Product Review

Sony SmartBand Talk Review

Between fitness trackers and smartwatches, there's Sony's SmartBand Talk.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft pay AdBlock Plus to bypass the plug-in

A report from The Financial Times has revealed some of the world's largest technology companies pay AdBlock Plus for automatic whitelisting which bypasses the plug-in's blocking function.

The cute Cubi smartwatch is for parents who don’t want to give their young kids a smartphone

The Cubi is a smartwatch designed for kids that should be helpful to parents. It has its own SIM card for GPS and sending voice messages, plus a cute character all of its own. The project is now live on Kickstarter.
Home Theater

These headphones promise virtual reality-style surround sound on the go

Using specialized software, and a 9-axis sensor system, 3D Sound Labs' Neoh headphones aim to create theater-quality virtual surround sound in a wireless design.

HTC made a rap video to diss Samsung and Apple — No, really!

Smartphone underdog HTC created a rap video to assert its dominance over Apple and Samsung. The company commissioned rapper Doc G to bust the rhymes, while white guys in cardboard phone costumes duke it out.

PhoneSoap is here to sanitize your dirty smartphone with ultraviolet light

PhoneSoap is a case that showers your phone with ultraviolet light while charging it in order to kill almost 100 percent of germs on your handset. The case was recently shown off on Shark Tank, where the company gained an investor.

Pebble will defend its smartwatch supremacy with new models in 2015, new OS

Pebble says it's sold more than one million smartwatches so far. The company also hinted at its future plans for new watches and an improved operating system, which will have a very different look to the existing software.

The world is no longer taken with tablets, global sales slip for the first time

Have tablet sales peaked? The latest research data, which shows the first ever year-on-year drop in quarterly global shipments, suggests it has, with four of the top five vendors experiencing downturns.

Microsoft knocks $100 off the Surface Pro 3 in limited-time deal

Sales of of the Surface Pro 3 helped Microsoft pull in a record amount of tablet revenue last quarter. Hoping to build on the momentum, the company on Monday started offering most versions of the Pro 3 with a $100 discount.

Lenovo may want you to hold its next flagship smartphone like a compact camera

An unusual looking new phone from Lenovo has been leaked, which is designed to be held like a compact camera. Unsurprisingly, the camera looks to be the standout feature.

Uber wants driverless cars of its own, and it opened a research center to do it

Hours after a Bloomberg report said Google is looking to launch a ride-hailing service, Uber pipes up to say it's opening a research center to develop self-driving technology. How about that?

Apple to spend $2bn on converting failed sapphire plant into data center

Apple says it's planning to invest $2 billion in converting GT Advanced Technologies' failed sapphire plant into a data center powered by a solar farm, creating a number of new jobs in the process.