Here’s some confidence for you: Huawei wants to chase down Apple and Samsung in the U.S.

Huawei wants to reverse its fortunes in the U.S., and go from little known brand to the third most popular manufacturer, behind Samsung and Apple. It's targeting networks to help it achieve this goal.

Need your eyes examined? Blink can do it with a smartphone

A new smartphone-powered eye exam service called Blink is launching in New York City and will provide on demand eye exams in homes and offices for $75. Results are sent to a professional who can make a prescription in under 24 hours.

U.S. Marshal smashes woman’s smartphone to avoid being recorded

Yet another instance of a law enforcement agent being filmed behaving badly, a U.S. Marshal was recently recorded grabbing a smartphone away from a citizen filming the police and smashing the device on the ground.

18 handy OnePlus One tips and tricks

Looking for ways to squeeze a little extra out of your smartphone? We’ve got a delectable menu of OnePlus One tips for owners that will help you to enjoy your powerful device just a wee bit more.

Security researchers reveal a flaw that crashes iPhones and iPads over Wi-Fi

A vulnerability disclosed by security researchers could lead iOS devices to endlessly reboot. The method involves exploiting flaws in iOS 8's handling of SSL certificates and public Wi-Fi.

Facebook’s caller ID app Hello just made ignoring phone calls a whole lot easier

Facebook is launching a caller ID tool for Android called "Hello." The new app from the social media giant is intended to evolve the phone call and improve on the existing caller ID system.

Brands be gone! Facebook pushes your friends’ posts to the top of your News Feed

Facebook is rolling out some updates to the News Feed that will hopefully result in more relevant posts from your friends showing up in the feed. Posts from brands will be given less priority.

Vengeful girlfriend sends cheating ex’s Apple devices to a watery grave

An unnamed Japanese woman found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Her specified method of revenge? Throw all of his Apple products into a bath and watch it all die. Unsurprisingly, many approved of her methods.

Google’s pay-as-you-go Project Fi wireless plan is official — Here are all the earlier rumors

Google may be in the process of setting itself up as a mobile network, and team up with T-Mobile and Sprint to make it a reality. The latest rumors say it'll launch before the end of April 2015.

Soon you won’t need a Microsoft Band to use Microsoft ‘s Health app

New additions to the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health apps may transform the company's burgeoning platform into a one-stop activity tracker. Historical exercise data is in tow, along with other improvements.

Does encryption help terrorists? The head of Homeland Security thinks so

Jeh Johnson, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, called upon security experts at the RSA conference to join forces with the government on cybersecurity. He also spoke on the so-called danger of encryption.
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Samsung launching biometric mobile pay service in Korea

Samsung is launching and testing a mobile pay service in Korea developed by Samsung SDS. An eventual global rollout is planned so long as the system tests well.