Analysts debate iPhone sales, but they’re stagnant either way

According to Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty, Apple will ship 42 million iPhones this quarter, more than the 38 million Wall Street predicted. She arrived at that number using a pretty quirky, but accurate, method.
Home Theater

Comcast adds 18 new live streaming networks, including A&E, Bravo, TBS

Comcast added 18 popular networks to its roster of live streaming options today, bolstering the total network count to 50, along with on-demand content. Unfortunately, Roku owners on Comcast's ISP are still slap out of luck.

Samsung’s basic S Band fitness tracker is coming soon

An unannounced new fitness tracking band from Samsung has shown up in Germany. Named the S Band, it's more basic than the Gear Fit, and has a local price of around $110.

Pandora raises subscription rates, blames rising music roylaties

Definitely worth noting if you have been considering subscribing to the Pandora One premium music service, the music company will be raising rates in the coming months to offset rising royalties.
Cool Tech

Hotel offers a free drink if you wear Google Glass

Designed as a method to entice more members of the San Francisco tech community, a hotel is offering up a free cocktail to anyone wearing Google Glass and is willing to post a social update about their visit.

5 things Android Wear must improve to send smartwatches mainstream

Google has announced its new Android Wear OS along with two manufacturers, LG and Motorola, already backing it for a launch this year. But wat will it truly take for Android Wear to be a great smartwatch for eveyone?

Pebble Watch competitor emerges from the dead, now on sale for $160

Even though Kickstarter backers have had it for over a year, the Touch Time, Phosphor's digital watch, is now available for sale from its website. If you're interested, it goes for $160.

8 things we’ve learned about Jony Ive, from Jony Ive

Apple's famed designer Jony Ive has been interviewed by the Sunday Times Magazine in the UK. Here are eight things we've learned about the man himself.

New iPhone 5C with less storage space and lower price shows up in UK Apple Store

Apple has launched an 8GB version of its iPhone 5C. The drop in storage capacity is accompanied by a reduction in price, although at the moment, the phone isn't for sale in the U.S. Apple Store.

Finally! Apple replaces the iPad 2 with the last-gen iPad 4 at the same price (updated)

The iPad 2 looks like it's finally on its way out. A new report said the aging tablet is expected to be replaced by the iPad 4 today, with Apple stores already having taken delivery of the machine. A new 8GB iPhone 5C could be on its way…

Twitter testing ‘Fave People’ timeline, lets you keep your favorite users in one place

Twitter is testing a 'Fave People' feature that allows you to gather together your favorite Twitter users in a special timeline that'd sit alongside Discover and Activity, offering quick access in no more than a couple of swipes.

LG gets the G Pro 2 launch underway, but keeps final U.S. and European release date quiet

LG has released the G Pro 2 smartphone/tablet hybrid in select Asian countries, marking the start of its international rollout. However, it still hasn't provided a final release date for America or Europe.