Christopher Walken advises you to hide the Apple Watch in a very uncomfortable place

Most Apple Watch ads are standard Apple style, with solemn commentaries and beautiful images to persuade us to buy one of the new wearables. Except what if Christopher Walken was advising us where an Apple Watch is best kept safe?…

Watch out, Chromebooks: Microsoft’s Surface 3 takes aim at the education market

Microsoft announced that it will sell the Surface 3 at a discount to any educational institution interested in purchasing it. Several schools in a handful of countries have already committed to purchasing and deploying the tablet.

LoungeBuddy, Booking Now apps on Apple Watch ease the stress of travel

The Apple Watch is already gearing up to be the traveler’s best friend, as airlines, hotels, and other travel-related businesses are preparing their iOS apps to work with Apple’s new wearable. LoungeBuddy, an airport lounge…

This phone has quite a neat trick: It can boot into Android 5.0 Lollipop and Windows 10

Elephone announced its new smartphone, which will have two versions: One that runs Android 5.0 Lollipop, and another that runs both Android 5.0 Lollipop and Windows 10 through dual-boot functionality.

Get your Apple Watch apps right now: The Apple Watch app store goes live

Apple just flipped the switch on the Apple Watch app store, making more than 3,000 apps available for download to Apple Watch owners. Unfortunately, it's a little barebones right now.

Driveway owners, meet the people who want to pay to park there

If you own a driveway but no car, you might be interested to learn Cityfyd is a startup, launching in Portland in September, that lets people rent their driveways to people looking for parking.

Monitor and control your creative portfolio from Apple Watch with Adobe’s apps

From picking a color to showing a project to a potential client, Adobe is adding Apple Watch support into its Behance, Color CC, and Creative Cloud iPhone apps.

Drowning in a deluge of tweets? Twitter’s new Highlights feature cuts down on clutter

Twitter's rolling out a new feature to its Android client called Highlights. It aims to make your timeline more manageable through curation of tweets based on contextual information.

Set it and forget it: The Vector smartwatch runs for 30 days straight on a charge

This smartwatch can’t be turned off, but still manages to return at least 30 days battery life before recharging, plus it’s more classically styled and cheaper than the Apple Watch.

Apple demystifies Apple Watch interactions with full user guide

Apple published a user guide for the Apple Watch on its website to help new users learn how the interface works. The guide explains everything from setup and watch care, to app interactions and button functions.

OnePlus turns one and gives away free phones and cheap accessories to celebrate

In celebration of its first birthday, OnePlus announced that several of its accessories, including t-shirts, will be discounted. In addition, it has a few OnePlus One bundle giveaways for those interested in free hardware.
Social Media

Droppie social photo app lets you leave images for others to discover

Droppie is a new social networking app that lets users share pictures with new people, simply by "dropping" their pictures in any location. Any Droppie user that encounters a dropped photo can pick it up.