Galaxy S3 is almost two years old, but we’ve got new tips and tricks for you

Join us as we run through some handy Samsung Galaxy S3 tips. We take a look at security, motions and gestures, sound and display settings, how to set data limits, how to select ringtones and notifications, and lots more.

The FAVI Swivel Screen case gives your iPad Air a notebook-esque QWERTY keyboard

Favi's Swivel Screen portfolio case gives your iPad air a physical QWERTY keyboard, and it's pretty affordable as well. However, it does have some stiff competition. Learn more here.

Most T-Mobile customers should have 4G LTE by mid-2015, says CEO

According to T-Mobile, it plans to upgrade its 2G network to 4G LTE by mid-2015, with the increased coverage courtesy of its spectrum purchase from Verizon. Even so, it couldn't help but mention Verizon's ads and their misleading nature.

Amazon Prime subscriptions just rose by 25 percent to $99 a year

Amazon announced that its Prime and Student Prime services will see a price hike to $99 and $49, respectively. This represents a $20 and $10 increase, respectively. Prime Fresh, meanwhile, will stay at the same price point.

Amazon is working on Prime music streaming, raises membership fees to help pay for it

Amazon is reportedly in talks with music labels with a view to launching a music streaming service for Prime subscribers. It may have raised Prime membership fees by 25 percent to help pay for it.

United Airlines to launch free in-flight video streaming service, but for iOS only

United Airlines is about to roll out a new in-flight service streaming movies and TV shows direct to passengers' mobile devices. However, the carrier has decided to offer it to iOS users only, with no current plans for an Android launch.

Going wide? Samsung smartphone design features 21:9 aspect ratio

Samsung has just been awarded a design patent for a smartphone with a 21:9 aspect ratio, so don't be surprised if the handset-variant-loving tech titan pushes out a Samsung S5 Wide in the near future. Or not.

Fitbit Force skin irritation affects nearly 10,000 users, new recall notice issued

With continuing reports from Fitbit Force users of skin irritation apparently caused by the fitness tracker, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall of the device and suspended sales.

Starbucks app update lets you digitally tip your barista

Likely good news for anyone that works at Starbucks as a barista, the coffee giant is rolling out an updated version of the company's iPhone app that includes digital tipping when paying for a purchase.

Apple chops the 30 day return policy on iPhones to just two weeks

Definitely something to keep in mind if you are considering switching to an iPhone in the near future, Apple is cutting the return period in half from a full month down to fourteen days.

Rumor: Beats Music just raised up to $100 million to keep up with Spotify

The fledgling music streamer is new to the game and needs to make all the right moves to remain relevant and give Spotify a run for its money. Beats Music released its API a few days ago, with this recent round of funding supposedly raised…

These doctors hacked Google Glass to revolutionize the way they treat patients

A Boston hospital and a Rhode Island hospital have both developed separate programs that aim to use Google Glass to revolutionize the way doctors provide patient care. It looks like computer logins and broken eye contact might be a thing of…