We need a bedtime mode for our phones to stop that bright blue light

According to Professor Paul Gringras, the increasingly bluer and brighter lights that come out of our phones are "likely to cause the most disruption to sleep as it most effectively suppresses melatonin and increases alertness."

The pope wants you to put your phone away at dinner

Pope Francis still holds one thing holy -- family dinner. Last week he said, "Sadly the family meal, this great symbol of togetherness, is disappearing in some societies." And chief to blame? The damn phone.

Withings’ Activité Steel looks as gorgeous as the original, but for a fraction of the price

The Activité Steel is the newest addition to Withing's Activité line of stylish trackers that pack all the power of a Fitbit into an attractive, analog watch. The Steel is cheaper than the original Activité, but features many of the same…

This man used Craigslist to lead police to his stolen phone and the thief

Little did the victim of a smartphone theft realize when he was browsing Craigslist for a new phone, that he'd stumble across an advert for his own device, being sold by the thief.
Cool Tech

In Singapore, rooftop solar panels will provide 100-percent of Apple’s power needs

Apple has announced that thanks to a local partnership, its corporate office and retail store will be powered by 100-percent renewable energy. It's another stage in Apple's plan to run its entire business on renewable energy.

Why did Facebook turn on Safety Check for Paris and not Beirut? Zuckerberg explains

After Facebook activated its "Safety Check" feature in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, some wondered why the company hadn't also activated it for an attack in Beirut the day before. On Sunday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained.
Cool Tech

If you hate selfie sticks, you’re really going to despise the Selfie Mirror 2:42

Selfie Mirror is a smart device that allows users to capture and upload photos and videos. Built in lighting and custom frames enhance media. The mirror can also connect to other smart devices through the house, and stream music.

Native Union's Apple Watch dock is as versatile as it is gorgeous

Native Union is known for its minimalist, attractive accessories, and the new Dock for the Apple Watch is no exception. We take a close look at the silicone wrapped version here.

OnePlus will bring back NFC when it’s used more, may ditch invite system in a few years

In a wide-ranging interview with VentureBeat, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei offers his response to issues like the lack of NFC, that invite system, and the "Never Settle" motto.
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The NFL doesn't want you gambling on Peyton Manning's next toss

The NFL prevented Sportsradar US -- its official data distributor -- from using NFL data for ringit!, an app that would let people place bets on in-game events. Sportsradar partnered with mobile gaming company iPro to create the game, a…

Samsung reveals its next flagship chipset, the Exynos 8

Samsung reveals its Exynos 8 chipset, which will go toe-to-toe with the Snapdragon 820 next year.