Google to open ‘Winter Wonderlab’ showrooms to catch holiday season crowd

It's not a barge but it will be showcasing a number of Google's gadgets – that's right, the Web giant is gearing up to open pop-up stores across the US in a bid to entice holiday season shoppers.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review.
Home Theater

Slingbox’s Slingplayer adds Airplay, Roku support, and a Windows 8.1 app

Sling Media announced a slew of new upgrades to its Slingplayer 3.0 app today, including Airplay support, a Roku channel, and plans to release an app for Windows 8.1 in December. The new upgrade brings new search and social media features…

Supreme Court won’t say if NSA phone tracking is legal – yet

Sorry, privacy lovers. The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a case brought forth by the Electronic Privacy Information Center that challenges the NSA's phone records collection – at least, not yet.
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First comes Instagram, then comes love: Why Instagram is displacing dating apps

Instagram is connecting more and more people, bringing them beyond photos and together in real life. It's challenging online dating apps at their own game - so could it beat them at it?

Phone batteries may heal themselves and last longer, thanks to this high-tech band-aid

Scientists attempting to increase the lifetime of silicon anode smartphone batteries have created a high-tech Band-Aid, which heals the cracks formed as the silicon anodes expand and contract.

Google’s All Access Music app comes to the iPhone

Google has released an iOS app for its All Access music service. The app is free and will connect you to the songs you stored on Google's own servers, or if you pay for premium access, then you'll also be able to listen to those in Google's…
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What’s On Your Phone, Ryan Nyquist?

A four-time X Games champion in the Dirt and Park disciplines, Ryan Nyquist is a BMX legend known for both trick innovation and old school guts. These days, though, his biggest trick is distracting his kids with a well-curated folder of…
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The new Nexus 10 could appear any day now, according to a new rumor

We're all expecting Google's second-generation Nexus 10 to land soon, with a leak over the weekend suggesting the revamped tablet – reportedly made by LG and not Samsung – could be unveiled as early as this Friday.

Twitter Alerts launches in UK and Ireland, pushes ‘critical’ tweets to users

Twitter has launched its Alerts service in the UK and Ireland, offering emergency services, government organizations, and charities the opportunity to to push crisis, disaster, and emergency communications to Twitter users.

Moto G vs Nexus 5: Which cheap Android phone is the best deal?

Google is entering into the budget phone market with the Moto G. The Nexus 5 is already affordable on a contract. Which is the best way to go for you? We look at the specs to find out more about both devices.