App Review: SwiftKey 4.2 remembers who you are when you switch phones

SwiftKey has long been one of our favorite Android keyboards for both smartphones and tablets but we didn't like having to re-teach it every time we got a new device. With this update, that's no longer an issue.

Here’s why your email is insecure and likely to stay that way

Email is the Internet's original killer app, but it wasn't designed with security or privacy in mind. Can email ever be truly secure?

App Review: Google Keep gets cozy with Google Now

Google's note taking service Keep just got an updated app for Android. New features like location and time-based reminders through Google Now, a new navigation drawer, multiple account support mean Google is hoping to give Evernote a run…

Sleep texting is the latest digital epidemic you don’t need to be worried about

A local news station did a report on sleep texting, but don't worry. There's an easy fix if you reach for your phone as you dream. And by easy, we mean incredibly, incredibly obvious.

Patiently waiting for Google Glass? Here are the ‘Glassware’ apps you’re missing out on

If you’re counting down the days until you can snag yourself a pair of Google’s smartglasses, then you might be interested in a look at the cream of the Google Glass apps that developers have in store for you.

Steve Ballmer stepping down as Microsoft CEO within the next 12 months

Microsoft announced today that CEO Steve Ballmer will be stepping down within the next 12 months as the company hires his successor. In a press release, Microsoft stressed the company's transition as a "devices and services" company.

Google sends out Android software update to fix Nexus 7 touchscreen glitch

If your new Nexus 7's touchscreen has been causing problems, either with the multitouch or using the keyboard, help is on its way. Google has released a software update for the new tablet which should solve these issues straight away.

Making Maps better: Apple buys public-transit app Embark

Apple has made another acquisition in its quest to make Maps better. The Cupertino company has just snapped up Embark, an app providing public transit information, travel advisories, and step-by-step directions for several US cities.

Pandora scraps 40-hour mobile limit ahead of iTunes Radio launch

Pandora said Thursday that "thanks to the rapid progress of its mobile advertising", it can scrap the 40-hour listening limit it imposed six months ago on mobile users of its streaming radio service.

Vivo X3 crushes world’s thinnest smartphone title, measures just 5.75mm thick

The Huawei Ascend P6 is no longer the world's thinnest smartphone, as the title has been snatched away by the Vivo X3, an Android phone about to be released in China which measures just 5.75mm thick.