Will the Apple Watch blend? The answer is painful to watch

Blendtec sets its sights on the Apple Watch, asking yet again, will it blend? Like always, the answer is yes, but the Blendtec has a difficult time with Apple's watch. At least, at first.

6 Galaxy S6 Edge problems, and how to deal with them

If your new smartphone joy is being disrupted, then you need to find a solution. This is a roundup of commonly reported Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge problems, with workarounds and potential fixes to try.

Zensors app uses your old smartphone and crowdsourcing for smart surveillance

Zensors, an app created by a research group at Carnegie Mellon University, uses your smartphone's camera to capture data, and then uses artificial intelligence and crowdsourced input to analyze it.
Social Media

Facebook’s new suicide prevention feature can help you save lives

Facebook has always had tools to report suicidal content. Now, Facebook users can actively take part in helping prevent suicide that might start off as a social media post.

Windows Hello wants to protect you, but biometric login will be mandatory

Today at Microsoft's Build event, the company showcased its plans to include three different styles of biometric security, fingerprint reading, facial recognition, and iris scanning, in upcoming builds of Windows 10.

How to watch Microsoft’s Build 2015 live stream today

Microsoft's annual Build conference is upon us. Here's how to watch it live.

Amazon updates Prime Instant Video for iOS to stream in high definition, no Wi-Fi required

Amazon's finally updated the Amazon Instant Video client on iOS to support high-definition and mobile streaming. It comes a few weeks after the online retailer launched an app for Android tablets.

Peer into the future of Chrome with the developer version, now available on Android

As of today, the Dev channel for the Chrome browser is available in the Google Play Store. This version of the browser is a peek into the future of Chrome, where new features are tested before they’re deemed fit for consumption by the…

Developers can port games between Windows 10 devices with just a few lines of code

Microsoft's game evangelists spent a BUILD 2015 session highlighting the company's vision for cross-device gaming, which includes easy porting of titles from Windows 10 for desktop to mobile devices and even to the Xbox One.

BUILD 2015 held plenty of surprises, but where was the new Surface Pro?

This year’s BUILD keynote offered plenty of surprises, but it was also notably lacking several expected announcements, such as a new Surface Pro 4. Does this mean Microsoft is shifting focus once more?

AT&T faces $100M lawsuit for discrimination and one exec’s racist texts

Aaron Slator, president of content and advertising sales at AT&T, has been fired after an assistant discovered racist images that were sent from his phone. The company now faces a lawsuit over the issue.

Update: No Surface Pro 4 appears at BUILD 2015 keynote

A leak claimed to have revealed specifications of the Surface Pro 4. The BUILD 2015 keynote is now over, however, and Microsoft said nothing about new Surface hardware.