HTC One E9 shows off its glossy plastic design on Twitter

The photo, which was released by @upleaks earlier today, shows the device from several angles, revealing traits like a glossy back made of plastic and an unusually large camera lens

Facebook’s new Messenger lets you send GIFs, track packages

At Facebook's F8 developer conference, the social media company has unveiled a new platform to power a richer Messenger experience. Now you can send GIFs, track packages, and so much more.

Beastgrip Pro lets you swap lenses on any smartphone

The Beastgrip Pro is a modular grip system designed to add interchangeable lens capability to any smartphone, in addition to providing a steady hold. Ideal for photography and videography, it turns smartphones into pro cameras.

Worst thief ever? Police just found a man who shared his hiding location on Snapchat

Police in Somerset, Maine, caught a thief after he revealed his hiding spot in a Snapchat message. The thief was hiding in a cabinet when he was apprehended. The man is the latest criminal to be caught thanks to social media.

Capture your Xperia Z display with these 3 screenshot methods

The basic ability to capture a screenshot is a welcome addition to any smartphone. Check out our detailed guide on how to capture an image of your Sony Xperia Z's display, whether using the Power/Lock button or two other methods for doing…

Facebook knows what you did last summer, introduces flashback feature to remind you

Facebook knows what you did last summer...and it wants to share it with you. A new feature called On This Day lets you relive your past posts on Facebook.

Xiaomi turns five, may announce first smartwatch and new smartphone to celebrate

Chinese smartphone and electronics firm Xiaomi turns five years old in April, and to celebrate, it will hold a special event on March 31, where a variety of new products are likely to be revealed.

Better deal? You can buy 10 of these Sports Watches for the price of 1 Apple Watch

The Sports Watch is the first smartwatch from electronics manufacturer Hannspree, and it costs a tenth of an Apple Watch. No, it's not as flash, but it could help introduce more people to the world of wearable tech.

As if we needed proof, video study shows perils of using smartphone behind wheel

We hear a fair bit about phone-related distracted driving accidents, and sometimes even catch people motoring along looking at their device. And now a video study released today lets you actually see how it can all go horribly…

iPhone 6 accounts for 30 percent of all Q4 phone activations by businesses and governments

Good Technology's latest Mobility-index report revealed business and governments activated more iPhones than any other handset during the last three months of 2014, with Samsung dominating the Android side of things.
Android Army

Pony Express is Google’s plan for bill pay within Gmail

A new Google project currently under development will reportedly allow users to pay bills from within Gmail. Pony Express could centralize all of your bills in a single location: your email inbox

New Apple patent dreams of true zoom and a better light splitter for the iPhone

Apple filed a patent for two new camera features, including a true zoom lens and a high-tech light splitter. The two features would make the iPhone's camera more accurate in poor conditions and offer a better zoom.