Amazon reportedly prepping new high-res Kindle Paperwhite

Less than three months after launching the second iteration of its Paperwhite e-reader, Amazon is reportedly already prepping the next version, complete with a high-res display, ambient light sensor, and plenty more besides.

HTC joins the gold rush, launches golden-hued HTC One

HTC has announced a gold-colored version of the HTC One, adding to the existing colors of black, silver, blue and red. The gold One also joins several other high-profile golden phones launched recently, including the iPhone 5S and Galaxy…
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What’s on your phone, Mike Conley?

When he’s not playing point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, Mike Conley is probably on his iPhone looking for a bite to eat in a new city, deciding which movie to see, or sharing his life with the world via social media. Check out some…

Restaurant offers whopping great discount to diners who switch off their phone

We've heard of a few restaurants offering discounts to diners if they agree to keep their smartphone in their bag during their visit. But the discount offered to diners at Jawdat Ibrahim's restaurant, well, it's generous, to say the least.

Galaxy Grand 2 has the looks of a fancy phone, without the wallet-busting price

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Grand 2, a mixture of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3's looks, with a mid-range spec sheet including a 720p touchscreen, and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor.
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If Captain Kirk designed a watch, it’d be made with asteroid dust and self-powered

Renaissance Man William Shatner collaborated with a watchmaker to design a limited-edition timepiece called Passages, and it's sold only through Indiegogo. The watch, befitting of a TV starship captain, is made with asteroid dust and…
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If you can’t wait for Instagram to launch messages, here are a few apps to hold you over

So you're excited about Instagram launching a messaging feature in the near future. So excited you can't wait. FIrst of all, be patient. Second of all, we've got your back - use these apps until the blessed day arrives.
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Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Review

Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight review.
Product Review

HTC One Max Review

HTC One Max review.

Our Siri guide: How to merge your life with Apple’s witty virtual assistant

Find out exactly what Apple’s virtual assistant can do for you as we take a look at how to use Siri. We kick off with how to set Siri up, and then we check out supported commands, before looking at some handy tips.
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Instagram reportedly plans to introduce a messaging feature – what could come next?

A report has surfaced saying that this year, Instagram plans to introduce a messaging feature. It would be a big step diverting from its image and media focused app, perhaps spurring more change - and new features - to come.

This smart breathalyzer encourages you to share how drunk you are on Facebook

You're out with your friends and feeling a little tipsy. BacTrack, a professional-grade breathalyzer that fits your pocket and syncs with your phone, can tell you just how drunk you are--though it's a bit pricey for a novel accessory.