Yahoo Messenger is back from the dead with GIFs, fun group chats, and more

The revamped Yahoo Messenger can pull photos from Flickr and searches for GIFs using Tumblr's fast library. The app is more focused on group messaging and sharing, taking on competitors like Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Apple releases open source version of Swift programming language

Back at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple announced plans to make Swift open source, and now the latest release of the programming language has done just that.

Want a secure messaging app on desktop? Signal has announced a private beta

Open Whisper Systems has officially launched Signal Desktop in private beta. The end-to-end encrypted messaging app is used by quite a few notable privacy advocates, including NSA surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden.
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Millennial artists top Instagram's biggest music acts of 2015

One Direction, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber were the musicians that dominated Instagram in 2015. Official statistics released by the network also revealed the artists with the most song mentions and fan armies.

Silent Circle will make the Blackphone 3, but is all about encrypted software for now

Silent Circle, the mobile privacy company, has said it's already working on a Blackphone 3 smartphone. However, it's not going to be introduced in the immediate future, and the firm is committed to encrypted software for now.

HTC and Under Armour to launch connected scale as first product in fitness ecosystem

HTC and Under Armour's first fitness product might be a connected scale, the first in a growing ecosystem of products developed for fitness fanatics. The connected scale was leaked on a Bluetooth certification board earlier this week.

Android co-creator Andy Rubin may want to build an Android phone

Andy Rubin, one of the co-creators of Android, is rumored to be looking into starting a company to build an Android phone. Whether he heads up the firm, or backs it through his startup incubator, isn't known.

Uber aims for smoother pickups using color-coded windshield LEDs

Uber thinks it's found a way to enable smoother pickups by using color-coded windshield LEDs to help the rider identify the driver more easily. The feature, called "Spot," is currently being tested with selected drivers in Seattle.

Hangouts iOS app update adds handy message reply feature that works on Apple Watch

Google has updated the iOS version of the Hangouts app, to include a reply from notification feature that also operates on the Apple Watch. The functionality now mimics that found on Android Wear.

Distracted walking is a ‘serious’ issue, say US adults, but few admit to doing it

Distracted-walking incidents are expected to rise in the next few weeks as foot traffic increases on shopping streets and at malls across the country. However, a new study suggests few will admit to actually engaging in the practice.

Got questions about the Priv? BlackBerry tells all in a Reddit AMA tomorrow

If you're on the fence about BlackBerry's first Android device, you'll get a chance to ask a few BlackBerry executives questions about the Priv. The AMA will be in the r/Android subreddit and will go live at 2 p.m. ET on 12/3.

Apple, Supercell introduce in-app purchases for charity

Supercell, creator of the mobile hit Clash of Clans, has partnered with Apple in an App Store-wide charity promotion, introducing a number of in-game microtransaction items benefiting The Global Fund To Fight AIDS.