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Verizon wants to send cable TV to wireless devices via 4G LTE

Verizon revealed its plans to deliver its FiOS pay-TV service to wireless devices via 4G LTE, according to the Radio & Television Business Report. A spokesman for the company told RTBR that Verizon's wireless network is in the best position…

Making bearable wearables: Introducing the Wearable Tech Fashion Competition

In partnership with Nike, Intel, and Project Runway, Digital Trends presents FashioNXT’s first annual Wearable Technology Fashion Competition. The design that wins this competition – and ultimately breaks through in this space – will…

LG’s G Pad 8.0 hits Europe shelves first, and it has LTE

LG will start selling the LTE version of the G Pad 8.0 in Europe, Asia, and Central and South America. The mid-range tablet is aimed at emerging 4G LTE markets.

Smartphone thief calls cops on victim as he chases her to get his phone back

Ever heard the one about the smartphone thief who called the cops on her victim? A Seattle woman was booked for robbery and drug possession after calling the cops on her victim.

Twitter brings verified users closer together with new features

Twitter's exclusive group of blue-badged tweeters can now receive alerts to let them know when another verified user has started following them, and also filter their followers to bring up verified ones only.

5 tips to help you find the best deals on apps

Everyone loves a bargain, but who has time to hunt for them? Step inside for a look at how to find the best prices and the latest deals on the Android and iOS apps and games that you really want.

Apple bans use of two chemicals in part of iPhone and iPad assembly

Apple has announced it's banning the use of two chemicals used in the final production process of a number of its tech products, including the iPhone. The chemicals have been linked to illnesses such as leukemia and can also cause nerve…

T-Mobile might throttle some unlimited data users

According to an alleged internal memo, beginning August 17, T-Mobile will throttle unlimited data plan users who engage in peer-to-peer file sharing and torrenting. Said users would first be warned and, if it continues, throttled.

HP reportedly wanted to make a Nexus device for business users

According to a recent report, HP and Google were in talks to not only customize Google Now for enterprise users, but also make a business-centric Nexus phone. Unfortunately for HP, talks fell through.

Florida murder suspect asked Siri how to hide a body, then used flashlight app 9 times

According to prosecutors, a Florida man suspected of killing his roommate in 2012 asked Siri for advice as to how to hide a body. In addition, his phone's location data did not match where he claimed to be that night.

Temporary tattoos powered by sweat may one day charge your smartphone

Scientists created a temporary tattoo that may one day be able to charge your smartphone or wearable. It also measures lactate and can be used to gauge the progress of a workout.

Amazon sets its sights on Square with Local Register card reader

Amazon takes aim at purchases made on the real world with Local Register, a card reader and app combo for businesses. Local Register is a lot like Square and PayPal Here, but it only works on some devices.