resolution than its last ebook reader

Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader has a high-resolution screen, a new font, and a backlight. The ebook reader starts at just $120, and ships on June 30 to those who preorder it now.

UK network EE adds 4G Harrier Tab tablet to its growing range of low-cost hardware

UK network EE has announced a pair of smartphones and a tablet which carry its own branding, named the Harrier, Harrier Mini and Harrier Tab. Here are all the details you need about the competitively priced collection.

Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon read the worst first texts in relationship history

During their discussion of Aziz Ansari's newly released book "Modern Romance: An Investigation," comedians Ansari and Jimmy Fallon took it upon themselves to read some of the worst first texts in relationship history.

18-year-old who tracked down lost phone is slain trying to get it back

Eighteen-year-old Jeremy Cook was shot to death after using an online tracking service to find his stolen smartphone. Police are urging people to be vigilant when using such services, and to always contact them if it appears dangerous.
Cool Tech

Say hello to the Minibeam Nano, LG’s smallest and lightest projector to date

If your smartphone photos and other content are calling out for a bigger display, you might want to consider LG's pocket-sized Minibeam Nano projector, the company's smallest and lightest projector to date.
Social Media

Snapchat CEO sits in dark room and explains his app to parents around the world

Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel has posted a low-res explanatory video on YouTube outlining to parents and others what his messaging app is all about. Hours later, he deleted all his tweets. So what's going on?

The Smart Sheriff app rides into South Korea, ready to watch over teens’ smartphones

New rules introduced by the South Korean media regulator mean that smartphones sold for use by anyone under 19 in the country, must have a tracker app installed, so parents can keep watch over online activities.
Android Army

Vessel offers Android users early access to YouTube content with new app

Vessel, the subscription-based video streaming service that offers users early access to short-form content by YouTube stars, on Tuesday rolled out its first Android app.

Freaking out about selfie-stick bans? Get a grip with this handheld accessory

The Grip Dat is a smartphone accessory that gives you a more comfortable hold, ideal for short-distance selfies or action shots. Built into the handle is a remote shutter button, and the top detaches for remote shooting.