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LG Optimus G2 rumored to be coming in late 2013 with Android 5.0 and 1080p

The rumors have already started regarding the follow-up to LG's just-released Optimus G flagship smartphone. Named the Optimus G2, the phone could have a 5-inch, 1080p display and the next version of Google Android installed.


Sprint launches 4G LTE service in eleven new cities

Definitely good news for subscribers looking to upgrade to a new smartphone, Sprint is rolling out 4G coverage in more areas around the United States.


Black Friday’s tablet sales race: Apple beats Microsoft 11 to 0 at Mall of America

Analysts at research firm Piper Jaffray surveyed the Apple store and Microsoft Store at the Mall of America on Black Friday to see who came out on top.


The iPhone 5S is probably not coming in mid-2013: Here’s why

A recent rumor put Apple considering a mid-2013 release for another iPhone, tentatively named the iPhone 5S. This would put it around the same time as its annual developer conference, where Apple used to announce new iPhone models. Could it be planning a…


Hands on: Skype finally comes to Android tablets, for better and worse

The Android version of Skype's mobile app has been updated to include a login option for Microsoft account owners, a new audio codec, and a fresh look on Android tablets. While most of these features confirm Skype's dominance, it doesn't quite fit for…

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PureView pioneer Damian Dinning announces his departure from Nokia

Damian Dinning, one of the men directly responsible for some of Nokia's best camera phones, has announced he is leaving the company at the end of the month.


Samsung grabs its trumpet as Galaxy Note 2 smashes 5 million sales worldwide

Samsung has now sold five million Galaxy Note 2 smartphone/tablet hybrid devices, which is two million more than it had sold at the beginning of the month. However, could the Droid DNA be about to take some of its sales?


Facebook post casts doubt over HTC Deluxe’s Euro release

Doubt has been cast over the leaked HTC Deluxe being the European version of the Droid DNA/HTC J Butterfly, after a spokesperson on HTC's German Facebook page said it wouldn't be released there.


Great Cyber Monday Android phone deals (UPDATED: HTC One S for free)

If you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone and tablet then you need to check out the best Cyber Monday smartphone deals.

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Nokia announces the Asha 205 and Asha 206, adds Nokia Slam media sharing feature to both

Nokia has announced two new additions to its Asha range of affordable mobile phones, the Asha 205 and Asha 206. Both available in either single or dual-SIM configurations, they also introduce Nokia Slam, a fast media sharing app that also works with Android…


Best app updates of the week

Apps that just hit the market are always appealing because they're new and exciting, but some of the old standard apps are getting updates that keep them ahead of the competition. We take a look at the biggest and best app updates to come available this week.


Charge up your smartphone with the solar-powered bonsai Electree+

Possibly a great way to keep gadgets charged without increasing the power bill, the Electree+ solar charger combines cool design with green technology.

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Giveaway: Win a pair of Phiaton Moderna MS200 in-ear headphones

In the spirit of the holiday season, we're giving away a pair of Phiaton MS200 in-ear headphones

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How tablets are invading the classroom

Tablets are launching a full scale assault on education. We take a look at the adoption of tablets in schools and which tablet will reign supreme in the evolving world of education.

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Weekly mobile wrap: Still stuffed from Thanksgiving edition

While Thursday was all about being thankful, the rest of the weekend is all about regretting that you ate so much. If you're just waking up from a food coma, you may have missed Jolla's Sailfish OS, Google skipping December, and Instagram's record setting day…